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36 Weeks


36wks with the Mr

(The Mr. wanted to sneak in on a photo)

Cooking Time: 36 weeks this past Friday, or officially 9 months pregnant! (I'm recapping late, because my Dr. had to reschedule our 36 week appointment for this past Monday.) Nobody ever seems to talk about the fact that pregnancy is indeed 10 months long (40 weeks divided by 4 weeks in a month equals 10 months, yo), so I've been confusing people when I say I'm 9 months pregnant and I still have 4 weeks left until my due date. The photo is from this past Thursday night at 35w6d, so I'll be recapping week 35.

Cravings: Sadly, nothing. I've basically lost my appetite this week, making life a little difficult because I still have a human growing inside me that needs nourishment, you know? Nothing really sounds good to eat at each meal, which makes me feel like a picky toddler when it comes time to figure out what's for dinner.

Baby Size: We're thinking somewhere between 5.5 - 6 lbs already, which is about ready to surpass my 5 lb 12 oz birthweight. Sounds like she'll be closer to her daddy's 7 lbs and change.

Annoyances: Swelling, swelling, swelling. I worked from home on Monday due to the sheer misery swollen feet and ankles were bringing me... I've since been sporting the oh-so-chic fashion combo of support hose, the Mr's running socks, and loosely-laced running shoes to work with my dress pants and dress/leggings ensembles. Totally against the business casual dress code here in Corporate America, but if it makes the difference between me physically being able to walk or not I'll take my chances. Walking and talking is actually quite a challange right now, which makes me feel a bit like a Biggest Loser contestant.

Daddy's Questions for the Doctor: The Mr. was able to attend my appointment, so no bizarro questions for this week!

State of the Union: My poor doctor tore her ACL last week, so we had to reschedule our typical weekly Friday morning appointment to Monday. Luckily she was able to see us on Monday, because we were able to see our little girl on our last ultrasound! She has chubby little fists, a button nose, and definitely has her mother's Reese Witherspoon-style pointy chin. We think she was doing some thumb sucking in there as well, which takes after me. I'm 75% effaced, but dilated just a fingertip. Sadly, my doctor's knee surgery will put her out of the game for a few weeks... We
'll be skipping our 37 week and 38 week appointments, and picking up at 38.5 weeks. I'm sure I'll have a lot more change to record then!

Highlights: My sister-in-law threw me a baby shower on Sunday the 26th, with all my nearest and dearest in Arizona. This was my third and final shower, each one having been everything I could have ever hoped for and more. I'll be recapping the shower in a later post, but it was certainly the highlight of the week this week.
Coming in a close second would be the final baby shopping trip I took with my mother on Saturday, where we purchased our crib bedding. It's NOTHING like I had in mind, and yet is absolutely perfect for our family. Yes, I have always planned on making the little martini olive's bedding myself, but let's be real here- we have 5 weeks to go, and I still haven't found the time to do it. Sometimes you have to just accept the fact that you can't do it all- a lesson I've been slow to learn this pregnancy, but am becoming more aware by the minute I need to embrace. Photos of the nursery to come when I can get all the shower gifts put away.

Other Thoughts: Still the same "holy cow, this is about to happen" mindset, though feeling so much bigger and slower is starting to make the days fly by less slowly.

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Day Old News said...

You two are so cute. You are about to be parents! So exciting!! Sorry about your poor feet, hang in there!

Milltini said...

You are beyond words for look awesome!! I hope you are able to be as comfy as humanly possible. So excited for you.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

If you saw the ensembles I pulled together at the end for Lucia you would have thought I was homeless. ONe day I wore my maternity night gown to work, with sneakers and leggings and a sweater over it. I forgot to take it off. What's worse I didn't notice until after lunch... Allow yourself comfort. You are beyond beautiful right now xoxo

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you look so good!!! and you're so ridiculously close to meeting your little one!!

Saskia said...

Oh my word how exciting!!! I'm happy to see your posts here recently... I've also been mia from my blog but I'm hoping to get back on the wagon too :) I wish you all the very best over these next few special days!

S xx

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