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Love Day Recap- A Long Peak Into The Life of The Wonderful-To-Be's

My amazing Love Day 3-day weekend is officially coming to a close, so it's time to let you in on my unusual list posted earlier this week! I decided to start a tradition this year, where I'd treat Mr. Wonderful to a fun Valentine's Day Eve treat. I wanted to show my appreciation for his V-Day plotting and scheming, so I went out and purchased the ingredients for one of his favorite meals - caprese paninis with cured salami. I also wanted to buy him a gift, which is kind of hard to do when you don't have any income. I decided to get creative with the grocery budget to show my Cupid-worthy appreciation. (P.S. the meal gets EVEN better at the end of the post... Stick with us here, ladies...)

I wanted to start out by make Mr. W some sort of heart-shaped desert, so I figured that slice-and-bake sugar cookies would be a great start to the day, right? WRONG! The heart-shaped cookie cutter I found to do the job was three times the size of a regular slice-and-bake chunks... So smooshing three pieces together would make a good heart cookie, right? Well, once the cookies came out ROCK HARD AND THE SIZE OF MY HAND, I figured I wasn't cut out for this baking junk... Exhibit A:

Luckily, I plied Mr. W with enough Smoking Loon Cab that he didn't realized he probably chipped his tooth with my "baking" skills. He appreciated the effort, and I appreciated that I was somehow able to make only six cookies out of an entire loaf of slice-and-bake goodness.

As I can barely afford to purchase groceries on my lovely unemployment salary, my budget for Martha-worthy gift giving and wrapping is slim-to-none. I give you Exhibit B- Mr. Wonderful's Valentine presents... giftwrapped in tissue paper, duct tape, red Sharpie ink, and flyers from the local pharmacy (from V-Day weekend, so they have plenty o' pink-n-red in the color scheme):

From left to right: A can of Spotted Dick (so I have a wicked eye for funny grocery store presents and the humor of an 8 year old... sue me), Tabasco Chipotle seasoning (one of Mr. W's faves), Stonewall Kitchen's Roasted Garlic Onion Jam (probably the best thing to ever grace sourdough toast... trust me on this), and a close-up of the piece de resistance:

Reynolds 50 Count aluminum Foil Sheets, wrapped with a combo of pharmacy sales fliers and duct tape bows. Bizarre Valentine's present, you say? Well, my official gift was a year-long supply of Once A Month Cooking breakfast burritos for the hubby-to-be. My reasoning is that he always has junk for breakfast (or no breakfast at all) in his office, as our lifestyle doesn't really jive well with a hot morning meal on the run during his daily commute (I think subway riders are prone to face-punching anyone eating hot food breakfast food on the train). I wanted to find a way to provide him a fairly nutritious b-fast on the run, while still respecting the "please don't even THINK about getting me up before 8:00 each morning" pact we made when we moved in together. Frozen burritos you could nuke in the office seemed like a win-win for everyone involved. Score one for the Lulu.

MY first surprise of the morning consisted of a Valentine's Day card, which contained one of my FAVE things on this planet- a Cadbury chocolate bar. I don't have the slightest bit of a sweet tooth (which I think makes my mother question whether or not I was switched at birth), but ever since I lived in England I can't resist the temptation of that purple wrapper.

Mr. Wonderful has known about my Cadbury addiction since the first week we started "talking". I even have an ancient Cadbury bar in our freezer, which was a gift Mr. W gave me on our second date! I love that we've been together long enough to develop a few little traditions between the 2 of us.

The next treat Mr. W had in store for me was a reservation for a proper brunch out on the town. We haven't go out for a classic Manhattan brunch since I lost my job, so this was a very fun treat. We hopped in a cab, and were on our way!
We had brunch reservations at Rue 57, which I had never been to before. Mr. W had waxed poetic about their pommes frites on more than one occasion, so I was excited to give the place a try. The whole meal was *such* a dream! We were seated as soon as we arrived, in what I think was the best seat in the whole house. We spent the morning people watching and sipping mimosas in the cosiest little corner booth. The bernaise on the Benedict was the best I've ever tasted.... and those pommes frites the Mr. had mentioned? All I could say was "ohhhhmygorrrsh" over and over again (picture being said as politely as possible with a mouthful of pommes frites). They were even better than anything I'd had during my visits to Amsterdam (apologies to my little Dutch lovely, Saskia! haha). I can't wait to go back there!
After brunch, we strolled up to Central Park and wandered around for a bit to catch some air. We walked through the park and over to Columbus Circle to do a little window shopping. It was *so* tough to see all the gorgeous new Spring goodies at J. Crew and Williams-Sonoma! SO tempting!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of Blockbuster movies on the couch, glasses of vino, and leftover snacks from the night before. Total bliss. I had already had the perfect Valentine's Day thus far, and had completely forgotten about our surprise dinner plans! Mr. W told me to get ready, and then we hopped back in a cab to head to our mystery location.
We wandered around Times Square area for a few minutes, which completely threw me off. The next thing I knew, we were walking into what was basically an unmarked door next to a bodega. I couldn't believe what I saw!

We were eating at the Aspen Social Club! As a Colorado native, it was such a thoughtful touch! I loved the nouveau lodge feel to it, and the *massive* antler chandelier you can see in the photo above. The dirty martinis were impeccable... So much so that the only part of the lavish 4 course meal I can distinctly remember besides those martinis was their 4-cheese mac. I guess that's the sign of a great evening, right?
(Disclaimer: I also may or may not remember telling Mr. W that the guy sitting to the right of us looked like a vampire. And I may or may not remember Mr. W shooting a look that meant "That's nice, Lulu, because Mr. Vampire man just heard you say that." Let's just say that if that major social faux pas did occur, I would stand by my actions because nobody should go out in public wearing a shiny, billowy lame' shirt. Nobody.)
We rounded off the evening by heading over to Rockefeller Center, where the Mr. had plans for us to finally go ice skating. The combination of a 20 degree night, a 2 hour line, and my outfit of choice (below, from Target... Don't you love?!) just didn't scream "Let's go fall on our sweet little behinds for the next hour!". Such a sweet gesture from the Mr., which I called raincheck on.
The final portion to our Valentine's Weekend extravaganza was a lifelong dream of Mr. Wonderful's. A unique combination of two favorite foods- bacon... and chocolate. That's right, boys and girls. The Mr. and iI made the ultimate sweet-savory desert as the finale of his Valentine's Day present... Chocolate-covered bacon.

Apparently, everything that your bacon and chocolate-lover could ever hope for, and more. Try it.
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Mojito Maven said...

ummmm i freaking love you and was literally laughing out loud at this post...i miss you1

Preppy 101 said...

I absolutely love the wrapping! Too great! And your dress was tres chic ;-) Loved this post!!

Miss E said...

Omg LOVE it! I'm so happy you guys had a wonderful weekend extravaganza (and thank you for all of the details...yippee!). You two are so cute. Miss you! Xoxo

Snow White said...

This was the best Valentine's Day post I read, by far! I loved that you were super cute on a budget!!

What a gorgeous chandelier! Sounds like you had a blast!!

Maria said...

Too cute! I miss Columbus Circle and the Time Warner college was just one block west of it and I would hang there all the time and get mega amazing deals from JCrew since I could just "pop in" on my way home!

Saskia said...

Wow Wow WOW!! You two had a great weekend! Mr DM spoilt you (deservedly) and you were so thoughtful with your gifts (I love the wrapping!) It all sounded so fun.

I'm sure the chips were good, but better than Dutch chips? Naaaah, I don't think so!!!

Saskia x

Legallyblondemel said...

Oh, hilarious. I'm so glad we're kindred spirits about the wrapping.

And don't think I won't try that chocolate and bacon combination. I'm only upset that I didn't think of it before.

High-heel gal said...

haha, the bow on the present looks like duct tape ;) Cute and I'm so with you on not being able to afford groceries...and I'm employed!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Don't think I am not going to try this chocolate covered bacon.

It sounds oddly delicious.

TheCralls said...

Oh - My - Gosh! I just sent Mr. Ohio the pics of the chocolate covered bacon! Love it! xoxo

Milltini said...

sounds like a fantastic valentine's day! i am definitely going to have to check out Rue 57.

Hanako66 said...

awwwwwwww, sounds like you two had a lovely time! I have been planning on trying to make the choc covered bacon...I may have to give it a shot now!

Lindsey said...

WOW!!! What a fantastic weekend!

Lou Lou said...

Your wrapping was too funny and creative. Loved that you still put in the extra effort to make it look nice even if it was duct tape!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

What a fun V-day!! Sounds like you all had a blast and the choco covered bacon is very interesting!

And I love your wrap job on the gifts :) So creative!

Aven said...

THIS was wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

casey. :] said...

love the wrapping paper!


Kappa Prep said...

What a great three day weekend of LOVE!!! I simply ADORE Cadbury chocolate too!

cj said...

I love those chandeliers hanging on top. It makes the whole place so heaven. Nice to have a wedding venue, so romantic!

Gracie said...

I adore RUE 57 - we had smashingly good drinks and apps there one evening!!!
Glad you got to enjoy it as well!

Life at the White House said...

sounds like you had a wonderful "love day"......VERY creative!

my husband is standing next to me and just did a double take when he saw the choc. covered bacon. he's thinking about trying it tonight. too funny!

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