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Happy Birthday, Papa!

Here's hoping the original man in my life, my awesome rock star dad Papa Martini, has the most wonderful, fun-filled, enjoyable birthday yet! No words could possibly express how much I love and appreciate you, so I'll just do it with pictures!

Our rehersal dinner

Wedding Day

And doing what he does best (besides being the best dad I ever could have hoped for)- playing rock and roll!

Stepping in with the live band to serenade my BFF/MOH with the Rolling Stones at her wedding reception. Quite possibly one of my favorite photos ever.

I love you, Papa!


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Let It Snow...

We finally have our first snow in New York City! I was getting a little worried... It had already snowed in Dallas... and even in Phoenix! We'd yet to have a solid "stick" on the ground here in the Big Apple. Lucky for us, the wait is over! This is what our terrace looks like this afternoon at around 2:

And this is what it looks like right now:

Wonderful, no?! The snow has been coming down gently, yet constantly, all evening. We've had a long day of package shipping (the holiday frenzy in a Manhattan post office? Everything you think it would be, and so much more), grocery shopping, first fire in the fireplace stoking, lasagna baking, chocolate-covered pretzel making, and the pièce de résistance- a web call-in to my closest friends' annual Holiday party in Scottsdale. Though my husband and I showed up in PJs, and I was donning my favorite $10 trapper hat from the corner street vendor, the magic of Skype helped us to enjoy a small piece of the party I wish I was able to attend most. Though I "see" my gal pals each day on Twitter, and read their blogs here and here each day, I'm so thankful to see their gorgeous, smiling faces in real time! Thanks to my lovely bridesmaid Jess for letting us crash her fab party!

The Mr. and I are now settling in for a warm night of red wine and Netflix On Demand in front of the fireplace. Sometimes life can be tough in this city, and sometimes the stress can be very tough to handle. But you know what? It's nights like this that make me appreciate the magic of New York City. We may not have a lot, but what we have is Oh. So. Good.

Happy Holidays!



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"This Is My Grown-Up Christmas List"

I must admit- I've been rocking the Sounds of the Seasons TV music channel since November 2nd, in anticipation of the holiday season. The time period between Thanksgiving and New Years Day flew by *far* too quickly for me last year (despite being unemployed, and thus having no rush-rush, adult-type work to do), so I made an executive decision to stretch out the merriment as long as humanly possible this year. One downside to this? I've already found my way through the Sounds of the Seasons channel, start to finish, numerous times. Including the song "This Is My Grown-Up Christmas List", which is NOT in my Holiday Song Top 10 (or even top 50), and yet is the one that gets stuck in my head most often. Bah, humbug.

However- at least I can turn lemons into lemonade and use it as an apt post title, no?

You see, I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that
my husbandSanta Claus is having a hard time figuring out what to get me for our First Married Christmas. Without further ado, Santa- here's what Lulu wants for Christmas:

For those of you who don't know, the only iPod I own comes in the form of my broken iPhone. That means that the one time I worked out in the last 6 months every time I go running, I have to do it sans music. Or I have to take The Mr.'s iPod, which only has techno songs/ songs without words, because "the words are distracting" (?!?). And I'm not allowed to download Lady Gaga onto it, so really-where's the fun there?

I'm partial to the pink, the blue, and especially the orange, which reminds me of my wedding bouquet:

(Please forgive the highly unflattering "ZOMG I'm Maaaaariedddddddd!" face in the photo. I clearly don't wear 'Just Married' excitement well.)

Also- did you know that iPods can be personalized? I just found out about this recently courtesy of Slynnro. The iPod website says you still have until 12/19 to order with engraving and still make the holiday deadline- fancy that! You can even get 1% cash back if you order through your Ebates* account, such a score!

An Armband for said iPod Nano

This Incase Model seems to get particularly good reviews for the price. Another bonus would be a pair of earphones with the curly, over-your-ear piece that holds them in place? Goodness knows those fancy earbuds of Apple's are about as uncomfortable as it gets. (Or is it just me that thinks that?)

Kerastase Lait Nutri-Sculpt

I rediscovered an almost-empty bottle of this miracle product this weekend while cleaning the bathroom. I put a dime-sized amount on my damp hair before blowdrying, and it makes a MIRACULOUS difference in the shine and feel of my hair. I kid you not, the only difference in my morning routine has been this, but it has multiplied the sweet "you look hot!" comments from my husband 10 fold.

Gift Certificate to the Heather Bailey Store
Heather Bailey's Online Store is the one website guaranteed to make my heart go *pitter pat* each and every time I visit. The colors and patterns just speak to my soul! Her site is so full of creativity. I'm dying to make the Henrietta pin cushion pattern, and also dying to purchase an ungodly amount of Heather's fabrics to sew from my new book One-Yard Wonders.

(how precious is this Eloise turtle kit from Heather Bailey?!)
Gift Certificate to Michael's
Finally, what budding craft obsession would be incomplete without a gift certificate to Michael's? They just opened a huge location on the Upper West Side, and I have already spent *hours* wandering the aisles. The first post-Christmas project I'd like to tackle is a scrapbook of all things wedding related- bachelorette parties, rehersal dinners, the wedding, and the honeymoon. I have Ziploc bags full of momentos shoved into every corner or my desk... I'd love to actually house them in a decent, viewable location!
Well, well, well... I think that about does it! I can't wait to see what Santa comes up with for me!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

*Just so it's all out there on the table- if you use that Ebates link to sign up, you and I both get $5 Ebates cash back, if qualified.
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Christmas Has Come Early!

I was just informed by The Mr. that our early Christmas present laptops have just been delivered to his office!


HOORAY for being {thisclose} to having a computer again!

My head is swimming with the thought if setting up a brand new little Dell tonight... A little *pink* Dell, to boot!

Stay tuned for official recaps of... well... basically everything that has happened in the last 8 months!

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