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I'm getting married this month.



I'm coming to you live from the cubicle that I should *NOT* be blogging in, but I cannot help it. I feel like a little addict, sneaking in a quick post while nobody is looking. Shhh!

I can't tell you how much I MISS BLOGGING right now! There is so much going on in my life now that I want to share with you ladies, but I can't seem to find the time to get it out there.

The biggest is obvi the wedding, which is in a whopping 17 days. Almost all of the details have been solidified (yay!), but there is still one big, gaping hole that needs to be filled.

Mr. Wonderful and I are having 2 priests at our wedding- the "main" officiant that will be marrying us (the Mr's surrogate father), and the former priest from the Mr's prep school will be assisting. Our second priest will be giving the sermon, and has asked us to "write a paragraph about why you love each other" so that he may echo our sentiments to one another during his homily.
Um....... Let me get this straight- the reasons why I love the Mr., in 1 paragraph, and completed in 2 days? Commence small wedding freak out----NOW. One of the secret reasons I loved the idea of a traditional Episcopal wedding ceremony was the fact that I didn't have to write my own vows. The thought of having to sum up all my feelings of love and devotion in one short excerpt scares the *living daylights* out of me... I thought I had dodged a bullet on that front by going the traditional route? Ummm, notsomuch.
I have precisely 2 days pour my heart out into 1 paragraph, and send it along to be parceled out into a speech for all to hear. I can literally feel my blood pressue rising as I type this.
I need a drink.

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Hanako66 said...

oh goodness...that is tough! wishing you luck and can't wait to hear about the wedding!

Mojito Maven said...

It's so soon! YAYAYAYAYAY

I am so happy for you both!!!

brown eyed girl said...

I feel you, sweetie. Dimples is making us do the "write your own vows" thing.

Maybe writing down a list of what you like about the Mr. will help formulate a paragraph?

Afterwards, commence sipping on Merlot. Or do it whilst writing the list, liquid courage! :)

YAYAYAYAY excitinggg nevertheless!!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

You're so close! Best of luck :)

Jane said...

oh my goodness! it will be here before you know it! how very, very exciting!!

Miss E said...

You are too funny. Love the covert blogging at work :)

I can't believe you'll be here so soon! The weather is GORGEOUS. I'm so very excited to see you all dolled will be a beautiful bride.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

how exciting!!! we didn't write our own vows... it would have terrified me, too! :)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Did he SERIOUSLY say ONE paragraph? Write what you feel (I think) even if it takes more than that. He will read it all and gather what he needs.

It will be fantastic.
All my best!
Breathe deeply. (But the drink isn't a bad idea either...)

thepreppyprincess said...

We're with Kelley on the "write as much as you want" thought, he isn't going to ignore the info.

More importantly, good luck with everything, we hope you have the time of your life!

Sweet Bea said... you have access to any of the old emails you wrote to anyone about him? That might be a place to start at least...?

(Clearly I've never done this before) :)

Can't WAIT to see pictures - you are going to be the most lovely bride! xoxoxoxo so much!

Miss Monogram said...

SOOOO soon!! I'm so excited :)

Hannah Noel said...

Wow!! so soon! Mine is NEXT Month :D

jlc said...

Ahhhh I'm super happy for you!!!!

Yes bring on the drinks to ease the nerves. :)

Lucky in Love said...

Yikes! Good luck...I'm sure it will flow once you get started.

Such an exciting time!!

SLJ said...

I happened upon your blog not too long ago and have been reading because I knew we were getting married around the same time, but now reading your post we are getting married ON THE SAME DAY! So I know everything that you are feeling right now! Well we are not writing our own vows so I don't have that stress but everything else... good luck and can't wait to see pictures!

Amanda said...

Hello! I just tagged you in my newest post. I love your blog!

Saskia said...

I'm not sure if you've managed to start already, but if not...

Just start writing... anything that you can think of. I always find that once I've started writing, no matter how silly what I write may seem, my train of thought becomes clearer and I feel happier that I've got something on paper.

Good luck!


Milltini said...

Oh Lulu--you can do this! And I'm here to aid in the procurement of a drink should it come to that ;-) HAPPY WEDDING MONTH!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

wow, it's so soon! i am so excited for you guys! we didn't write our vows either, i felt the same way =)!

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