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Alive To Tell The Tale

We're alive.

We slept in 5 different cities over a 6 night span, drove 1200 miles, and took 5 different airline flights in the last 13 days.

I have 2 days under my belt at the current job (which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I might add).

As of this evening, we finally have a furnished apartment.

I don't know if I was happier to see my mattress or my wireless router.

My official work commute takes 2 hours by car, round trip, each day.

I'm exhausted.

More soon.


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I mentioned in a previous post that The Mr. and I would be heading out of town for the last 5 days of our time here in New York City. I'm so excited to announce that we're visiting...


This trip will be special for us on many fronts. First of all, neither of us have ever been to a proper southern state before. Actually, the only time I've been south of Washington DC were 2 trips to Orlando for UDA Dance Team Championships in high school. Obviously, DisneyWorld is not exactly what a southern belle would consider "the South". As you can imagine, this is a pretty exciting first for me.

Second of all, we're heading there to attend a wedding- a proper, old-fashioned southern wedding. One of our wedding ushers is getting married, and I don't think I could be any more happy for him if I tried. Though I'm sure I won't be seeing any blush and bashful color combinations this weekend, I am super excited to see what a real southern wedding is all about. I'm expecting class, style, gorgeous flowers, lots of events (we've had to RSVP to 3 different events already!) and some of the most amazing hair I've seen in my life. (Or am I supposed to call it "sway"? I'm a novice here, GRITS, help a sister out...) I just hope I can perfect my hair poofing before I get there.

Though the wedding is our main purpose for the trip, there is also 1 small detail that'll take place while we're in Charleston...

Our First Wedding Anniversary!!!!

It absolutely blows my mind that come April 18th, we've been married for an entire year. It's kind of funny to look back on- in the last 12 months, the only true vacation The Mr. and I have been able to take was our honeymoon! Otherwise, every major trip we've taken in the last 12 months has been related to our close friends' weddings. We have *LOVED* celebrating such a large milestone with so many of our closest friends, don't get me wrong! But- I can't tell you how excited we are to head off to a destination without a bridesmaid dress or groomsman tux in our suitcase! We'll be able to soak up every minute of the trip, without having to worry about being "on the job".

Now- it's time for advice! I know that many of you have visited Charleston, or perhaps even live there now. What are the *do not miss* activities we have to hit this weekend? I've been just a liiiiittle busy these last two weeks (*wink*), and haven't had the opportunity to do any research about our destination. Please- help me figure out what to do in this gorgeous southern city!


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Another Moving Update, Also Titled " I Love Elle"

You see, Dear Readers, I only pitched you half of the moving story.

The second half of this move? A logistical nightmare, wherein we try to balance picking up our U-Haul (the 'when' and 'where' of that scenario won't be told to us until the night before), scheduling movers to help us parade our belongings down 4 flights of stairs (kind of hard to schedule when we don't know when we're getting the truck in the first place), packing the truck as quickly as possible so Mama Martini doesn't miss her midday flight back to Dallas, and then hittin' the road double-time to cover as many miles as possible in 1 afternoon.

Why do we have to barrel down that highway? Because I have to be in Dallas by Thursday, in order to do a drug screening for my new job. And then get my car. And then follow behind the Mr. for 2 days, caravan-style, in order to make it to Phoenix as soon as possible (Saturday, if we're lucky?). And then spend all day Sunday unpacking the van. And then START A NEW JOB on Monday.

That tightly-packed little timeline is if everything goes WELL throughout the entire cross-country excursion. And if there's no traffic. Or construction. Or really any long pit stops.

In other words? Not a bloody likely scenario.

So this, Dear Readers, is where Elle comes in. Superhero, Saves The Day Elle from Completely Preppy.

Elle chimed in on my last post and shared some of her super ninja packing secrets- one of them being a company called ABF U-Pack Moving.


In the words of Kate- I big, fat, puffy heart love this girl.

All that stressing about timelines and deadlines and motels and travel routes? Gone.

Now, instead of waking up Wednesday morning in a TravelLogdge somewhere off of I-70, I'll be waking up in my parents' amazing house and spending the morning in their hot tub. And drinking Shiner Bock. And eating Tin Star for lunch.

God Bless Texas. And God Bless Elle.

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An Update On The Move

I vowed to myself to make a concerted effort to blog this experience as much as possible, because it's such a wild, exciting, crazy time of transition for us. I always thought in the back of my mind that we might be heading back 'home' to Arizona one day, but the concept always seemed so far out of reach for me. Now it's here, and coming at us a million miles a minute.

Leaving New York City. For good.

My head has been swimming- so much left for us to see and do and eat and photograph in this great city- I almost felt like if I don't blog every little thing, I'd somehow forget about it all. So I promised myself I'd try to capture every minute.

And then? We discovered all 6 seasons of Lost on Netflix. (Thanks, Erin! haha)

So here I am, 2 weeks later (?!?) sleep-deprived from multiple hours-long Lost marathons and trying to catch this little online journal of mine (as well as all of you readers!) up on the latest.

The most exciting (and freakishly stressful) part of this cross-country moving experience we're about to embark on? We've now decided to do it all ourselves. You heard me right, folks. We're preppin' for a cross-country road trip. Just the Mr. and me, barreling cross-country on the bench seat of a 14' U-Haul truck.

But- before that? We need to pack the *entire* house (which, um, basically hasn't even been started yet-Lost marathons, remember?), transition our jobs over to our coworkers, finish our last few days at work, have office going away parties, pack the U-Haul, and leave.

Oh, and did I mention that we're going to be OUT OF TOWN for 5 of those days? Which means I'll also have to go through the oh-so-stressful exercise of packing for a giant vacation WHILE packing up my entire life to move cross-country? And then somehow sandwich in the items left to do on our NYC Bucket List?

So all of the above (minus loading the U-Haul) needs to happen by the 14th. As in a week from yesterday. Thank the Lord that the cavalry (aka Mama Martini) will be heading to town for reinforcements. Otherwise, I don't think all the dirty martinis in Manhattan could calm the nerves I've got going on right now.

Keep Calm, and Carry On, indeed!


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