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Confessions of a Cable-Free Household

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but when the Mr. and I moved to Arizona, we decided not to get cable. The F-Word, and all that.

I know.

I know!

So for now, that means no cable box, and no premium channels to speak of. The television goes no higher than 15 now (or to 18, if the Mr. is in the mood to practice his Spanish by listening to a bit of tele en espanol).

You know what else no cable means, don't you?

No HGTV. No Bravo. No True Blood. No Entourage.

What else?

I know!!!

(As you may imagine, that last one stings a little more than the rest for yours truly)

I try not to think about it too much...(and you can rest assured that I've been ignoring your Twitter feeds come Sunday night.)

As you can imagine, we've come to rely pretty heavily on our second choice for visual
Netflix. Hours of entertainment can be had just by signing up for Netflix's $8.99 per month subscription, which allows you 1 mailed disc at a time, as well as unlimited hours streaming on-demand.

And the fact that you can now stream all on-demand content from your Wii? Let's just say we were more than happy to stop staring at our laptops for hours on end.

Granted, there aren't a ton of new releases available on Netflix on-demand, so we do get a wee bit tired of watching older movies from time to time. Enter what may be my new entertainment obsession -the

(Image Credit here


Now, I understand that his media contraption may not be a new concept in your household. However, one thing that we never came across during our 3 years in Manhattan was that elusive red movie rental kiosk I'd heard so much about.

I'm still feeling a little under the weather, so lastthe night we tested that red puppy out and get crazy with a little Michael Cera...

The movie made us laugh a lot, and left us with a few new one-liners that will surely pop up in future conversation. I'll admit that we're already a tad flummoxed by le redbox though- the other movie we rented, Clash of the Titans, was a Blu-Ray disc, which we didn't realize, and we're not Blu-Ray folks yet. So redbox #fail number one for us.

Have you ever used redbox before? What's your fave way to get entertainment at home?



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Liene Stevens said...

This may not help your f-word mentality, but you can buy mad men on itunes. If you get the season pass, it downloads each episode as the season progresses. It's how I watch it.

Miss M! said...

We gave up cable for New Years 2009. It was kind of sad at first, living without the DVR. Now we're used to it. A lot of the stuff we watch is on Hulu or even the network websites, so my husband just connects his laptop to the big flatscreen and we get almost anything we want with minimal commercials. We also have a Blockbuster subscription (kinda like Netflix) which helps us catch up on stuff that isn't online like Mad Men. We just watch it a little later than everyone else. Oh, and his Playstation 3 is a BluRay player too which is nice.

Bella said...

There are websites where you can see episodes of shows (including Mad Men) for free. I missed last night's episode so I'll be watching it later online! :)

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