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I mentioned in a previous post that The Mr. and I would be heading out of town for the last 5 days of our time here in New York City. I'm so excited to announce that we're visiting...


This trip will be special for us on many fronts. First of all, neither of us have ever been to a proper southern state before. Actually, the only time I've been south of Washington DC were 2 trips to Orlando for UDA Dance Team Championships in high school. Obviously, DisneyWorld is not exactly what a southern belle would consider "the South". As you can imagine, this is a pretty exciting first for me.

Second of all, we're heading there to attend a wedding- a proper, old-fashioned southern wedding. One of our wedding ushers is getting married, and I don't think I could be any more happy for him if I tried. Though I'm sure I won't be seeing any blush and bashful color combinations this weekend, I am super excited to see what a real southern wedding is all about. I'm expecting class, style, gorgeous flowers, lots of events (we've had to RSVP to 3 different events already!) and some of the most amazing hair I've seen in my life. (Or am I supposed to call it "sway"? I'm a novice here, GRITS, help a sister out...) I just hope I can perfect my hair poofing before I get there.

Though the wedding is our main purpose for the trip, there is also 1 small detail that'll take place while we're in Charleston...

Our First Wedding Anniversary!!!!

It absolutely blows my mind that come April 18th, we've been married for an entire year. It's kind of funny to look back on- in the last 12 months, the only true vacation The Mr. and I have been able to take was our honeymoon! Otherwise, every major trip we've taken in the last 12 months has been related to our close friends' weddings. We have *LOVED* celebrating such a large milestone with so many of our closest friends, don't get me wrong! But- I can't tell you how excited we are to head off to a destination without a bridesmaid dress or groomsman tux in our suitcase! We'll be able to soak up every minute of the trip, without having to worry about being "on the job".

Now- it's time for advice! I know that many of you have visited Charleston, or perhaps even live there now. What are the *do not miss* activities we have to hit this weekend? I've been just a liiiiittle busy these last two weeks (*wink*), and haven't had the opportunity to do any research about our destination. Please- help me figure out what to do in this gorgeous southern city!


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t said...

must eat at basil! pick up a sweet tea and treat at sugar. shop on king, worthwhile is my favorite window shopping spot. a day trip to savannah if you have time!

USCEmily said...

You must go shopping on King Street and in the Market. The Aquarium is awesome if you have the time. Also, don't miss a walk on the Battery or a stroll down Rainbow Row, and a carriage ride is always fun to see the sites.
There are also some fabulous restaurants downtown, but if you want an authentic seafood experience, try the Wreck over on Shem Creek. You can google it and find directions. It's nothing to look at, but the food will not disappoint. No freezers on-site so everythins is guaranteed fresh!

There are plenty of other things to do in Charleston, but these are some of the highlights for me!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

well you're getting your taste of the south in the right place! you don't get more southern than charleston.

i owe you an epic email.... and i SO wish i could see you. are you flying there or driving? i'll be in dallas until april 19.

eat at magnolia's, hominy grill, or blossom. drink an arnold palmer with firefly sweet tea vodka.

take a carriage tour that leaves from the market. you can do a private tour or a group tour. but a carriage tour is a great way to see a lot of charleston in a hurry. walk along the battery if you don't take a tour. walk through the market. shop on king street.

Pink Champagne said...

Sounds wonderful! Have a FABULOUS trip celebrating one year as Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Cami said...

I'm a new reader and my husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary this weekend too. We were married April 19th two years ago - happy anniversary!

I'm from Atlanta and Charleston is one of my very favorite cities. We try to go once a year. My favorites are:

For breakfast/brunch Poogan's Porch and Hominy Grill, walking or taking a carriage ride around the Battery (water front), shopping and cupcakes (at Cupcake) on King Street, happy hour at the rooftop bar at Vendue Inn, dinner on the water at Fleet Landing, and my favorite restaurant, Coast, which is some of the best seafood I've ever had. Have fun!

Sara Lynn said...

Definitely make sure you take a walk to waterfront park to see the pineapple and maybe take a carriage tour. If you want to get out of downtown go take a tour of one of the gardens off hwy 61. Magnolia Gardens or Middleton place are my two favorites.

Miss Type-A said...

oh my gosh i have been wanting to go to Charleston-- have a fantastic time! Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! :)

BLC :o said...

Oh la la! We just returned from Charleston for a wedding at Middleton Plantation (which you should see). Stay at Charleston Place or Francis Marion and you must shop King Street and the Straw Market! Xoxo-BLC

BLC :o said...

PS: And eat at High Cotton --- their brunch is delish! :)

Trish said...

Happy early anniversary sweetheart, relax and have a blast! A carriage ride is an absolute must! :) Take lots of pictures for us!! XOXO

Mary said...

First of all, your blog is adorable. Second of all, I'm SUPER jealous your going to Charleston. The BF and I went in Sept. and I am DYING to go back. I had the best dinner I have EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE (and I live in NYC, we've got some good restaurants) at High Cotton. Not only that, but the staff was just as nice as could be, from the bartender to the busboy.

Lucky in Love said...

I can't believe it's already your first anniversary! Time sure does fly! Hope you have a fabulous trip :)

睿玄 said...


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Just came across your blog from Clemson Girl and wanted to say Happy Anniversary! Enjoy Charleston, I hear it is a wonderful place to visit!

LaciRossetti199 said...

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