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The Big Announcement

My Darlings,

The time is finally here to announce the next chapter in our story.

We're moving.

We're leaving New York City.

We're heading home.

I'm proud to announce that the Mr. has been accepted into an amazing MBA program back in Arizona, and just 24 hours ago I accepted the job offer of a lifetime.

Are we nervous? Yes. Excited? Of course!!! Are we sad to be leaving New York City? Absolutely. We both have the most amazing 2 years ahead of us, surrounded by friends, family, a MUCH cheaper cost of living (heh).

I'm now tasked with packing up the amazing life we've lived here, in 3 weeks' time, and relocating ourselves back out west. It's a little bittersweet to leave this amazing metropolis during its most enchanting (and my favorite) season, but we're focused on the adventure we're about to undertake together.

And so the next chapter of our story begins.
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A Movie-Worthy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my dears! I'm part -Irish myself, so I think it's no coincidence that I've always been a big fan of March 17th. Even one of my (five) names is Irish, so you know I must be a fan.

Genetics aside, I think part of my fondless towards St. Patrick's Day is the fact that so many people choose to dress in green to celebrate the day. Even card-carrying members of Corporate America (such as myself), a land where work-appropriate attire reigns supreme, are decked out in all hues of emerald, moss, and lime. I've seen mint-colored button down shirts on the guys, gorgeous blue-green wrap dresses on the ladies.

Walking through the halls of my work today, in quite a chipper mood, has made me feel like I'm literally walking inside one of my favorite movie scenes. I loved the flick 500 Days of Summer, but especially loved Tom's dance scene. Not only is it playing one of my favorite songs, but I love the visual quality of the clip. Have you ever noticed that everyone in the dance scene is wearing some shade of blue or bluish-green? I think it brings such a neat effect to an already amusing scene.

Being surrounded by so many similarly-clad corkers has me tempted to start
dancing, singing Hall & Oates at the top of my lungs, to see who joins along.

Erin go Bragh!
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Last week was a whirlwind birthday week for the Mr., let me tell you! thank you all so much for your kind comments on my post. It was so much fun to troll through my photo archives and reminisce about old vacations, inside jokes, etc. It was also fun to introduce to you another side of my husband, as he doesn't seem to be covered too much on the blog.

There is not much of an update to provide in our neck of the woods... It was a rainy, drizzly weekend, spent mostly sitting on the couch in our PJs and playing Super Mario Brothers on our Wii. Glamorous lives in the Big City, I know. I also tooled around in the kitchen like a madwoman, trying to avoid eating my husband's double-chocolate ganache birthday cake find creative ways to use up leftovers we have lying around. It's all about recession chic, yo.

Some of my adventures weren't so successful, but I did do one thing I'm ridiculously proud of- I think I figured out how to mimic the elusive texture of Pei Wei Tofu. AKA my second favorite food in the world (besides Taco Bell, which you all know so well). There are entire webboards dedicated to the wonderful perfection that is Pei Wei tofu, because nailing it down is just So. Dang. Impossible. Cooking tofu, y'all? Hard. Cooking EDIBLE, delicious tofu, that is firm, yet thin, yet tasty? Up until now, it's been a virtual impossibility for me (and I've been trying for *5* years). I'd be lying if I said this wasn't my greatest culinary feat to date.

There was one point where we did actually leave the house (shocker), to use a birthday gift card from my sister-in-law by trying out the new 5 Napkin Burger in our neighborhood. The verdict? Great interior, amazing tater tots and fries... We weren't uber-thrilled with our menu choices. The traditional 5 Napkin burger comes with about a 1/4 cup of aioli on it... which basically just a 1/4 cup of mayo plopped on your burger. bleh. My house-made veggie burger was HUGE, but somehow died red (beets, perhaps?) The result was a veggie burger that looked suspiciously like a big heap of raw meat. So much so that the Mr. and I poked it for about a minute before we saw an actual lentil inside and deemed it, in fact, meat-free. Knowing that people are vegetarians because they DO NOT EAT MEAT makes a veggie burger that looks like a big raw meat pile a little... unfocused? I dunno.

(I think you can gather by this point that the majority of my non-working, non-blogging life revolves around food. So now you basically have me figured out 100%.)

The real reason I'm writing this post is because I'm practicing patience this week, Dear Readers... Some seeeeeeerious patience. There are a lot of things brewing the scenes in the Martini household- things I cannot divulge just yet, but am bursting at the seams to shout from the rooftops soon.

I'll just put it out there now that there are no babies in this gal's 5 year plan just yet, so you can scratch that off the list... A funny sidebar though- one of my childhood best friends had a vivid dream Friday night that she was a surrogate carrying our child... The next day she checked the mail to find a real-life package of Similac coupons- it had her home address on it, but the package was addressed to MY MOTHER. Who lives in a different state. Bizarro, no?

Anywhoo. Patience. Focus. Right. How do you handle life's great anticipations? I'm doing practically everything in my power to stay focused on my workload, trying to stay "present" and "in the moment", but sometimes I feel like my mind is a million miles away, and a thousand ideas are colliding inside it at the speed of light. which makes things like, you know, updating Excel spreadsheets and all that 'job stuff', a bit difficult to power through at the moment.

Other than reading The Serenity Prayer for the thousandth time, and spending every waking minute praying for motivation and focus, I'm just plumb out of ideas on how to stop mentally bouncing off the walls (thinking about how to tweak that Pei Wei tofu recipe or writing unfocused blog posts) and buckle down on my responsibilities.

Thoughts, tips, or hilarious YouTube videos to keep me distracted even longer are appreciated.

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An Ode To My Husband...


Today, you turn 29 years old. To honor the stupendous occasion, I wanted to write a little online love letter to you... Here are just a few of the many, many things I find so endearing about you...

I love that you have a very focused, determined, serious side...

... but that you always know when to let loose and have fun...

... I love that your eyes change colors from blue to bright green, depending on the day...

... and that you're such an avid sportsman...

You're always helping me to see the bright side of life, which always comes through in our photos...

And, on a rare occasion, we can capture the greatest memories with a perfect picture:

(that is, when I'm not working the camera and capturing photos like these...)

I love that you've given me a whole new, *wonderful*, family to call my own...

... and that you instantly fit in so well with my family...

... and I especially love just how much you love and adore your sister.

I love your way with animals...

... as well as your great sense of fashion...

... and how you've helped me open up to new culinary experiences...

(homemade chocolate-covered bacon, yall!)

I love that I've gotten to experience life in New York City with you for the last two and a half years, and that we've started our lives together in the most perfect, dream-worthy Big Apple newlywed nest...

... and I love that each and every day with you feels just like this...

So here's an extra cloudy, muy fuerte Dirty Martini toast to my favorite person in the entire world...


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My Thursday Night

A surprise date with the husband, planned over 2 months in advance...

A delicious sushi dinner, spent attempting to shove 2 inch wide sushi rolls into our mouths between laughs, soy sauce spills, and saki sips...

A quick drink at one of our favorite midtown haunts...

And an evening spent wide-eyed with amazement- laughing, singing, clapping, and smiling with my best friend, during the best concert of my life:

Happy (early) birthday to my hubs...
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