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An Ethical Shopping Dilemma- What Would You Do?!

So I work in the Airline industry.

And I learn a lot of new things each week about the world of travel.

But this discovery?

*Blows My Mind.*

I'd like to introduce you to the Unclaimed Baggage Center.

That's right- a merchant warehouse FULL of all the the goodies lost in suitcases and never reclaimed.

Like a giant Goodwill full of randomness to buy, from iPods to purses to...


Wedding dresses.

Now on one hand- this place sounds like the absolute trophy shopping trip of a lifetime. I mean think about it: when you're going on a trip, you most likely pack your best, most favorite outfits and accessories. So you're probably shopping the creme de la creme of a person's closet.

{now, whether or not said person has ANY style to begin with is a different story, but you catch my drift...}

But on the other hand- you're buying the clothes and jewelry and electronics lost by some poor devastated traveler, who was never able to recover the cherished things they packed for their special vacation. Items they genuinely lost- not donated like thrift stores or Goodwill like your typical used goodies shopping- and never planned to give up for sale in the first place?

I'm dying to know your opinion- Would you:

A) Shop there, knowing how the items came to be there, but not care about the history?

B) Feel too guilty to buy from there?

C) Be too afraid that purchasing there would mean instant lost luggage karma for you forever?

Let me know your thoughts!



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sweethomeamy said...

Omg absolutely answer C!! I would be so afraid of bad kharma! LOL!

sweethomeamy said...

Omg absolutely answer C!! I would be so afraid of bad kharma! LOL!

Emily's Going Nuts said...

I've heard of that place. I'd shop there. I mean... airlines wait a while before they just ship some poor shmuck's suitcase off to this establishment. No bad juju whatsoever. Especially since I know the items I'd purchase would be going to a good home!

asplashofhappy said...

none of the above. those items probably want a nice home where they can be loved again! and every time you wear/use them you can send a good thought to the original owner!

Preppy Little Dress said...

I've heard of that place, but have never been. Guess it depends on what you purchase? If someone has been reimbursed by their insurance company, personally I don't think it matters. A wedding dress, NEVER!!

Suburban Princess said...

I would shop there...I would give someone's lost items a loving home therefore improving my karma :O) Perhaps the airline should try say...calling the owners? Since all the info would be on the tags right?

Jamie said...

THIS IS CRAZY! I'm laughing so hard right now.

And I guess I'd shop there? But I'm really averse to used stuff. Like I'd rather buy cheap Ikea furniture than slightly used, really nice stuff, because I'm nuts.

Leigh said...

Well, call me crazy, but I love a good thrift shop. I'm guessing that the airlines give people a while to claim their stuff but if there's enough unclaimed baggage to create a store, then I'd say everyone wins. If I ever lost my luggage, I'd annoy everyone constantly until I got my stuff back.

Emily's Going Nuts said...

I wish this place weren't so far away from me... :(

Muffy said...

You know, I don't know. On one hand, I'm sure they keep it for a while, trying to find the owner. On the other hand-- I think that store would be SOOOO SAD. I mean, knowing that all that stuff belonged to someone who loved it. SAD.

Jen said...

I would totally shop there...I only live an hour away and sadly have not been there yet.
It does suck for the travellers out there taht the airlines lost their luggage, but I just can't resist a good deal :)

Mrs. Classic said...

I'd totally shop there! How gross is the underwear section in the bottom of the photo though.

KP said...

I live about 30 minutes from there and have been to Unclaimed Baggage many times. Here's the deal... it isn't that great on clothes or anything brand name in my opinion. I've gotten a few things there, but nothing spectacular. It is too well known now; people come from all over the world to shop there. Anything that is a GOOD brand name is overpriced in my opinion. Sunglasses, for example, you could for sure get cheaper on ebay or something like that. For just a regular dress, if you can find it on sale at a normal store (Belk, Dillards, etc), you would probably pay the same price as what they have it marked and it would be new. Last time I was there, I bought one dress to use as a bathing suit cover up. Nothing too special as far as brand name stuff. I truly believe that the employees snag most of the good stuff before it ever hits the floor.
However, I am a fan of their electronics department. They have good deals on cameras, iPods, etc. I have purchased a few cameras from them in the past and have been very pleased.

Bella said...

Wow I had no idea. I wouldn't shop there, I'm too big of a believer in karma. I have a feeling the employees might take the good stuff before the rest makes it to the center though.

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