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What do you do when you've packed all your warm weather clothes in a giant suitcase and shipped them to storage here:

Because the only weather you'll see for the next 6 months looks like this:

But you conveniently forgot that you'll be headed out this Friday to spend 4 days here:

And the funds you have for last-minute, warm weather clothes shopping can most aptly be described as:

Bravo, Lulu. Bravo.

Anybody for skinny jeans, cashmere sweaters, and riding boots in 80 degree weather?


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Preppy 101 said...

You will have to shop. You have no choice. How fun!!! :-)

Diana said...

You will have to make do with smart shopping. Or if you know specifically what you want and which suit case it is stored in, I'm sure someone can overnight for you.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

go shopping, dear! :) or find a super stylish nyc friend who can loan you some clothes. it'll feel like you went shopping!!!

Sweet Bea said...

oh darling lulu...this is not like you! I wish I lived closer to give you some clothes!! Can you borrow stuff from Lonnie or Key?

Shorty said...

Do you have a Forever 21 store anywhere close? Go there...find some trendy stuff to get you thru and you won't have broke the bank. The next season of clothing is already out.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Oh no! I would go to Forever 21, Target, & OldNavy. You can do it!

Miss E said...

I agree with everyone else that a {cheap} shopping trip is in order! But of course I/we have clothes that you can borrow :)

Jake & Mary said...

will you be squeezing in any other social time? if so....give me a buzz! busy wkend: bridal shower, 5K, Bday brunch but we should try to fit something in! I miss you EVERY time lately :(
And it sounds like you have an excuse to go can consider it buying honeymoon sundresses early :) *Mary*

Saskia said...

Oh no!! How annoying!

Definitely give yourself a cheap shopping trip as a treat :)


Milltini said...

OOOOPS! H&M might also be a clutch last minute shopping stop!

Life in Oh-me-ha said...

Thanks so much for my blog comment on the states!!!

Ms. Salti said...

Guess that means it's time for a mini shopping spree, no?

Legallyblondemel said...

I'm afraid an emergency shopping trip is in order. My condolences.

Prepster said...

I would try H & M, or even Old Navy, You could make due with a cute strappy dress, a classic skirt in a solid color, and several tanks to mix it with. I'm assuming you have flats. Where skirt and tank 1 on the day you fly out with a cardigan, where strappy dress on day 2, where skirt and tank 2 and a cute headband on day 3, and if you happen to have an american apparel v neck tee pack that with jeans and the cardigan paired with your flats for day 4 the day you fly home. You won't be designer, but you will look classic and cute and very relaxed. Hopefully you have the tanks, jeans, cardigan and flats. Leaving you to buy the skirt and the dress. At H&M or Old Navy that could amount to a very small acceptable fee for emergency shopping.

KAG said...

hii! yep we are soo busy so I am always looking to add on experienced sitters. Shoot me an email and I can send you more info. xoxo KAG

MBM said...

Do you have any friends the same size?? I'm so sorry!! That is the worst. :( I am happy that you are at least getting a chance to get away!!!

Snow White said...

Take advantage of H&M... my first encounter there was on my high school senior trip and I was sooo in love!! I wish there was one close to me!! as a favor to me... go there

ASC said...

Stop by my mom's house in Phoenix and ransack my closet...all my warm weather clothes are there =) I'm headed to Vegas this weekend for my sister-in-law's baby shower and can't even pack because I can't fathom warm weather when I'm looking at a foot of snow outside!! You'll look adorable regardless! Have fun and be safe!

Aven said...

Thank you for the sweet welcome! I am super excited and I love your is one that inspired me.

disa said...


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