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Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

*Our wedding film!*
That's right ladies, our wedding video trailer is officially up for preview!

From the moment the Mr. and I knew we were having the wedding in Phoenix, I became fixated with the idea of having the multi-talented team at My Wedding Film do the videography for our big day. I became familiar with My Wedding Film after I discovered that they provided the videography for a few of my Kappa sorority sisters, and fell *madly* in love with their work.

Then- I lost my job, and had no hope of being able to fit such a spectacular vendor into my budget.

A month before the wedding (when I was finally employed again), a true wedding planning miracle came true - Mary of My Wedding Film let me know that they were still available to shoot our big day. I thought my head would explode into little bits of confetti when I signed their contract, as I knew that they would produce something magical for us.

And boy, ladies, did they ever!

Without further ado, the preview of our big day:

Big thanks to My Wedding Film and Liene of The Smart Planner for making this happen!
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!
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The Post Where I Throw Out Terribly Obvious Hints

Dear Mr. Wonderful,

As you know, I'm going to be home late in order to attend that little "How To Make Money on eBay" class I mentioned earlier today. (Make money, money! Make money, money, monaaaay!)

Just in case you were wondering, we have all the ingredients for those Rachel Ray Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna Roll Ups with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce we both love so much... minus the 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1 cup veggie stock.

Just in case you were wondering.



Your Wife
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Just A Friendly Little Reminder

Dear Manhattan weather,

I'm dropping you a gentle reminder that it is, in fact, Spring now. I know time has been flying quickly this year, so I can relate to you being just a tad bit behind on the seasonal weather change thing. I mean, I'm a little behind on the To Do list thing myself, you know? Perhaps you were just being accommodating, since you know that I haven't done the whole Winter/Summer wardrobe switch out and all? I sincerely appreciate the gesture, but frankly am just not kosher with the fact that I wore both a cashmere sweater AND a tweed blazer to work yesterday without the slightest hint of overheating. Also, it's more than just a little disappointing to read the Facebook status of my Phoenix friends- they're basing by the pool all day while I'm in wellies and a pullover. Hmpf.

Let's make a pact, eh? I put away the cashmere blends, you bring on the Central Park-worthy sunshine.


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Spotted - RHNY Bethenny!

I've been stuck in a big work conference all week, which means I neither have time to 1) blog, 2) do laundry, nor 3) buy groceries. My waistline is rapidly increasing due to the consumption of copious amounts of "conference food" (you all know what I'm talking about - bagels, cookies, and vast amounts of diet soda), I'm sporting my last pair of clean unmentionables, and I'm nearly bursting at the seams with all the wedding recaps I'd like to get out to you.

I've dubbed this weekend Blogapaloosa in my little shoebox of an apartment, and will be pulling together some fun coverage of the wedding. In the meantime, I have a *great* little teaser for you! Last night I passed up a free corporate dinner (read: all the food and vino you can consume) at one of my FAVE reataurants in the city, just for you Dear Reader! And you thought I didn't love you... I popped on over to the Columbus circle Borders store and attended RHNY Bethenny's book signing appearance!

I have gossip! I have photos! I even took a bunch of video clips, so you gals could see just how hilarious she is in real life. I may or may not even have a little giveaway item for you tucked in my LV Speedy. *wink wink*

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post, as it'll be packed full of the goods!

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