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The Great Plague of 2014

One of my best childhood friends got married in Puerto Vallarta last weekend, which was seriously one for the record books.  The little neighborhood girl gang I grew up with now has 5 children under 2 (Waverly being the oldest), with more little blessings on the horizon (and NO, I'm not pregnant.).  Since the bride's little sister is counted among the moms in our crew, it was only natural that children were invited along on this destination wedding.  I'll be recapping how I survived taking 2 kids 2 and under to Mexico for almost a week, travelling without the husband (hint: there were grandparents attending and a LOT of tequila involved).

2014 Puerto Vallarta
Just after the most spectacular beachside ceremony.
Giving my best "Dear God, please stop trying to jump out of my arms so we can get at least one decent family photo" face

Wilder came down with a runny nose a day or 2 before the trip, which I chalked up to yet another round of teething.  The child drools like a St. Bernard (he literally leaves a little puddle trail behind him wherever he goes), so I figured we were just in for some teething mess.  The poor kid was fussy throughout the trip, which I just figured was a part of the drill for shaking up a baby's routine so much in the past 4 weeks- a big move, a new time zone, and now new country?  That'd be rough for anyone to adjust to.

I woke up with a frog in my throat the day after the wedding, I got a little panicky.  Sick and taking care of 2 fussy, out-of-sorts kids under 2 in a foreign country largely by myself?  Thanks, but no thanks.  My friend's mother-in-law had developed a terrible head cold by Monday evening, so I just figured there was a little bug going around our group.  I mean, given the amount of germy air travel and hugging (there were almost 80 people who flew in for the wedding!) and toddlers grabbing each others' water bottles for drinks by the pool, somebody HAD to have picked up something.

 Someone dust off the Mother of the Year Award for me please, because the day after we got home one 103 degree fever and a trip to Urgent Care later revealed that my poor man child had double ear infections.  No wonder he was a hot mess for part of our vacation.  Relieved to have antibiotics on our side, I thought we were in the clear.

The Great Plague 2014
10 pm pity portraits in the UrgentCare

The Great Plague 2014
Poor buddy passed out before we even got out of the door in the morning to take Daddy to work

But wait- it only got better from there... The next day, Waverly started a slow decent into illness over the course of just a few hours:

The Great Plague 2014 - Going going gone 
Going... going(ish)... Gone.
(Also hereby known as the only night she ever fell solidly asleep before dinnertime)

 A few texts around the group later, it turns out that somehow our sweet little group of babies was exposed to Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  Which it turns out is A) way more common than I expected, and B) TOTALLY AWFUL OMG.  High fevers, blisters, the whole 9 yards.

We've felt like we've had the flu, which is apparently only the beginning of the "incubation period" of this madness. We've "lucked out" a bit since we're not covered in sores (WHY DOES NOBODY MENTION THIS KIND OF STUFF TO YOU BEFORE YOU BECOME A PARENT?!) but that hasn't made much of a difference in our overall misery.  We're all still not sure just where it came from, as we haven't been around other kids and nobody else in the group has knowingly come in contact with HFM before the trip.  Which leads me to think irrational, over-the-top mom thoughts like whether we all got it in the kiddie pool in Mexico or something. {shudders}

I can't tell if it's good or bad that it seems to be hitting us in waves; I was sick with the kids all last week and this weekend, and Ryan just spiked his "telltale" fever yesterday.  The poor guy is supposed to fly to California at 7am tomorrow, so is currently at Urgent Care to try and get a firm diagnosis/action plan ( I mean, who should be sauntering into an office with a contagious virus?!)  As bad as it is for me to be sick and have to take care of 2 kids, at least I don't have to shower or change out of my PJs and head into an office, so I'm grateful for not having that added pressure on my shoulders right now.  Feeling very grateful for my husband trying to power through all of this.

We have tried SO hard to make this weekend into, well, some sort of actual holiday weekend, but it's really been a comedy of errors.
Memorial Day 2014
Turning overdue garden chores into fun summer activities.  And since when did my 10 month old son start lounging around the house like a college frat boy in sweat pants?!

Half of me cannot wait to be well again so we can jailbreak this place and go have some fun, but the other half of me has turned into a bit of a germaphobe with this experience, and is afraid to get out of the house lest we catch something this bad again.  You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be Lysoling the entire house twice, and then boning up on essential oils and probiotic supplements and any other crunchy hippie fix to help ward this off in the future.

I hope you had an amazing, relaxing Memorial Day weekend filled with loved ones.  Please tell me all of the fun things you did, so I can live vicariously!

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Oh friend! You all got it!! How miserable. I'm so sorry! I hope y'all still had a nice weekend at home. Xo

Sarah said...

HFM is THE worst! So, so sorry that y'all have all been sick! I've never had the honors, but both of my girls had it a handful of times & got it from the church nursery every. single. time.

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