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To Chop or Not To Chop?

We have a hair situation going on over here, and I need some advice.  I'm going to take you on a little hair tour, and would LOVE your two cents!

Right now, I'm suffering from a serious case of what I like to refer to as SWH - Sister Wife Hair:

W 1st Birthday

Hair for Days

I mean seriously, look at that mop.  Hair for days over here.  I'm afraid some polygamist family is going to come up and proposition me to become their next wife or something.  I feel like sister wife extraordinaire Nicolette Grant from Big Love-

image courtesy here

To the best of my memory, I have had my hair cut twice in the last 36 months.  For real.  And it would be one thing if I actually did anything with it each day, but it is so long and unruly that it gets worn on top of my head in a sloppy clipped bun thing.


The true look of motherhood around these parts.  My poor husband.

I actually like my hair best when it's on the short side, which I had about 3 years back-
Bayless Cookbook Signing
Smile for the Camera
(PS, check out that smile on my mom's dog Talulah, is that not the funniest thing ever?)

This was an impromptu "I've got a fancy new client-facing job, so I best get a sassy professional haircut" phase, and I actually couldn't have loved the cut more if I tried.

Sadly, let's just say that my dear husband didn't share the same affinity for the new 'do.  He started gently making comments a few weeks after the big hair cut like "You know, I sure do love your hair long..." and "remember when you had that cute shoulder-length hair when we were dating?  I really liked that."  Bless his heart.  This is what my hair looked like when we were dating (ohmigosh who are those two young, skinny kids?!), which I think is what my husband keeps referring to-


While attending the BlissDom conference last month, I saw a girl with what can only be described as the most perfect hair in existence.  I found out that this gal was none other than Kate from The Small Things Blog- little did I know that I was just way behind the times and basically the whole Internet already knew and loved her (and her hair).

Photo courtesy here

See? Amazing.  Do you know about Kate?  Because if you don't, you should check her blog out now and read like every single post there is. And no lie, Kate's hair looks even more awesome in person than it does on her blog.  I die.

So now, instead of doing responsible things like sweeping the house and organizing the office during naptime this week, I've just been looking at hair pictures online.  Great use of productive time, Lulu.

So, riddle me this- how logical is it to make another big chop and transition to a haircut that actually requires styling, mere months before baby #2 arrives and my life gets thrown into (even more) chaos again?  Do I continue to sacrifice style (and let's face it, any semblance of attractiveness in general... haha) for the convenience of "let's take the large wig 'o' hair and clip it on top of my head again", or finally do something productive with my hair and take Tim Gunn's sage advice to just Make It Work?

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101 in 1,001: #102- Have Another Baby...?!?!

After spending hours upon hours plotting what I'd like to accomplish over the next ~2.74 years for my 101 in 1,001 list, there was one major item that honestly never crossed my mind - have another baby.

But lo and behold, here is where we find ourselves today....

Baby Bump 2

Surpriiiise...  A whopping 7 months pregnant with a bouncing baby boy!

I know... right?!  I'll be having a baby in less than 3 months, and am just now announcing it on the blog.

Why the secrecy, you ask?  What gives?

A few reasons, I suppose...  At first, I needed to keep a lid on the surprise while I figured out how on earth I was going to juggle 2 kids under the age of 15 months (gulp) AND still be able to do my job.  Once that decision was sorted out (at which point I was already 6 months along), I guess it's just been a matter of habit not to mention it.  Frankly, this pregnancy has been 180 degrees different than the last pregnancy, so unless I feel this little man-child ninja kicking my internal organs I *completely* forget that there is a human growing inside me.

I've "outed" myself to family and close friends, as well as on Instagram and Twitter, so am not actively keeping the secret any longer.  However, I still have yet to make any official mention of the little mister on Facebook yet, which I guess is a little odd, since that is the one social media platform I have which consists of all real-life friends.  At this point, I just find the thought of an additional Martini baby magically popping up on my Facebook feed to be pretty comical, so we'll see how that goes.

After 2012 brought us a new baby, a grad school graduation, 2 job changes, and a relocation to another state, I fully expected 2013 to be nice and mellow.  I guess I should have known better! haha

I'm past the feeling of being completely overwhelmed (most days), and we're both fully excited to bring another little nugget into the world.  Stay tuned for another adventurous chapter!

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