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Foul On The Play

I've been watching a lot of football this season, mostly college ball, thanks to my many sweet southern blog and Twitter friends. One of my favorite things in football is when the ref calls a foul, and you hear the loud whistle "TWEEEEEEET" before the announcer proclaims "foul on the play" over the TV set.

This got me to thinking this morning- if life was like a giant game of football, what would I be fouled for? Here are some of my answers:


*Excessive use of jazz hands- both the action and the actual phrase*


*False start of telephone calls, by failure to lock keyboard before inserting phone in purse or pocket*


*Encroachment- hoarding too many cooking magazine tear sheets in a tiny office- clutter penalty*

What would your penalties be?

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Jamie said...

After the play, there was a late period, cause of extreme anxiety. 10 yard penalty to the birth control.

The Fabulous Life of a Coach's Wife said...

would be fouled on "talking too much with hands." I've hit people before!!! Thank goodness I didn't take out an eye... Also, foul on being a hoarder lip glosses and/or lip balms, looking for the "perfect one."

ASC said...

I'd be fouled on "Letting Caroline play with a new toy the entire time we're in Target so she's quiet and then snatching it back from her as soon as we get to the check out line" ...I think that's more of a mommy confession then a foul! Hmmm, I feel a new post coming on :)

Ginette said...

Funny post!

Clemson Girl said...

Tweeeeeeeet illegal blog checking while in the bathroom at work...hehe.

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