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Valentine's Day

Today has been about a lot of surprises, a little bit of wine, and a heavy rotation of Juliette Greco.

I die into a thousand pieces every time I hear this song.

I didn't think a think about Valentine's Day, leading up to the 14th... In fact, I didn't even thing to plan anything until the night of the 13th, when I was driving home from carting the umpteenth load of the the weekend over to our new rental town home. I e-mailed the Mr, who was studying in the campus library, to see if I should pick up 'fancy' groceries on the way home in order to cook a Valentine's Day spread. His response? A plain and simple...


From then on out, today has been a real gem of a day.

He sent me flowers to work! A BIG surprise, since the last time he sent me flowers was when we were dating and he was living in Doha.

In 2006.

He's never been a 'send flowers' kinda guy, so you can imagine the shock.

Then, when I opened the front door after a stellar 1.5 hour commute in the car, there was dinner and wine waiting for me on the dining room table. And the Bobby Darin Pandora channel streaming through his laptop, which had been propped on top of the flip-top trach can.

My sweet Italian man had made a spread of house salad (with his Grandma Violet's signature homemade salad dressing), portobello mushroom and artichoke heart raviola a la puttanesca, and a killer tiramisu chilling in the fridge.

We ate, we reminisced, we slow danced in the living room.

It was simple. It was a surprise. It was wonderful.

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Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

SO sweet! What a perfect Valentine's Day!!!
btw, i loooove that song too!

Miss Type-A said...

That's fantastic! :)

Q said...

Aww, he probably freaked when he saw your email, thinking no, no, no, I've already planned something, but it's a surprise! What a sweet surprise.

My hubby's not a send flowers person either. But that's all on me. I get sad when flowers die.

Kate said...

Love it - what a catch! {as are you!}

Lauren said...

So sweet!!!!! :)

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