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Another Moving Update, Also Titled " I Love Elle"

You see, Dear Readers, I only pitched you half of the moving story.

The second half of this move? A logistical nightmare, wherein we try to balance picking up our U-Haul (the 'when' and 'where' of that scenario won't be told to us until the night before), scheduling movers to help us parade our belongings down 4 flights of stairs (kind of hard to schedule when we don't know when we're getting the truck in the first place), packing the truck as quickly as possible so Mama Martini doesn't miss her midday flight back to Dallas, and then hittin' the road double-time to cover as many miles as possible in 1 afternoon.

Why do we have to barrel down that highway? Because I have to be in Dallas by Thursday, in order to do a drug screening for my new job. And then get my car. And then follow behind the Mr. for 2 days, caravan-style, in order to make it to Phoenix as soon as possible (Saturday, if we're lucky?). And then spend all day Sunday unpacking the van. And then START A NEW JOB on Monday.

That tightly-packed little timeline is if everything goes WELL throughout the entire cross-country excursion. And if there's no traffic. Or construction. Or really any long pit stops.

In other words? Not a bloody likely scenario.

So this, Dear Readers, is where Elle comes in. Superhero, Saves The Day Elle from Completely Preppy.

Elle chimed in on my last post and shared some of her super ninja packing secrets- one of them being a company called ABF U-Pack Moving.


In the words of Kate- I big, fat, puffy heart love this girl.

All that stressing about timelines and deadlines and motels and travel routes? Gone.

Now, instead of waking up Wednesday morning in a TravelLogdge somewhere off of I-70, I'll be waking up in my parents' amazing house and spending the morning in their hot tub. And drinking Shiner Bock. And eating Tin Star for lunch.

God Bless Texas. And God Bless Elle.

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Kate said...

Yay!!! I'm SO glad y'all won't have to do the Move from Hell! I need to bookmark this ABF for our next move...

Elle said...

YAY! I almost didn't leave that message because it sounded bossy! But we also big puffy heart ABF... their rates are reasonable... and like I said before they arrive on time... We will never again move across country without ABF :) They should pay me to be their spokesperson! so glad that relieved some of your moving stress!

Trish said...

SNAPS FOR ELLE! When I read her comment yesterday I was totally thinking YES YES YES DO IT! I am glad you are taking the moving burden off your shoulders!

Shiner bock...YUM! Here's a cheers to you doll! *clink clink*

Maggie said...

Ooh, this sounds awesome! After our recent moving hell (although honestly, our own personal logistics were not the problem - we managed to get ourselves here through record snow - it was just the awful company who did pretty much everything wrong) I salute your choice!

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