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Britney- A Flashback

Woah, Nelly. Or- should I say- Woah, Britney.

I may or may not have had more college flashbacks in the past 30 minutes of watching Glee than I've had in the entirety of 2010.

You see- back in the day we? Were all about the Britney. I think that my entire time living in the Kappa house was fueled by one giant Britney Spears soundtrack. There were posters. Breakout dances in the middle of crowded bars. There was even a roadtrip that involved driving from Tempe, AZ to Las Vegas and back, in a single day, all for the sake of attending a Britney concert. (That one clearly deserves its own post, at another time)

One of the mainstays in our sorority dorm was the evening workouts. But your typical evening workour, this was not. In our opinion, Billy Blanks Tae Bo was for wussies.

We? Did Britney Abs.

You don't remember the Britney Abs workout video, you say? Well, that's because it didn't exist. What did exist was a VHS tape filled with back-to-back-to-back-to-back Britney music videos, gingerly passed from dorm room to dorm room. Night after night, we congregated religiously into someone's room, popped in the tape, and the workout began.

It consisted of us performing 1 solitary ab exercise over and over and over again, for the entire length of a music video, and then switching up to the second move as soon as the next video started. On good nights, we would go through at least 4 straight videos, crunching away like our lives depended on it.

It was tough. It was motivational. It was beyond necessary in order to sport those asymmetrical almost-crop tops emblazoned with "Ride the Bull" in rhinestones across the front that we coveted from bebe {*insert extreme shudder here*}

I haven't seen any old school B. Spears videos in at least 3 years, but as soon as those video scenes came on Glee tonight it felt like a little robot had taken control of my body. I knew each and every dance move in my head, and still managed to mimic all the choreography. And the hair flipping. And the heaving. (Thank Goodness my husband is in class right now, he would have thought I was having a seizure right here on the couch.)

Funny enough- it didn't motivate me enough to get up OFF the couch, and actually do any crunches.

Guess my motivation needs a little work.

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On The Road Again...

One of the great perks of my job is that I get to do a little business travel from time to time.

I've been to Charlotte for a company conference, which ended with a fun afternoon of mall browsing and Cheesecake Factory with Erin from Blue Eyed Bride- our first time meeting in real life!

I had an overnight trip to Chicago, where the main event was a food and wine tasting with master chef Rick Bayless himself:

Bayless Cookbook Signing
Lulu and the Master, Chef Rick Bayless

I'm currently sitting in a club lounge at the airport, waiting for a 10:45 flight flight to the East coast. The ultimate destination? *Orlando*! Say it with me, folks- Oooooooh!! Orlando!

I'm headed to a conference for one of our partner companies, which makes me both excited and admittedly? A little sheepish. This is my first time attending an industry function for my job, without the support of my Director or any coworkers by my side (thanks for throwing me into the deep end, Boss... I kid, I kid). I absolutely, pos-a-tootly *love* my job, basically to the eat-sleep-breathe level of adoration, so it's not like there's an impending sense of dread for the week to come. It's just that, you know, me? Being the sole representative for my company for the next few days? In sunny Orlando? Where I get to talk about an industry I love? Pretty big in my book.

Oh, and there's one other small thing- the closing event of the conference will be a private party here:

So there's that.

Bon Voyage!

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Confession time.

I'll admit it.

I just adore Christina Aguilera.

I was a fan of hers when she first arrived on the pop tart scene back in 1999, and will admit to listening to many (*many*) hours of "Come On Over Baby" on repeat while getting ready in high school. I jumped right off the fan bandwagon during the Dirrrty phase in her life, because come on- eww. Just eww.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when she reinvented herself (yet again) as a vintage siren straight from the 20's and 30's. I'm secretly a *huge, huge, huge* fan of all things vintage (insert my unhealthy Mad Men obsession here), and especially loved the way Christina channeled the 20's and 30's with her look. Besides, this was right around the Britney Spears/K-Fed era, which was full of way too many trucker hats and Cheetos for my taste.

This girl was desperate for a little bit of Old School Hollywood, and I think Christina definitely delivered:

Now imagine my excitement upon discovering Christina's upcoming movie, Burlesque. It has dancing. It has music. It has Cher and Stanley Tucci. I haven't been this excited about a movie since Chicago:

Can't wait for Burlesque!


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Hooray for Ray!

Tonight, the Mr. and I are headed to downtown Phoenix for a once-in-a-lifetime experience... Our first official Ray Lamontagne concert!

Ray holds such a special place in my heart- our wedding song was "You Are The Best Thing", which is bright and upbeat and totally embodies how that day felt to me.

Any time I listen to him, my heart feels like it swells tenfold. I find his music so soothing and inspiring. If I've had a bad day, you can guarantee that it will be chased with a glass of Makers on the rocks and a session of Ray on full-blast.

This isn't technically our first Ray concert, to be honest... We were lucky enough to get a taste of Ray a few years ago, as he was the musical guest on the Saturday Night Live episode we attended the taping of. So amazing on so many levels... Every time I think about hearing Ray *and* seeing John Hamm up close, all in one night, I think my head might explode into little bits of candy... We were {thisclose} to seeing a full Ray concert last year, but my surprise ticket purchase was felled by a last-minute business trip to London. I was dev-uh-stated.

Tonight's concert has been a LONG time coming, and I'm excited beyond words.

I can't wait to tell you all about the evening!

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