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Recapping Week 36

(An exhausted, unflattering photo of 36w6d. I tell it like it is.)

Cooking Time: Trying very hard not to get off-track with these recaps! I'll be recapping week 36 below, so I don't lose track of the time and get too confused about what happened when (Ah, pregnancy brain, you are no friend of mine!) I'm 37 weeks as of March 9th, or full-term, baby! Now I don't have to feel quite so bad about secretly wishing we could get this show on the road already, since I know that she'd be in good shape to come out at any time. I'm starting to feel like a licking time bomb since my due date is coming so quickly, but also know that she could still be a whole month away.

Cravings: Cadbury Eggs are my favorite candy, so I'm pleased as punch to be having a spring pregnancy that coincides with eating too many creme-filled eggs. Still on a cereal kick (I have at least 1 bowl each of Frosted Mini-Wheats and Honey bunches of Oats every day), and now I'm also on to minty things. I've been stealing hostess stand peppermints from restaurants like a fiend, and have even been brushing my teeth more since I crave that minty fresh feeling. Pregnancy weirdness at its finest.

Baby Size: TBD, since our next Dr appointment isn't until the 19th.

Annoyances: I'm trying to come up with clever ways to say I keep swelling, but there are none. Swelling, swelling, swelling. I'm down to rUnning shoes and 1 pair of flip flops that still fit my feet. I've also started to feel dizzy every now and then, which is a reminder that I'm pushing myself a little to hard at this point.

Daddy's Questions for the Doctor: With no appointment this week, the Mr has kept any tattletale questions to himself. He has been hyper-sensitive to any mention I make about back pain (my upper back has been killing me due to not sleeping well)- any time I mention my back aching, his eyes get bigger and he says "lower back pain?!" God bless him for paying such good attention in birthing class and knowing that lower back pain can be a sign of early labor.

State of the Union: I forgot to mention that Baby Girl dropped it like its HOT on March 3rd, sinking a few solid inches down my pelvis. I was sitting on the couch watching Hugo, and could literally feel her shifting down. This has brought on a new case of awkward baby placement, since her hiccups now jar my hip bones and her tiny feet keep getting stuck in my rib cage. I literally have to drive my minivan like a lowrider vehicle, tilted back a good 45 degrees so I can drive. Pure class.

Highlights: Attending my co-worker's baby shower, who is due 2 weeks after me with a little boy. The Mr. had midterms this week, which is just 1 more step towards his graduation in late April. Insane to think that he's almost done with his full-time MBA program, and that he'll be walking across that stage not only as a graduate but as a father now, too! Never saw that one coming! haha

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SG to SP said...

Your hubby asking about lower back pain made me laugh b/c my husband was similar. We learned in the childbirth class that "flu like" symptoms can be a sign of labor so anytime I told him I felt nauseous he was like "is it flu like?" haha

ABS said...

You look fab! Wishing you all the best in these last few weeks!

~M~ said...

You are such an adorable little pregnant lady!

Kate said...

You look great!!!

I wish my sister would just tell me my nephew's name because she is STILL pregnant (was due March 11) and I'm worried you'll be on leave when I need the onesies.

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