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Life As We Know It

Here's a little brain dump- or I guess life dump- to archive what we've been up to this last busy month of ours...

- I'm 3 weeks into my first NutriSystem plan and I *LOVE* it! Love the food, love the convenience, love the fact that I am actually doing something about the extra weight I keep complaining about in my head. So long, squishy love handles that prevent me from bending properly to the side!

- I've had the urge to give myself a string cheese mustache every day during my afternoon NutriSystem snack. I finally caved.

Snack Time

- If you don't follow me on Twitter, than you don't hear about how my husband broke his nose playing in a rugby game a few weeks ago. And had emergency surgery to correct the damage. For about 12 hours, I was married to a brunette Owen Wilson. And they gave him purple socks to wear with little bear paw non-slip grips on the bottom. I would lurrrrve to post some of the photos of the eventful weekend on here, but a) he would kill me, and b) they would probably turn your stomach. Consider yourself saved.

- We finally moved 'out tha ghetto'! Words cannot properly express how much I am obsessed with our new town house. His and hers offices! Formal dining space! A vegetable garden! I'll give you a little tour once I finally have the place in shape for guests.

- My mom came to visit and help us relocate, since I perfectly timed our move to happen during my husband's midterms and a busy workweek. The plus side? Our move also fell during the same weekend as Junior League of Phoenix's Rummage Sale, so we were able to take our moving U-Haul TO Rummage!

Rummage UHaul

This was my first time at Rummage, and we certainly made the most of it. You bet we filled that U-Haul *full* of furniture and electronics (hello, $10 televisions! )for the new house.

- The Mr. turned the big 3-0! We celebrated with a seafood dinner, complete with dirty martinis. The whole meal was just comically horrible. Terrible service, wierd food, even the cocktails were off. I don't think we'll go back for another round of blue cheese-stuffed olives in our dirty martinis, since there are fewer things wierder than chunks of blue cheese floating around in your vodka. But you know what? We had one of the best nights ever. A complete blast.

30th Birthday Dinner

It just goes to show that even the worst of times can be the best of times when you have the right company. The Mr. was expecially excited that night, because he received an extra-special birthday present:

Birthday Present!

A (terribly photographed posterity photo of) an iPad! Welcome to the future, Husband!

That's a brief little glimpse into the Martini household over the last few weeks... What have you been up to?


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Gert said...

Hi there. I've never commented on your blog before - but I am a faithful reader! :) I was wondering if you would consider doing a post about considering it, but am not sure if the cost is worth it. I'm very curious about how it works, what the food tastes like, if you have favorites (and not-so-favorites), how the results are...

Thanks - XOXO - Faith

joeyandaleethea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Birthday to your Mr. and what a fantastic gift!! I'm awaiting my iPad, s/b here in a few weeks. Oh the agony in waiting. :) HOW SUPER AWESOME that you too have a VX!!! :D LOVE my baby, bought it new in '01, and to answer your was sooooo tough having a baby and my VehiCross. Crawling into the back seat to get an infant into a car seat was not happening. So we bought a Magnum and the Hubbs took my VX to work daily. *ugh* Then, baby #2 came along a couple of years later, and we got...a Minivan...*gasp*...but for sure kept my VX. Now that my babies are 4yrs and 2yrs, I gladly swap the Minivan for my VX a few times per week, and crawl all up in that back seat to get TWO car seats in my beloved awesomeness of a truck! 2 German Shepherds too. And we ROLL ON OUT for an adventurous day!!! :D SO HAPPY I've kept my truck all these years. It still looks brand spankin' new!!! Totally keep that truck of yours. Still to this day, there is NOTHING like it!!! Let me know if you're ever in NC and we'll go off-roading together! All the best to you and yours.

Follow @georgialoustudios