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Show Me Your Frosting!

I've got a *serious* case of the cupcakes today, which is a bit strange for me, as I have practically NO sweet tooth to speak of. I've been daydreaming of fluffy little cake bites, wrapped in delicate paper cups and capped with a ginormous swirl of gooey frosting...
Image courtesy of Pumpkins and Fairy Dust

I know I live in the Land of the 'Cuppycake' (as one of my favorite Twitter peeps Blair awesomely refers to them), where there is a Magnolia Bakery and a Crumbs within lazy girl bus riding walking distance of my apartment. However, the whole $2.50 a pop pricing scheme doesn't actually fit into my recession chic budget. Thus, In order to get my sugar fix I'm going to go the "I Mix Sh*t" route.
I would *love* to know what your favorite go-to frosting recipe is, for just such an impromptu baking session? I'm a plain Jane vanilla cake girl myself, but am partial to any and all frosting options... Please let me know what curbs your cupcake sweet tooth/makes you feel like a hostess with the mostess!
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9 comments: said...


I'm a fan of cream cheese frosting. I think it's just a stick of butter, a thing of cream cheese, pound of sugar or so, tsp of vanilla...the usual.

I'll double-check it & tweet it to you later.

Ashley said...

Oh man--- do those look good!

mWm said...

i almost NEVER crave sweets...but when i do.... i crave cupcakes or the pioneer womans chocolate cake. for frosting i like homemade cream cheese or *shamefully* funfetti out da can. thereisaidit.
hope by the time i post this you've had your sweet treat :)

Banana Pancakes said...

I agree... cream cheese frosting on top of just plain old boxed red velvet is my fave. So funny that you posted about cupcakes, I was dying for one yesterday! (see fb status haha)

Pink Champagne said...

Cupcakes - yum! I'm a plain vanilla girl as well, and although I don't have any recipes at my fingertips, I do LOVE adornments on top of the frosting to add a little something extra. I have hinted a few times (or more) that I would love "diamond ring" cupcakes for my bridal shower!

Milltini said...

I hereby volunteer myself to be one of your tasting subjects, as I don't actually mix s%(& myself. Love, love!

The Waspy Redhead said...

My absolute favorite frosting is chocolate ganache! It's really easy to make.

Melt 16 oz semisweet chips into 16oz (2 cups) heavy cream. Pour into a large bowl and chill in the fridge for 25-30 mins. Using either an electric mixer or food processor, whip until light and creamy. The color will lighten significantly, but the flavor stays intensely chocolatey!

Here's a cake I frosted with this recipe:

Lucky in Love said...

My go to frosting is the Wilton Buttercream recipe. I make it for almost all of the cakes I bake (I decorate cakes kind of on the side....)

Here's the recipe:

NOTE: I make the thin consistency for icing cakes and cupcakes

But if chocolate is what you are after...try their chocolate recipe. It is FANTASTIC!

Have fun!

Kate said...

YAY for Mixin' Sh*t!!! And yay for CUPCAKES! I'm a cream cheese icing fan... Is there any better source than Paula Deen?

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