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Recapping 39 Weeks


(39 weeks and letting it all hang out- no makeup, natural hair, headed to what we now realize was our last prenatal appointment)
Cooking Time?: 39 weeks, 6 days today. Tomorrow? I'll be having a baby.
Whatever happened to the phenomenon everyone warned me about, where the last few weeks of pregnancy would seemingly to creep to a grinding halt? I've felt no such halt, I will tell you that much.
I am honestly just now settling into the feeling of *being* pregnant, and this whole tremendous, life-altering event in life could be over in 48 hours or less. I'm still figuring out how to navigate life with a protruding belly, which seems to get smacked into doorknobs and wall partitions more than I'd care to admit, and have just now mastered the best way to awkwardly squat/bend down to pick things off the floor. I've only recently gotten used to catching my exaggerated reflection in the mirror, and am at peace with the additional weight pregnancy has put on that reflected face. You can no longer see the ribs on my small frame, and I have actually forgotten what my body felt like with a waistline (though the dozens of high-waisted dressed abandoned in my closet remind me that there had to be one there at some point). But the belly will be gone soon, and will be replaced with a squirmy, snuggly baby girl.
Cravings: Cadbury eggs, cereal
Baby size: The Dr projected the little martini olive to be about 7 lbs 3 oz this past Friday... We'll soon see how closely she clocks to that!
Daddy's Questions For The Doctor: Other than an entertaining grocery exchange last week, where the Mr. convinced me to swap my Honey Bunches of Oats request for a healthier box of Kashi, he's been a real gem for the last stretch.
State of the Union: This is where the big news comes in- if all goes well, I'm being induced tomorrow, my due date! Many people have asked me why we're moving forward with induction at 40 weeks, and why I'm not just going to sit and let nature take it's course. The basic answer here is "this is the best decision for our family". Conditions are favorable (a phrase which reminds me more of sailing conditions than something you would say about prepping for a baby) so we're going to go for it.
Highlights: It was very surreal, going through this entire week knowing it's your last as a non-mother. I hope to recap the last week a little more for posterity's sake soon, but in all honesty my brain is just too overwhelmed to process things at this point!
Annoyances: I'm having a baby tomorrow! It just feels wrong to complain at this point...
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Recapping 37 Weeks

(Love seeing the Mr watching CU basketball in the background... Exciting Thursday night around here, folks!)

Cooking Time: 38 weeks today, holy cow! I'll be recapping week 37 below. I really expected the days to start slowing down at this point, like everyone told me they would... I still feel like time is absolutely flying by, cannot believe my due date is 14 days from today!

Cravings: I'm up to at least 2 Cadbury eggs a day now (gotta get them in while I still can), and still more cereal. I'm still having a very tough time finding food that sounds interesting to eat. I have been eating meat during my pregnancy, because frankly it just tasted good, but I've started to turn off meat again and am trending back towards my old vegetarian ways.

Baby Size: TBD, since our next Dr appointment isn't until the 19th. I'm going to guess she's at least 7 lbs now though, because I feel So. Full. Of. Baby.

Annoyances: Per Dr's orders, I'm now working at least 3 days a week from home. It's a relief not to put the extra strain of a commute on my body each day, and I'm able to feel much more productive at home when I don't have to get up and walk across the building to go to the restroom all day. However, I miss my coworkers and feel frustrated that I can't perform simple tasks such as getting up and ready for work each day. I'm trying to remind myself that I need to take it easy, but all the things I need to complete before the little lady gets here makes that very tough.

Daddy's Questions for the Doctor: Another week with no Dr appointment, so no silly questions to report (darn). The Mr has been taking me out for walks around the neighborhood every evening after he gets home from school, which is a nice chance to stretch my legs after a full day working from the couch. He also downloaded a contraction timer onto his iPhone last night, to prepare for the main event.

State of the Union: Still in the dark about what's going on down there. I had some time-able Braxton Hicks on Saturday night, but they were completely painless. Tuesday brought on some serious lower back cramps and a couple of menstrual-like cramps. Thursday night was the winner with 3 or 4 legit, time-able contractions with a small amount of pain associated. I think the ol' body is starting to get prepped for the main event?

Highlights: This was a big weekend for our household - the Mr. celebrated his 31st birthday on the 11th! I've been planning a very special weekend for him since Christmas. I realized that this weekend fell just after he completed mid-terms, so he wouldn't have any big school projects to work on (a first since most of his weekends are occupied by school stuff). I secretly reached out to all his closest guy friends, and planned a surprise pre-fatherhood guys weekend for him to enjoy. This man of mine has taken such good care of his pregnant wife that he totally deserved a little spoiling before his daughter arrived.

They spent the day in a cabana at a local casino resort, and then gambled and caused mayhem all night. So much for a relaxing birthday, weekend, eh? When my Braxton Hicks contractions started Saturday night, I could only imagine how hilarious it would be if I went into labor right then, where he would be forced to cab it to the hospital and go through labor while simultaneously sobering up from a day of pool drinking. Feeling very thankful that didn't occur! He was beyond surprised, and so thankful for the gesture. A family BBQ at his sister's house Sunday night (after a day of recovery napping) capped off a perfect birthday weekend. Now it's time to see what surprises week 38 has in store for us!

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Recapping Week 36

(An exhausted, unflattering photo of 36w6d. I tell it like it is.)

Cooking Time: Trying very hard not to get off-track with these recaps! I'll be recapping week 36 below, so I don't lose track of the time and get too confused about what happened when (Ah, pregnancy brain, you are no friend of mine!) I'm 37 weeks as of March 9th, or full-term, baby! Now I don't have to feel quite so bad about secretly wishing we could get this show on the road already, since I know that she'd be in good shape to come out at any time. I'm starting to feel like a licking time bomb since my due date is coming so quickly, but also know that she could still be a whole month away.

Cravings: Cadbury Eggs are my favorite candy, so I'm pleased as punch to be having a spring pregnancy that coincides with eating too many creme-filled eggs. Still on a cereal kick (I have at least 1 bowl each of Frosted Mini-Wheats and Honey bunches of Oats every day), and now I'm also on to minty things. I've been stealing hostess stand peppermints from restaurants like a fiend, and have even been brushing my teeth more since I crave that minty fresh feeling. Pregnancy weirdness at its finest.

Baby Size: TBD, since our next Dr appointment isn't until the 19th.

Annoyances: I'm trying to come up with clever ways to say I keep swelling, but there are none. Swelling, swelling, swelling. I'm down to rUnning shoes and 1 pair of flip flops that still fit my feet. I've also started to feel dizzy every now and then, which is a reminder that I'm pushing myself a little to hard at this point.

Daddy's Questions for the Doctor: With no appointment this week, the Mr has kept any tattletale questions to himself. He has been hyper-sensitive to any mention I make about back pain (my upper back has been killing me due to not sleeping well)- any time I mention my back aching, his eyes get bigger and he says "lower back pain?!" God bless him for paying such good attention in birthing class and knowing that lower back pain can be a sign of early labor.

State of the Union: I forgot to mention that Baby Girl dropped it like its HOT on March 3rd, sinking a few solid inches down my pelvis. I was sitting on the couch watching Hugo, and could literally feel her shifting down. This has brought on a new case of awkward baby placement, since her hiccups now jar my hip bones and her tiny feet keep getting stuck in my rib cage. I literally have to drive my minivan like a lowrider vehicle, tilted back a good 45 degrees so I can drive. Pure class.

Highlights: Attending my co-worker's baby shower, who is due 2 weeks after me with a little boy. The Mr. had midterms this week, which is just 1 more step towards his graduation in late April. Insane to think that he's almost done with his full-time MBA program, and that he'll be walking across that stage not only as a graduate but as a father now, too! Never saw that one coming! haha

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