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The Big 3-5

5 years ago today, I tuned 30 and published a blog post with some larger than life goals attached.  I had decided to participate in a 101 in 1,001 challenge, which consists of setting 101 goals for yourself and living them out over the course of 1,001 days (2.74 years, to be exact).  I remember drafting the list one sweltering afternoon in the passenger seat of my minivan, AC blaring in the muggy Wichita heat.  Waverly napped in her carseat, and Ryan walked around used car lots looking for a Tahoe to get us through the snowy Kansas winter.  I remember the feeling of excitement and commitment I had the moment I pressed 'publish', and could so clearly see all of the adventures that lay before us.

3 months later, I found out I was pregnant, and the majority of that list went RIGHT out the window.

I went back to my original post last night, and decided to look over the list for posterity.  I was surprised to find this sentence floating among the resolutions:

"I don't want to wake up, be 35 with a 5 year old child, and feel like all I have to show for it is a well-refreshed Facebook feed.  I need to start living life again."

THAT certainly gave me a chuckle.

I don't think I gave "35 year old me" a second thought.  I remember so many details about my 30th birthday- what I wore, what I ate, what we watched during the Summer Olympics, what I bought with my mom at Von Maur as impulse birthday presents.  Life is SO DIFFERENT now- another child, another state, a dog, and a new job that I would have confidently bet you $10,000 5 years ago I would never have on my resumé.

It's been 10 years since I moved to New York City, and my baby girl starting Kindergarten next week...  the milestones are building up all around me, and I hate the feeling that I'm slowly becoming too attached to checking Instagram to put the phone down and fully LIVE life.  Looks like it's good timing to get this thing going again.

Here is what the next 2.74 years of my life is going to look like (in no particular order):

 1.  Take a yoga class
 2.  Take a cooking class
 3.  Learn to can a food (make jam or pickles?)
 4.  Go camping
 5.  Finish my KonMari decluttering process
 6.  Have a garage sale
 7.  Plan a vacation with my childhood girlfriends and their families
 8.  Read 1 new book every month
 9.  Drink 100oz of water every day for a week
10.  Create and complete a capsule wardrobe
11.  Take a closet inventory and build a wardrobe look book
12.  Do the Bolder Boulder 10k run
13.  Attend a CU Buffs football game
14.  Take a watercolor class
15.  Take an Irish step dancing class
16.  Go flyfishing
17.  Take a vacation to the beach and collect seashells
18.  Visit Carlton Landing, OK
19.  Take my children to San Juan Island for a weeklong nature vacation
20.  Throw a game night party
21.  Plant a cut flower garden and give bouquets to friends
22.  Put in a vegetable garden
23.  Take a vacation to our family ski condo in Keystone, CO and finally teach the kids to ski
24.  Start a nature journal
25.  Visit a farmers market once a month
26.  See Hamilton
27.  Learn how to make a pie crust from scratch
28.  Sew mysef a dress
29.  Get a blog redesign
30.  Record an oral history of my mom and dad
31.  Research and put together a family tree for the Mr and I
32.  Read for 30 minutes every night for 1 month
33.  Go social media-free every weekend for 1 month
34.  Pay off Ryan's student loans
35.  No iPhone in bed for 1 month
36.  Put together a master birthday calendar
37.  Send each person on the birthday calendar a birthday card *before* their birthday starting in January
38.  Embroider a needlepoint hanging for each child
39.  Make 10 Christmas presents for friends and family
40.  Throw a dinner party
41.  Make one of Julia Child's famous recipes
42.  Learn how to tie a tie
43.  Learn how to tie a bow tie
44.  Memorize 2 Christmas songs on the piano
45.  Learn how to make felt flowers
46.  Read my Bible in a Year Bible
47.  Find "my" Bible verse
48.  Write a thank you letter to an old teacher
49.  Save $100 a month for a rainy day
50.  Create a meal planning system that works for our family
51.  Go 1 month without eating out
52.  Learn how to play Bridge
53.  Learn how to play gin rummy
54.  Make Waverly's baby album
55.  Make Wilder's baby album
56.  Re-join the public library
57.  Go orchard picking (apple, peach, whatever comes up first)
58.  Meditate every day for 1 month
59.  Lose 10 lbs by New Years Eve
60.  Participate in a bible study from #SheReadsTruth
61.  Blog my way through the 101 in 1,001 challenge
62.  Organize ALL of my photos, get them out of the computer and into photo books to be looked at
63.  Have professional family photos taken once a year
65.  Donate to a diaper bank once a month
66.  Learn how to make scones/tea cakes/traditional tea time foods
67.  Have a picnic
68.  Collaborate with my mom to make a family cookbook
69.  Collaborate with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to make a family cookbook
70.  Learn how to make candy from my mother-in-law
71.  Teach both kids how to swim
73.  Cook with 1 new ingredient a month
74.  Try 50 new recipes
75.  Take my children to London and Cambridge to see where I lived in college
76.  Redecorate/style our bookcases
77.  Take the family back to New York City
78.  Take a photo of the kids together every day for 1 month
79.  Go to bed by 9:30pm for 1 month
80.  Learn how to make a homemade Chai Tea Latte just like Starbucks
81.  Host a board games night
82.  Hit Level V with Rodan + Fields and qualify for a company Lexus
83.  Floss every day for a month
84.  Organize all my Rodan + Fields business paperwork
85.  Listen to the top 50 albums on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums list
86.  Climb a 14er
87.  Read 25 books from my AP English book list from 2000
88. Read a comprehensive book about mythology
89.  Go through ALL of my 9(!!!) inboxes to clean them out and consolidate the accounts
90.  Save up for a Lulu McGee work computer
91.  (re)Learn Photoshop
92.  Improve my handwriting
93.  Learn how to french braid
94.  Learn how to drive a manual transmission car
95.  Develop a list of 15 tried and true family recipes for dinner
96.  Visit somewhere in the South and eat 6 traditional Southern foods
97.  Take a road trip to a new place once every 6 months
98.  Learn how to play my favorite song on the guitar (Ray Lamontagne's Acre of Land)
99.  Clean through all my memorabilia boxes and do something with them (Blurb book? Scrapbooks?)
100. Buy myself an Airstream trailer
101.  Throw a party for completing my list!

Happy 35th birthday to me!

Let the games begin... again...

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