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No More Google Reader?!

I just logged into Reader for the night, and got this surprising pop up:

Turns out Google will be retiring Google Reader in July....  Does this make anyone else sad, or just me?

Any suggestions regarding alternative options to aggregate the eleventy hundred blogs I've subscribed to over the past 5 years?


**Edited to add:  Lifehacker has suggested a list of acceptable alternatives here... Guess it's time to start converting all my RSS feeds...

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Colleen Sullivan said...

I logged in tonight and was shocked too. I depend on Google Reader for all of my blog reading--on my laptop and iPhone.

I read cnet's article on it a decided to try out Feedly. So far so good and I like it more than GR, much more.

~M~ said...

I saw this too! Def need to look into the alternatives!

Elle said...

Okay, this may be a dumb question but why not just use your blogger dashboard? I tried Reader awhile back and got so overwhelmed because I don't read On the dashboard I just scroll through and click on the posts that are interesting to me.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Oh Lulu! I was just catching up on your blog and wanted to comment on your post about leaving your corporate job to be with Little Olive. Honey, I am living it every minute. I wish I had advice. I don't know which side of the grass is greener bc I am up at 5 and running around like a crazy mommy -working my behind off all day.. I swear these recent talks about "leaning in" do nothing but make my blood boil. It is hard and no you can't have it all.. Having it all means something suffers. In my case it is often my sanity. I know this was a hard decision for you and I know you didn't take it lightly. Women like you shine wherever you are.. And you will make a go of your small business and be able to have the breathing room to see where you want to be next. I admire you so much and love you to bits xoxoxo kisses xoxo

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