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Here's to 2010... And A Resolution-Free New Year?!?

Happy 2010, lovelies! I hope your New Year has kicked off to as great a start as mine has thus far!

I suppose things could only have looked up for me, considering where I was this time a year ago... I rang in 2009 as an unemployed bride-to-be, struggling to find a job, throw a fun yet cost-effective wedding, and frankly, a little bit lonely to live SO far away from friends and family in such a big city. Fast forward to a year later: I'm married, gainfully employed, and am surrounded by friends daily- granted, it's mostly over Twitter and in BlogLand, but still! You, Dear Reader, really kept me going through all of last year's highs and lows. Thanks to you, 2010 is going to be one for the record books!

I had an absolutely spectacular Christmas- it was a quiet, cozy 4-day weekend with just the Mr. and myself in New York City. Contrast that with a very wild New Years weekend (we had a total of 6 people jammed into our little 1 bed/1 bath apartment for 4 days!). It was overall the second best New Years Ever I've *ever* had (the first place award goes to New Years Eve '07/'08, the night we got engaged). I'll recap the full madness when I can coax some photos out of one of our guests (yes, Chels, I mean you!). Shockingly, my memory card was full of blurred pics taken during some of our late-night 'interpretive dance' sessions to the musical stylings of Hall & Oates. Not my most flattering angle, you see.

The Mr. and I, New Years Eve in snowy Central Park

As for my 2010 self-improvement plans... I made an executive decision not to commit to any official New Years Resolutions this time around. Frankly, the thought of setting some hugs goals for myself this year really stressed me out. I was a huge whopping failure with the resolutions I set for myself this time last year- there was nothing more humbling that going over this list and realizing I didn't do a single, solitary thing I set out to do (well, besides get married, of course!). Sure, I read a little bit more than the year before. I tamed the wild stacks of papers strewn all over our old apartment, but only because I moved halfway through the year and was absolutely forced to. And as for the 'eBay Guru' status- I donated everything I planned on selling to Goodwill during the move, and just tried eBay for the*first* time (and won!) yesterday.

The Hype 'Jackie' Zip-Top Satchel, purchased new @ 70% off of the original purchase price! Super swoon.

What I've decided to focus on this year instead is a bit of self-reflection. Namely, 2010 i going to be the year I figure out WHY I never stick to a goal or resolution I set for myself. This may sound silly, or like a bit of a cop-out, but I really think my lack of self-imposed accomplishment needs some serious contemplation. Is it a matter of learning how to repriortize? Probably. A lack of understanding how to set the perfect SMART goal? Sure. A bit of laziness? Abso-freaking-lutely.

So, Dear Reader, why don't you help me kick off the big 2010- how do you go about setting and achieving goals for yourself?


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MCW said...

Hi! Just started following you...but, actually...I think I told you that in my last comment? Maybe???

I set some goals for myself. Not necessarily ones I will fail or succeed at, things that I just need to work on. I think posting them on my blog has helped!

quite contrary said...

my performance review was all about SMART goals...barf...haha...You will have a wonderful 2010!

Practically Perfect... said...

I did the same thing as you - made a conscious decision NOT to set any resolutions for 2010. I feel like there's already so much going on in my life, and it would just stress me out. I think this is also going to be a year of re-prioritization for me. I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing that, other than to ask myself where I want to be at this point next year!

Laura said...

I also decided against setting New Years Resolutions. I'm horrible at keeping them. I do much better randomly throughout the year setting goals. It's more of a week to week, day by day sorta thing.

Ben & LeAnne said...

I think it is very smart of you to reflect rather than set the "unreachable resolutions." Totally corny but Ben and I really reviewed and made conscious resolutions based on what we lacked in 2009. We are acting as each other's daily reminders of this years goals! It's kinda fun getting the hubby involved! Brutally honest with old Benny, ha!
Living vicariously through you and your glamorous NY city life girl! Miss you!

Elle said...

2009 was my year of self reflection and I am such a better woman for it! I read lots of great articles including one on the habits of the happiest women in the world (I'll send the URL when I dig it out of my email)... anyway, the article talked about forgetting about balance i.e. quit trying to improve things you're bad at or not inclined to do, rather focus on the areas where you excel and then really really enjoy them... okay that's a bad summary... but the article totally provoked lots of self reflection and thought and changed a huge part of my self esteem!

Miss E said...

I'm horrible about keeping resolutions. I don't blame a lack of follow through since I feel like I absolutely can follow through in other aspects of my's just that I'm laid back. I want to have fun/enjoy/be the best I can be. Sometimes my corporate life is so full of resolutions, I want my personal life to be more abstract.

PS - Miss you and love that bag!

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