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T-Minus 12 Days and Counting...

Happy Monday, little chickadees!!! We had quite the week last week in our little soon-to-be newlywed abode! I had my official orientation tour (which consisted, in part, of running into and saying hello to Christiane Amanpour, como se dice 'awesome!' en espanol!?), had my last official weekend in NYC as a (insert maiden name here), and said out loud to the Mr. about a million times - "Do you realize we're getting married in 2 weeks!?!" This time is FLYING by, and I feel like I'm just holding on for the ride!

We've had a couple of mini-scares- one involving the groomsmen's ties- big thank you Kate, from elefantitas elegres, for introducing us to the awesomeness that is The Tie Bar.- while packing them for the trip to Phoenix for the wedding, I counted them and realized that Mr. Wonderful hadn't purchased enough of them. We rush ordered the final tie, crisis averted... Until I had a sinking suspicion that I should also double-check the groomsmen and ushers' morning suit orders with Men's Warehouse.

Turns out, one of our groomsmen had yet to show up for his measurements, and the deadline was a scant 3 hours away. No fault of his own, really- he's been on active duty in Iraq for over a year, and had just recently returned to the states. Luckily, Mr. W got in touch with him and had him phone in his measurements to be processed for the wedding. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a major internal freak out over the idea of being one morning suit short for the big day, but I'd like to think I handled it with style and grace (and a bit of vodka).

With 12 days left until the wedding, we have a score of Lulu - 2, major disasters - 0!

I also wanted to send some serious thank you love over to Mojito Maven- My darling MM and Mr. Mojito sent us the most *perfect* wedding present - a fabulous mojito kit! I about died when I opened it, it's the most creative gift! Big thank you hugs and kisses to you, MM... Can't wait for you and the Mr. to make it out to NYC for mojitos!

This weekend was a whirlwind- I had to wash all of my honeymoon clothes (big post about that coming up soon!), and try to get all other "weekend" things out of the way, as I leave for Phoenix on Saturday morning. I plan on having my honeymoon suitcase packed in its entirety no later than Wednesday of this week, so I won't have to stress. (Packing always sends me into a mini-meltdown, just trying to prevent a total pre-wedding freak out.)

While I was going through all of my honeymoon clothes, I realized that I had totally forgotten to get one of the key pieces to my honeymoon theme (you read that right- my honeymoon wardrobe has a theme and I *love* it!). I've been dying to get a classic L.L. Bean boat tote in navy, with my new monogram on the side. I ordered one for rush delivery, and am praying it makes it to NYC before I leave!
The Mr. and I took advantage of my new work-related 15% off discount at J. Crew by buying him a brand new honeymoon wardrobe. Thank goodness for my new discount, because this man did some serious damage! I swear, we're going to look like a J. Crew catalog on our honeymoon. No complaints here, though!

I also treated myself to a long-desired present - the Clarisonic Skincare Brush!

Photo courtesy of Sephora

I've decided to start buying myself one fun treat each paycheck, and this seemed like a fitting pre-wedding splurge! I'll let you all know how the results turn out.

I also received a little splurge from Mr. Wonderful after his shopping spree - he took me to Williams-Sonoma for a little treat! I have been completely obsessed with the pink and green kitchen towels and dishcloths for as long as I can remember... The Mr. bought me a set of each in the pattern below!

Having something like this almost makes me want to do the dishes! (Almost.)

I hope you all had a happy and eventful weekend!

Happy Monday!



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NINA said...

Darling post, my friend! I can't believe the wedding is upon us. It seems like yesterday (literally) that we were sitting in that little restaurant in NYC meeting for the first time. I'm so excited for you (I'm typing standing up) and Mr. W! xoxo

Shannon said...

I want to take a cue from you and start buying 1 treat a paycheck! I love all of your goodies!

Lucky in Love said...

So exciting!! It's getting so close :)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Oh my goodness!!! This post literally gave me butterflies as I imagined how you must be feeling right now. So much excitement and fun, but so much to do! It sounds like you have everything in order! I took an LL Bean tote with my new monogram on my honeymoon, too, and I was extra proud to tote that thing around!

Enjoy those mojitos-- make sure you have a few before you leave town!

The Hayden Family said...

Lulu-PLEASE be careful with the Clarisonic face brush. Use it maybe once a will thin your skin it will be flakey and weird if you use it too often. Careful for the big day!

Mrs. Smith said...

So much excitement! I bought all of my bridesmaids LL Bean monogrammed totes as part of their gifts...and of course I bought myself one as well, with my new monogram! It is still one of my favorite things! And such a great honeymoon accessory!

Muffy said...

FUN!!!! It's coming so soon!!!

Prep in the Big Apple said...

I have the Clarisonic and I love it!

Mojito Maven said...

YAYAYAYAYAY. you're getting married so soon! and i'm so glad you like the mojito kit. seriously every newlywed couple needs one :)


Hanako66 said...

You seem so happy, I love it:)

You are going to LOVE your has changed my life!

Kate said...

Yay! I'm glad the Tie Bar came through - they were a godsend for nice-looking inexpensive ties!

I got a Lands End canvas tote (yellow) for our honeymoon with the new monogram and LOVE it! Made me so happy to cart it around!

Kappa Prep said...

TWO WEEKS?! AH! How exciting LuLu! I am so thrilled you and Mr. W will finally be an official Mr. and Mrs. in just days! What a creative gift from the Mojitos. I hope you all can enjoy it before you depart. it will helped you stay relaxed!

Miss Adventure said...

Oh how exciting! I can't wait to hear all about the big day!

Preppy 101 said...

You are so together and in control!! I love your schedule and how you are making sure you can really enjoy the big day! Way to go!!! xoxo

Sweet Bea said...

Darling, you will always me (insert maiden nickname) to me :) XOXO!

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