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Spotted - RHNY Bethenny!

I've been stuck in a big work conference all week, which means I neither have time to 1) blog, 2) do laundry, nor 3) buy groceries. My waistline is rapidly increasing due to the consumption of copious amounts of "conference food" (you all know what I'm talking about - bagels, cookies, and vast amounts of diet soda), I'm sporting my last pair of clean unmentionables, and I'm nearly bursting at the seams with all the wedding recaps I'd like to get out to you.

I've dubbed this weekend Blogapaloosa in my little shoebox of an apartment, and will be pulling together some fun coverage of the wedding. In the meantime, I have a *great* little teaser for you! Last night I passed up a free corporate dinner (read: all the food and vino you can consume) at one of my FAVE reataurants in the city, just for you Dear Reader! And you thought I didn't love you... I popped on over to the Columbus circle Borders store and attended RHNY Bethenny's book signing appearance!

I have gossip! I have photos! I even took a bunch of video clips, so you gals could see just how hilarious she is in real life. I may or may not even have a little giveaway item for you tucked in my LV Speedy. *wink wink*

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post, as it'll be packed full of the goods!

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The Southern Lady said...

Oh please share! I think Bethenny is a breath of fresh air in all of these "Real Housewives" shows. Plus, I love, love, love her clothes.

Was she as witty in person as she is on the show?

CTB said...

I can only imagine what she is like in real life! what a great person to meet! Can't wait to hear details and see pictures.

Sarah said...

oh my gosh!! That's awesome!!! I love Bethany, she's by far my fav!!! Did you get to see the finale last night?!?!?

BTW, CONGRATULATIONS MRS Dirty Martini!!! What a beautiful bride you made!! Can't wait to see all of your pics!! eeee, so excited!!! : )

Preppy 101 said...

That is so awesome!! I hope you have some of her classic "one-liners" for us. Bethenny is such a doll on TV . . . is she more darling in person?? I am so excited for the pics and gossip to come!! xoxo

Adventures in Newlywed said...

How exciting - love Bethenny!

Milltini said...

Ugh--tell me about it on the ZERO time for anything for you and the expanding waistline! Why do we work ourselves to the bone, Lulu? Why? ;-) Can't wait for the re-caps!

Lis said...

Oooooh so excited - I LOVE her!!

Princess Freckles said...

I'm dying over here!!!!

Legallyblondemel said...

Ooh, I am SO excited about this Bethenny giveaway!

Hanako66 said...

I can't wait to hear about the wedding!!


I love love love BETHENNY, can't wait to see pic and videos!! How lucky you are!

Liana said...

aah so jealous! cant wait for more

Landlocked Mermaid said...

AHHH I LOVE HERE! I have missed you.. I am also completely understand conference food diets. they are the worst!! And you are so bored that it is all you can do but eat xo

LPC said...

Looking forward to all of the above...

Kappa Prep said...

You are one busy bee! I hope you were able to relax this weekend and enjoy some time with you fabulous hubby too!!

Jake & Mary said...

hey! are you ready for the reunion tonight and the RHNJ premiere?!?!
Twitter: MissPinkPumpkin

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Love love Bethenny!!

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