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Wedding SOS - Help Needed!

Ladies, it's time to put on your fabulous little thinking caps. I need some serious help in LuluLand. The 2-part SOS is as follows:

1.) I'm going to admit that I still haven't purchased Mr. Wonderful's wedding gift... I have NO FREAKING IDEA what to get the man!!!!!! What did you married girls buy your husbands? What do you creative gift givers think would be the perfect groom gift?

2.) Conversely, I have no idea what to politely hint for as *my* fantabulous wedding gift! What do you ladies think would be a dream come true wedding present to get from your groom? (And let's be semi-realistic here, don't think I'm going to walk outside to see a Jag with a big, red bow on the lawn... haha!) What did you newlyweds receive as a precious wedding gift from your grooms?

*Pretty please* help a girl out! I'm completely clueless on both fronts!

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Anonymous said...

I want to get my sweets a watch and engrave the back of it with something sappy with regard to how we'll stand the test of time together.

I hope he buys me an expensive bauble. I hinted recently for a set of pearls, so maybe that'll be my gift? Think something classy, something that you can pass down to your beautiful daughter/daughter-in-law on her wedding day. That's why I asked for the pearls!

Saskia said...

I gave Mr B a pressie that was a something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue all in one! (I was keeping that little tradition myself & thought it would be fun for him to do it too!)

I "borrowed" my grandfather's (old obviously!) silver hip flask from my parents (they've since given it to him) and tied a blue ribbon round it. I filled it with a vintage whisky to give him some dutch courage! He loved the thought that went into it.

He completely spoilt me and bought me a diamond tennis bracelet! I was so surprised... he went all out!


CTB said...

I think the best gift to receive is a piece of jewelry that you can wear on your wedding day. Mine gave me a necklace that I wore on our wedding day and still wear almost daily.

Sarah said...

I got a second diamond wedding band and I was so suprised!! It is soooo close for you!!!! Enjoy every minute of it!!!!

Gwen said...

I love the idea of a watch for the Mr. with a personal engraving. Not only will he be able to wear it after the wedding but he can also use it the day of to keep him buddies on time.

As for are always a good suggestion. My center stone on my engagement ring is round and when we got married Brian bought me a round diamond necklace & earrings to match so I had a set for the wedding. I still have them all and every time I wear them I remember how proud he was of himself that he picked out such a fabulous gift. :)

Good luck this week!!! Try to stay calm and relax if you can. Praying for low sress. XOXO

Lauren said...

I bought my husband season football tickets to his alma mater. He is a huge fan of college football and this was my way of saying I supported his school since we went to different schools and are both huge fans of our own college.

As for me he gave me a David Yurman bracelet that I love and still wear most everyday.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

The GIFT of ALL GIFTS... THE Wedding Gift. My general advise of course is always a 'forever' gift with personal touch.
Some of my faves:
-Matching Watches
-Right-hand Ring for Bride in your wedding month's birthstone (The birth of your new life).
-For Groom: a sterling silver picture frame with a Bridal Photo of Bride for his office.
-Cuff Links for Groom

p.s. Love the idea of doing the new, borrowed & blue for Groom. Very clever!

Good Luck. xoxo Nina

Anonymous said...

Just remembered April's birthstone is the Diamond. You could always request the right-hand ring in the Mr's birthstone or one with two stones (His & Hers).

I also agree w/ David Yurman. They have a great selection of Men's items too! Frosty LOVES his DY bracelet that Kiks bought him for a bday.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I gave Todd a painting of the restaurant where we had our first date. It hangs in our hallway and he absolutely loved it. He thought it was super sweet and it's also something that we'll have forever.

I also gave him one of my framed bridal portraits for his office.

I considered getting him a watch and we also talked about getting each other bikes. Bikes aren't really "forever" though, so we nixed that idea.

He gave me the green kate spade bag that I took on our honeymoon, then he put two bright colored dresses from my favorite local store in the bag for me to wear on our honeymoon. It was sweet.

Let me know if you need more ideas and I'll brainstorm and try to come up with more stuff for you!

BLC :o said...

Awe! This is so exciting. My friends over the past year have done the following for the groom: Mont Blanc pen, fancy watch, a gun, and even (gasp) naughty pictures. Ick! As for you missy ... definitely jewelry!! Xoxo-BLC

Maria said...

I wish I could get the Tag Heuer kinetic watch that The Aussie dreams of...but with my very limited budget,I am going to go a bit DIY for my gift: I am going to collect all the photos, letters, cards, what-have-you and whatever is not digitized, scan it and pick out the best of the lot to make a blurb book of "Maria and The Aussie: The First 10 Years" (well, almost but ten sounds so much better than 9, no?); interspersed within the images, I will take out bits from the cards, letters and emails we wrote to one another and put them in as quotes.

Going to do the same thing for a wedding book (we aren't going to have a photo album with our package, no need for it) and say every 10 years down the line, when we have kids, etc. etc.

As for what I would like/want, I dunno. I'm just kinda hoping I get the wedding ring that I pointed out to him (a replica of the Tiffany Swing Ring, since I am going to wear my wedding ring on my right hand).

Still, something sparkly from Tiffany would be nice in the end (but that's wishful thinking, as he can get lots more sparkly for much less because of his contacts in the Diamond District, not that I'm complaining).

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I got him Tiffany cufflinks that were engraved as well as some other little inside joke things just to make his day a little more light-hearted.

He got me a diamond cross necklace also from Tiffany's. There is a whole reason for the necklace that is tres romantic, but it is too long to post.

I ended up wearing it on my wedding day with the pearl set I had bought to wear. It looked gorgeous. I wear the cross every single day now, and it is a daily reminder of our special day and the promise we made.

SLJ said...

I got my fiance a Tag Huer watch. He had seen it and feel in love and I had plans on buying it for him before he even knew that people exchange wedding gifts!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Well I got my beau some new Lucchese ostrich skin cowboy boots that he had been dying for and I ordered the flag that was flown over the capitol (Austin, TX) the day of our wedding so he could have a Texas flag that had some sentiment to it. It came with a certificate too.

He gave me a diamond cross necklace. My favorite gift ever!! It's beautiful and so special since it came from him on our wedding day.

Hope that helps!! Let us know what you decide :)

Hanako66 said...

I gave Hub an engraved pocket watch (which he had expressed interest in wearing on our wedding day)and a gps device (they were kind of new back in 2001). He is really into gadgets and I wrote a little note about how he could always find me.

Hub gave me a necklace that he had made from his grandmother's ring. I wore it on our wedding day.

Good luck and let us know what you choose!

Monogramchick said...

I gave my hubby a watch and he gave me a pair of channel set diamond earings to wear on our wedding day, and beyond.

Kate said...

I did boudior pics and had our photographer put them in a read leather bound album for him. I wasn't ENTIRELY sure how he'd react but he LOVED it.

He gave me C Lous... exquisite and PERFECT! I'm full up on most jewelry - I guess the only thing I would have liked equally would have been some diamond stud earrings - that's the one nice jewelry staple I'm missing!

As for hinting, is he close with your MOH? I had mine email Evan and ask if he needed any suggestions. He'd actually already covered it, but she was ready with "helpful hints" if need be!

Legallyblondemel said...

Oh, that is a tough one. I got my husband our dog - actually, the promise to buy a dog once we returned from our honeymoon & got settled in. It was something he'd wanted for a long time but knew he couldn't handle alone, so it felt like the right gift for the time.

Is there any splurge gift your fiance has been waiting on? Tickets to see something he'd like? I also like the personalized watch idea & have had friends give that.

As for jewelry, is there a piece of good jewelry you want? My husband doesn't take well to obvious hinting, so I said nothing but ended up with earrings.

Miss E said...

I got hubs cufflinks engraved with his initials that he could wear that day (and I still love when he wears them!)

He got me a LV overnight bag which I love! It's the perfect carry-on.

I can't believe your big day is coming up SO SOON! Let me know if you need ANYTHING when you get here...I'll be happy to help out! And maybe just a coffee/glass of wine to catch up and relax a little?


Kate said...

I am on twitter silly rabbit! I am cheesefiend!

I can't find you... :(

Kappa Prep said...

I think cufflinks are always good for the Mr. or even a nice engraved moneyclip from say, Tiffany's? Of course you need a piece of jewelry which you can wear in the wedding or for the entire honeymoon! Jewelry last forever just like the Wonderful's LOVE!

Dugout Daisy said...

One of my friends got her husband a Rolex watch, and it wasn't as expensive as she thought it would be. A nice watch is always nice for a man. He got her a diamond bracelet, very pretty.

Good luck!!!

Terri T said...

I wrote 5 short couplets and gave him 5 presents (numbered) that went with each couplet. (ex something about him making time for me then I gave him a nice clock/watch). He gave me these AMAZING vintage earrings that I had picked out at a jewelry show at a local jewelery store (where he had apparently told the store clerk to hold anything that I was eying).

Jake & Mary said...

I'm loving that you have a twitter person named "cheesefiend"! that's pretty much me! the brie MADE my wildflower sandwich delcious today.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

for the life of me I can't remember what I gave mountain man for a gift. but I got ruby earrings encrusted in diamonds. We went to the diamond district in nyc to get my wedding band and we found them.. they are gorgeous. rubies are my birthstone and i LOVE THEM. i now need to figure out what he gave me. bad wife. I suggest you pick something wonderful that you will wear often so when someone asks you , you can say 'they were my wedding gift from my husband" you will love saying that xo

Jessica said...

That's trouble...I can't even begin to offer help because I haven't been in that gift giving position...I mean, that's a serious gift. :)

Sorry, but good luck!

Monogramchick said...

had another idea for you....what about cuff links? monogrammed ones or something special for him to wear that day?

Allison said...

I'm glad you asked this question; it's one I needed some answers for, too! My fiance is someone who never needs or wants anything, which makes things difficult for me. I've been scouring Etsy like a fiend. Right now I'm thinking about getting vintage maps of where we're from (him: Hong Kong, me: Kentucky) to frame and hang side by side in our house. I also think the little personalized figures made by Goosegrease (an Etsy seller) could be very cute. For our first Christmas together, I got him a personalized piece of art by Laura Zeck ( You choose from hundreds of images and she creates a unique print for you. Good luck!

Jake & Mary said...

yay! I finally became an official "follower"! it just worked easier this time.
your & R's blog wouldn't let me though/I didn't see where........

Kate said...

Unrelated: thank you SO much for this crock pot blog! I am so psyched now!

Newlywed Next Door said...

I got my hubby a book of Boudoir Pictures of me -- huge suprise and he loved it! But is was a bit $$$ though. He got me a Movado watch. :-)

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