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A Somber Day in New York City

I try my darnedist to be a glass-half-full kind of gal, but even the most optimistic person has a grey day every now and then... Even though 2010 jumped off to a crazy productive start, for some reason yesterday just seemed to draaaaaag on. Work has been insanely busy for the last 2 weeks, which has been a bit taxing. Also, there is nothing more depleting to the soul than being surrounded constantly by the sounds and images of the utter devastation in Haiti. I can't mention my job on this blog, but I'll just say that it is just so tough to sit in a cubicle, crunching numbers, while listening to stories about the hundreds of thousands of people trapped or missing on the TV screens behind me. It just makes me feel so helpless, makes me wish I was a doctor, nurse, or aid worker that could rush out of country and go help.

All I wanted to do was go home, blast some Adele on the new laptop, and get in the bathtub for a long, reflective soak, but the clock wasn't in my favor.

Until about 3:30, when my coworkers and I started smelling a weird, smoky smell in the office.

And the fire marshal came over the PA system, announcing the presence of a 'condition' in the building attached to us.

And we were evacuated.

And that's how my work day abruptly ended like this:

Firetrucks surround the building on all sides

I'd be lying if I said I didn't welcome the abrupt end to the work day. I had my first non-10 hour work day in quite some time, and was able to soothe the soul with a bit of Adele and Ray Lamontagne. However, the Mr. and I just can't shake the haunting stories pouring in from Haiti. When you're so far away (and quite strapped for cash), how can you help?

Are you planning on supporting the relief effort in Haiti? If so, how?



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Ms. Salti said...

I'm going to donate money. That's all I can do. Oh, and clothing to the Salvation Army if they can use it. Hope you have a better day!

Elle said...

I'm planning on donating some of my monthly tithe. But the truth is any amount helps, I think we often get caught up in the idea that if we can't give a lot we shouldn't give anything, but the reality is that if every american gave $1 or $2, then that would be a donation to Haiti of $304,000,000. That's a lot of money from our single dollars :)

The other thing is that you can help in haiti by helping out locally. As the American Red Cross and other relief agencies send people over seas they often need more support in the local office. So maybe you're working ten hour days, but maybe take a few hours off one saturday to man the phone of the red cross in NYC. Or ask your employer, they can claim a donation on their taxes for hours that they let you leave the office to do charity work. So maybe you could take a half day one Friday or something to help out at the local Red Cross.

Hopefully, these ideas help you to lend a hand!

Channa said...

We too are straped for cash but I think we will text to the number and donate $10. At the end of the month, an extra $10 on our bill is not that bad!!

Kate said...

We each texted the 90999 number to donate $10 a piece... that's about all we can afford right now but hopefully lots of folks are doing the same!

On a sillier/more-materialistic note, I hope J.Crew was not harmed!

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