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God Bless Texas

Mama and Papa Martini are in Mexico this week for the Thanksgiving holiday (rough life, no?), and sent me this e-mail while they were waiting for their flight:

"Soldiers come in every morning from Afganistan.
Everyone was up and applauding.
Brought a tear to the eye"

The airport waitress my mom spoke to said that a fresh set of troops comes home from the war every morning, and leaves airport customs at 8:00 am. She also said that each time they appear, the whole airport breaks into thundering applause. Apparently it was so moving, that even my dad became a little misty-eyed at the whole event.

I may only be a pseudo-Texan, and on a technicality at that (my parents have lived there for about 8 years, I never have), but I'll tell you what - there is really nothing like the pride Texans have for their country. God bless 'em.

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Saskia said...

This is wonderful. Gave me goosebumps.


Kelly said...

I've been lucky enough to witness this incredible event, and being from a military family (my brother just recently returned) it makes me tear up every time. It is wonderful, and you are right - Texans have a HUGE appreciation and love for their country. What a great state.

Clemson Girl said...

It's stories like this that give me a warm feeling inside. I love it when soldiers get the appreciation they deserve.

Banana Pancakes said...

That is so nice to hear. I wish someone would have been around to give my husband a round of applause for his service and two purple hearts. We were shopping at a certain outdoors/hunting store the other day and they have a military discount, but Mike had forgotten his military ID that day so I told them he had served and if they didn't believe me, they were welcome to look at the shrapnel in his arms or at our purple heart license plates. She looked at me like I was crazy and basically just turned around and walked away. Sheesh! Maybe we should think more seriously about moving to Texas :)

Freck said...

This is wonderful. I almost started crying after I read this just by picturing it. So wonderful.

Shorty said...

Such a great thing for the soldiers to hear and see when they get back home. I'm a Texas and am so glad to know this is going on here. I'll be at the airport next month so hopefully I can participate!

Lucky in Love said...

That is so fantastic! So cool your parents got to experience that :)

Channa said...

Love this story! And being a Texan two things are very true; Everything is Bigger in Texas and that includes Appreciation and Texans have alot of Pride!

The Ross Family said...

That was great to read! Thanks!

Bombtastic Belle said...

When my brother-in-law came in for R&R he got to have that reception - it's amazing to watch, I bawled. *lol* We're born-n-raised Texans, and we do love our troops. :)

My husband didn't get to have a reception like tha ton either of his returns - I really wish they did it everywhere.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

that is so wonderful.. I love that. I always want to walk up to a soldier and say thank you but get embarrassed, and force myself to do it. it matters to them.
And I am so glad you are back. I Missed my lulu xo

Jane said...

New to your blog - I'll be back for more!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Wow, that is wonderful!

Kristin said...

That would get me too. I saw a girl saying goodbye to her soldier once as I was waiting for my plane and ended up sobbing!

Merci New York said...

That's perfect. So nice to see that many people have pride and respect these days. Gave me goosebumps as well!

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