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Recapping 39 Weeks


(39 weeks and letting it all hang out- no makeup, natural hair, headed to what we now realize was our last prenatal appointment)
Cooking Time?: 39 weeks, 6 days today. Tomorrow? I'll be having a baby.
Whatever happened to the phenomenon everyone warned me about, where the last few weeks of pregnancy would seemingly to creep to a grinding halt? I've felt no such halt, I will tell you that much.
I am honestly just now settling into the feeling of *being* pregnant, and this whole tremendous, life-altering event in life could be over in 48 hours or less. I'm still figuring out how to navigate life with a protruding belly, which seems to get smacked into doorknobs and wall partitions more than I'd care to admit, and have just now mastered the best way to awkwardly squat/bend down to pick things off the floor. I've only recently gotten used to catching my exaggerated reflection in the mirror, and am at peace with the additional weight pregnancy has put on that reflected face. You can no longer see the ribs on my small frame, and I have actually forgotten what my body felt like with a waistline (though the dozens of high-waisted dressed abandoned in my closet remind me that there had to be one there at some point). But the belly will be gone soon, and will be replaced with a squirmy, snuggly baby girl.
Cravings: Cadbury eggs, cereal
Baby size: The Dr projected the little martini olive to be about 7 lbs 3 oz this past Friday... We'll soon see how closely she clocks to that!
Daddy's Questions For The Doctor: Other than an entertaining grocery exchange last week, where the Mr. convinced me to swap my Honey Bunches of Oats request for a healthier box of Kashi, he's been a real gem for the last stretch.
State of the Union: This is where the big news comes in- if all goes well, I'm being induced tomorrow, my due date! Many people have asked me why we're moving forward with induction at 40 weeks, and why I'm not just going to sit and let nature take it's course. The basic answer here is "this is the best decision for our family". Conditions are favorable (a phrase which reminds me more of sailing conditions than something you would say about prepping for a baby) so we're going to go for it.
Highlights: It was very surreal, going through this entire week knowing it's your last as a non-mother. I hope to recap the last week a little more for posterity's sake soon, but in all honesty my brain is just too overwhelmed to process things at this point!
Annoyances: I'm having a baby tomorrow! It just feels wrong to complain at this point...
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Puttin' On The GRITS said...

I looooveee youuuuuuu!!!!!!! Praying hard for a beautiful day for y'all tomorrow! I can't wait to see pictures of that precious girl!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I'm so stinking excited for your family! We love you all! I'm praying today for a great day and safe delivery for mom and that precious girl. I just can't wait to see her and hope I can hug you both soon!

Day Old News said...

We are all eagerly awaiting your happy news. Thinking of you today!

Mrs. Classic said...

By now you are a mother! Congratulations!

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