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Do You Lulu?

So with a pregnancy that knocked me sideways with sickness for 17 weeks, a full-time job in Corporate America, a hospitalization for kidney stones (still haven't told you about THAT one yet), a baby, and a move to a different state, there is one thing I still haven't found the time to tell you about yet - my small business!

I'd like to {finally} formally introduce you fellow Dirty Martini Diaries readers to my business - Lulu McGee!

I launched Lulu McGee, an online boutique for children's appliqued and embroidered clothing, on Halloween 2011 and have loved every minute of running it.  Well... maybe not the 2am sewing sessions when I was 7 months pregnant, but you get the idea.  I started sewing and doing counted cross stitch as a hobby when I could barely count my age on two hands, so getting back to a world of fabric and thread is a real retreat for me.

Lulu McGee has actually been a seedling idea in my head for years, so I'm thrilled to have finally made it a reality.  Funny enough, I purchased my embroidery machine and started setting the business up last year, well before I was expecting to have my own little one around the house to sew for.  We jokingly say that Lulu McGee is what broke my husband in to the idea of what having a baby around the house was like, since our house was littered with onesies, tiny tee shirts, and burp cloths for almost a year before the baby actually arrived!

Workin' Hard for the Money - Lulu McGee

Lulu McGee Holdiay 2011 Command Center - Taking over the living and dining room to keep up

Lulu McGee Holiday Rush

Pregnant, tired, but most of all thrilled to be making my dream a reality

It has been a lifelong dream for me to start my own business (I'm not counting the in-line skating clothing company I tried to start at the age of 14... haha), so I feel so blessed to make this a reality.

It hasn't been a cake walk- coming home from a 9 hour day at my corporate job only to have dinner, put on comfortable clothes, and then put another 8-10 hours in at the machine some nights was taxing- and all the details that go into setting up a small business can be confusing (legal structures, accounting methods, and tax reporting was hard to get a firm grasp of even for a Business major like myself).  But what it has done is made me respect all of my friends who own small business that much more, has made me even more grateful for how supportive my friends and family have been of me, and has given me something that I feel truly proud of.  A small business I built (mostly) myself, that I am successfully running myself.  And that feels so, so good.

No get off my blog and go buy yourself some Lulu McGee! haha

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