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Wedding Wednesday!

HELLO, lovelies! Goodness, how I've missed you! I have *so* much to update you on regarding my trip to the Big D and all the happenings that went on. I thought the best way to jump back into the blogging pool was to get all the big wedding updates out of the way, so here we go!

First of all, I had a hot date on Friday... with my dress! After tying on dresses last spring, it took 6 months for my gown to be created and shipped to the Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon. I must say, I was UBER nervous to go try it on! Since the sample I tried on was larger than my normal size, I wasn't sure how it was going to look "Lulu-sized."

After getting jostled into a bustier, stripping down to my unmentionables (and I'm sorry, but there are few things more uncomfortable to me than standing around in nothing but underpinnings and 4" heels while my sales gal and mother try to get the dress ready for me to slip into), and snagging the rhinestone-laden heels on my brand new dress twice (nice), I was zipped up and fastened in. I may have cracked a rib or 2 in the process, but isn't that the price of fashion?

I'm seriously at a loss for words as to how much I totally love this dress, Dear Readers. We're talking a borderline unhealthy attachment at this point. I'm just plain smitten. I felt positively Carrie Bradshaw-esque (sans bird-in-hair and super guns-of-steel yoga arms):

I've had to make the tough decision not to post a photo of it on the blog, because a) I want to leave a few surprises for my real-life friend readers out there who will be attending the wedding (hi, everyone!), and b) Mr. Wonderful and I have decided not to see each other before the wedding. I know he stops by the blog from time to time, so posting a picture here is just a disaster waiting to happen!

Even though we decided against doing the final fitting at this time, I was able to make another huge decision - the veil! I've made the leap, and have decided to become a 2 veil bride. I know that veils aren't for everyone (I had one close girlfriend nix the veil idea for her wedding because she thought it was "way too creepy" having that shroud-like thing over your face...haha). I've always been the traditional type to love the look of the full wedding getup. I've always loved the idea of being a 2 dress bride, but the attachment I've formed to my dress has taken that option out of the running. I figured that by switching up my veil post-ceremony, I could create a win-win situation by giving myself a slightly different look while still keeping a veil on. Mission accomplished.

I've saved the best for last by revealing the wedding shoes. Oh, ladies. These SHOES! You know that I've had serious Louboutin lust over the past year, but with nary a penny to save in order to quench the yearning. I have a strict 4"+ heel rule, so many darling pink shoes have been cast aside in my hunt. That is, until the goddesses at Stanley Korshak presented me with a bridal coupon. In a fit of insanity, Mama Martini ran over to their shoe salon, and purchased the MOST. PERFECT. SHOES. EVER.

I'd like to introduce you to the only pair of shoes I'll be wearing for the rest of my life:

I've always fantasized about getting a killer investment wedding day shoe, which I will subsequently wear on each wedding anniversary date night thereafter. These shoes are beyond my wildest fantasies and expectations! Not only are they the *perfect* heel height and shade of pink, but they are a dead match to my *favorite* purse of all time. I avoided shopping my ENTIRE semester abroad (no small feat when living only 45 minutes outside of London), just to save up my money for that 1 special thing... and here she is, the Louis Vuitton Reade PM in Framboise Vernis I purchased in Venice:

It's a match made in Lulu Heaven, girls. I feel like the luckiest little lady in the world!

After knocking these details out of the park, it's really starting to dawn on me... I'm getting married in less than 3 months!

Stay tuned to more wedding details as they unfold!



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Sarah said...

OH SO EXCITING!!!!!! ADORE the shoes!!!!!

Kate said...

I'm so pumped for you!!! I actually have my first dress fitting today at Warren Barron and can't wait to see my dress again so I know exactly how you feel!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! I've tried them on in black and they are SPECTACULAR!

next time you come to Dallas, lets grab a cup of coffee!

Saskia said...

The shoes are so wonderful!! This is all so exciting!!! I want to do my wedding-dress-trying-on all over again now :)

Thank you so much for your kind message - it's comforting knowing you and other lovely bloggerladies are thinking of us.


Miss Monogram said...

sigh. those shoes are fab.u.lous.

quite contrary said...

very cute shoes...congrats! cant wait to see pics of the dress!

jlc said...

Haha! Glad it's sans the bird. :)

Cute post.

Maria said...

Hot, hot shoes. Mine are supposed to be coming in today ANY MINUTE NOW - I am checking the UPS tracking every second and the minute they are "Delivered" I am going to hop, skip and jump over the ice across campus to my department (I get my packages delivered there since I practically live at school and have no buzzer to my apartment) and get them.

Mojito Maven said...

AHHHHHHHHH lulu, those shoes are FANTASTIC!!! You make me want to go find a great pair of shoes that I can wear for each anniversary...shhh don't tell mr. mojito...can't wait for you to come back to Dallas!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

love love love it! i loved the girl that helped us at stanley korshak when i visited there.

i didn't post my dress on the blog either before the wedding, but had to post the shoes. your shoes are to die for! so beautiful!

Preppy 101 said...

Oh the shoes are perfect! and a lifetime investment!! Can't wait to see pics of the "entire wedding day beauty", but I don't blame you one bit for not posting it!! :-) I wouldn't either!!

Miss Type-A said...

I love the shoes, and I absolutely LOVE the idea about wearing them each year on your anniversary--that sounds so special! :)

Muffy said...

Great post! I can't wait to see your dress!

Milltini said...

love the shoes and can't wait to get to see THE dress!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I am positively foaming at the mouth over those shoes! I love them, they are adorable! And they do match your bag perfectly! I'm glad you had fun & the dress is perfect, I'm looking forward to eventually seeing the pictures!

Miss Adventure said...

those shoes are to die for!!! you are going to make a beautiful and stylish bride!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I did the same thing with my shoes :)

I bought a pink pair of amazingly overpriced shoes that I swear I am going to wear every single anniversary. They are just FABULOUS.

Also pink by the way :) I wore pink shoes with my ivory dress, and my bridesmaids wore pink dresses with ivory shoes.

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes...I am a big fan of the peep toe!

ASC said...

It is SO exciting!! You are going to be the most beautiful ( and perfectly outfitted ) bride! Can't wait to see the pictures from the BIG day...3 months and counting!!

Sweet Bea said...

Lu I cannot WAIT to see all the lovely photos from after the wedding! I know your immense sense of style and I just know your wedding will be absolutely AMAZING! I'll be thinking about you on your very special day! xoxoxo, my darling Lulu.

*Kimmie* said...

What. Fabulous. Shoes!

Anonymous said...

amazing shoes, lulu! you have fantastic taste!!! can't wait to see the dress!

Jill said...

oh my word, where have those shoes and that bag been all my life!?

ps: found your blog via saskia and kate. must say i am addicted already.

Jake & Mary said...

I want to see the dress - you had me going!!! I'll wait. :)
And that's SUCH a cute idea about the shoes - to wear them on Anniv's etc....

Hanako66 said...

your blog is super cute...and these shoes are fabulous! Can't wait to hear more about your big day:) I am planning my best friends wedding now...if you have time, check out my blog to see it progressing:)

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