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The Blizzard of 2010

The Greaaaat Blizzard of 2010!!!

(said in an ominous voice)

Amazingly fun to watch, not so fun to commute to work in.

The world looked a giant snow globe from my office window. It was breathtaking.

Best part of the day? My sweet husband braved the storm to have lunch with me at my office.

Nothing like snuggling up to your favorite person, on the clock, and marveling at the spectacular view...

Hope you're staying warm too...



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The Daniel Fast, Day 1

Erin over at Blue-Eyed Bride introduced our Twitter group to something called the Daniel Fast. I'd love to go into the details of the regiment here, but Mrs. Everlasting has done a beautiful job of explaining the premise in great detail- if you're interested in what exactly the Daniel Fast is, please head over to her fabulous blog and follow along!

Being vegetarian, the Daniel Fast isn't too far off of my normal eating routine... The only things I'll need to cut out will be leavened foods, sugars/sweeteners, dairy/eggs, alcohol, and caffeine. On paper, this doesn't sound like TOO much of a change from my normal routine. Sadly, I think the last 3 things make up about 75% of my diet, so there is definitely a little room for improvement. I decided to live blog through my first day of the fast, and here's what happened:

Daniel Fast, Day 1

8:04am: Feeling very proud of myself for packing my lunch. (Translation: Proud I now have justification for the small personalized LL Bean boat tote purchased for myself, while ordering 2 larger sized for BFF's birthday present.) Wait till the husband gets in the shower, and then pull the hidden shipping bag from the coat closet, shove wrapping into the trash, and pretend I've always had the world's cutest lunch tote.

8:12am: Remember that Erin suggested nuts as a good protein snack. For good measure, pull Costco-sized bag of slivered almonds out of the freezer, and fill an entire sandwich bag full as an emergency snack option. Scoff at how I could never possibly eat that many slivered almonds in 1 day.

8:30am: No less than 3 people walked by me drinking Red Bulls (my version of kryptonite). I could actually smell the delicious nectar as they walked by. Bummer.

9:00am: Eat 2 huge organic oranges, a handful of slivered almonds, and cut up a lemon for my drinking water.

9:04am: Water dispenser has 2 options- scalding hot or room temperature. Mmmmm, lukewarm lemon water ALL day long? How refreshing.

10:20am: Still hungry. Eat another handful of slivered almonds. Fascinating, as my breakfast usually consists of 6 (don't judge) small cups of coffee with 2% milk. Wonder if I'll actually GAIN weight while fasting...?

10:41 am: I looked up at the clock, expecting it to be 1pm. It's not. Mornings always FLY by me... This one is taking its sweet time. Realizing how much I relied on caffeine (and multiple coffee refill breaks) to get me through the morning.

11:04am: Received an e-mail with the answer to a *huge* prayer. First thought? "Woah, the spiritual side of this fast works FAST."

12:00pm: Lunch of brown rice, cooked cauliflower, sauteed tofu steaks, and soy sauce. Delish.

1:20pm: 1 pm has finally arrived; it feels like 6pm. Feel zombie-like without caffeine.

4:13pm: Coworker's office birthday celebration. Enter her office for a quick birthday hug, then go hide in my cubicle to avoid Bouchon Bakery birthday goodies. Shove another fistful of slivered almonds into my mouth to cope.

4:50pm: Coworker walks by, stops at my cube entrance, and asks if I'm ok. Realize I've been blankly staring at my computer screen for 5 minutes.

5:50pm: Leave office. Daydream about cheese on the subway ride home.

6:30pm: Begin making miso soup. Realize I didn't buy my favorite miso paste- soup tastes like bad antibiotics. Fish out tofu chunks and improvise a new soup.

6:48pm: Can literally smell the neighbor in the apartment below baking brownies. Curse emphatically (and I don't even really LIKE brownies...?!?)

6:50pm: Officially discover my fave new quick homemade soup. (recipe below) Tastes like one of my favorite childhood illness remedies- Lipton chicken noodle soup. Or at least I think it tastes like chicken noodle soup tastes, but can't remember. Realize it's been over 5 years since I've actually had chicken noodle soup.

9:45ish pm: Call mom to say goodnight; 30 second phone call somehow morphs into me saying "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST ACCEPT MY CHOICES!? GET OFF MY BACK ALREADY?!"

9:46ish pm: Realize I just lashed out at my poor, innocent mother because she suggested I drink caffeine-free herbal tea. Tea, for Pete's sake. Perhaps I'm taking this fast thing a little too seriously. Damn you, caffeine withdrawals.

9:47ish pm: Burst into tears for lashing out at my harmless, innocent mother. Apologize, and hang up the phone.

10:00pm: Develop terrible caffeine withdrawal headache. Give up, and go to bed.

The Daniel Fast, Day 2

Get ready. Go to work. Realize that lack of caffeine in the morning makes me about as competent a financial analyst as I am a wardrobe stylist (read: NOT. AT. ALL.).

Grab 2 cups of coffee.

Attempt to make up for yesterday's lack of productivity.


Well, kids... That's how the first 30 hours of my Dainels Fast went. C'est la vie. At least I got a good recipe out of it.

Lulu's Emergency Fake Chicken Noodle Soup

- 5 cups boiling water

- 2 cubes Rapunzel Vegan Vegetable Boullion (the green package, sold at Whole Foods)

- 3/4 package extra firm tofu, cut into smallish cubes

- 1/5 package organic soba noodles

- Bring water to a boil; add in boullion cubes and smash with a fork against bottom of pan until dissolved. Add in tofu, let simmer for 5 minutes covered. Add in soba noodles, and cook according to directions. Let cool, and serve.

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