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God Bless Texas

Mama and Papa Martini are in Mexico this week for the Thanksgiving holiday (rough life, no?), and sent me this e-mail while they were waiting for their flight:

"Soldiers come in every morning from Afganistan.
Everyone was up and applauding.
Brought a tear to the eye"

The airport waitress my mom spoke to said that a fresh set of troops comes home from the war every morning, and leaves airport customs at 8:00 am. She also said that each time they appear, the whole airport breaks into thundering applause. Apparently it was so moving, that even my dad became a little misty-eyed at the whole event.

I may only be a pseudo-Texan, and on a technicality at that (my parents have lived there for about 8 years, I never have), but I'll tell you what - there is really nothing like the pride Texans have for their country. God bless 'em.

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All I Want for Christmas...

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have picked up on the fact that we've had some serious technical difficulties around our house the past few months. My husband's laptop died a painful death a few months back, but he's lucky enough to have a corporate laptop to bring home at night (a corporate laptop that ALSO crashed last week, losing all the personal data he was supposed to have on said deceased personal laptop-turned-bedroom-doorstop, but that's another story...)

I've been fighting an uphill battle with my own laptop, but have overwhelmingly tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. Oh, your battery is no longer capible of holding a charge? No problem, I'll just keep you plugged in on a 20 ft. extension cord, carrying you throughout the house on a perilously unstable teather. (Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time the power cord was accidentally unplugged from the laptop, wiping away the 50 simultaneous Internet Explorer tabs I had opened, I could probably buy myself a new Speedy 35).

Or, Dear Laptop, how about how you drop my wireless signal every 10 minutes, despite the fact that our router is seriously 8 feet away from you? If you think that *all* the work the Mr. and I put in to thinking of a super-awesome wireless signal name (also known as The Toughest Household Decision We've Ever Had To Make Thus Far As A Married Couple) just for you to laugh in its face and drop-kick it 6 times an hour, you have another thing coming. But I caressed you, I coddled you, I compensated for your wireless connection issues until my fingers almost bled from Right-click ->Repair -> Refresh.

Then, and early Christmas miracle arrived- Mr. and Mrs. Claus (aka Mama and Papa Martini) broke the news yesterday afternoon that we'd be getting new laptops for Christmas.


I was so excited, my head almost exploded into little pieces of candy and confetti. For serious.

High off the prospect of new technology, I turned on the Laptop of Doom last night to write the "I'm Back!" blog post, and then to begin researching a replacement for my technological nemesis.
And this is what I was greeted with:

Well played, Laptop. Well played.



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She's Back! Back in a New York Groove!

I've got a new life, a new look, and whole boatload of fun stories to catch you up on!

I cannot wait to finally get back in the blogging saddle, and share with you a little piece of what's been going on in LuluLand.

I'd like to give special thanks to Ashly at Blogheads by Ash, the lovely and talented designer of my new blog heading. It was high time that The Dirty Martini Diaries received a proper facelift, and I could not have chosen a better person to personify All Things Lulu in one sweet little header. Ash is a mindreader when it comes to design, so if you're looking for a fresh new look, go her way! You'll find her lovely button on the right-hand side of my blog.

I'm going to leave you with a little bit of pump-you-up music, Lulu and the Mr. style. This little ditty is a house favorite- look past the creepster '70s KISS video, if you will, and soak in a great song that totally mirrors how psyched I am to be back in Blogland!

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