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Online Photo Question

Which website do you use to archive and send photos? Shutterfly? Kodak? Ophoto? I'm currently using Shutterfly, but am just not in *love* with the service.

Any suggestions?

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Heather said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs. Jetplane said...

I use snapfish. They have a 100% satisfaction policy, I've sent photos back before. They've been great to me.

Kate said...

I ditto Snapfish! I use to use Shutterfly and then ordered our Save the Dates from Snapfish b/c I liked their templates better... the quality was great and they are speedy - now I use them for everything!!!

Mandy Rose said...

Picasa all the way!!!

Modern Maven said...

I've only used Snapfish. I have picked up from Walgreens on a few occasions. Now Walgreens uses Fuji paper. And I don't know...I am a Kodak paper fan I think. I don't know what their mail in service is off hand. But for the price and convenience, I continue to use Snapfish. But I would be willing to try another!

Seaside Prep said...

I use picasa, snapfish and mobile me (apple's photo gallery site). I like mobile me the best, but it also costs some money to join. They have lots of storage space, every photo always loads, great privacy policies, fantastic templates, etc. If you are looking for a free online site- I recommend Snapfish. Easy to use!

ASC said...

I agree with the others who use Snapfish...they've been great for me. I made the cutest Christmas cards using them this year =)

Saskia said...

I recommend Snapfish too. Really efficient, reasonable prices & easy to use.

Saskia x

PS thanks for your comment... I'll have to let my dad know :)

Ben and Mackenzie said...

Hey girl! SO glad to have found you too! I like your alias :) (I'm also a fan of dirties!!!) Can't wait to have some fun reading when ms. mimi goes to bed!!! LOVE! mackenzie

Jake & Mary said...

Kodak - you can even order lil' mini "scrapbooks".
or I just send ppl facebk links :)
xoxo, Mary

Bride Sophisticate said...

I've used Kodak for years, but since receiving a Canon as a gift, am now housing them on my computer! Not so great!

I've also used Snapfish, I love that it has features such as "group rooms" where you can allow everyone in a particular group to upload their pictures from an event. I used this for our wedding and it was great to see everyone's pictures in one spot!

I've tried photobucket, but haven't really used it too much. So, I'd suggest Kodak or Snapfish!

Maria said...

I use Flickr - I still haven't renewed my Pro Account but I luuurrrve it, especially in the wake of the robbery, when I realized that Flickr has all of my really important photos in the original size and I can justdownload them again. As for a manicure for under $10 in NYC, that is where the outer boroughs shine. Mine was $6, $8 with tip and I got it across the street from my house in Queens; but there are always tons of places just off the subway stops (I live(d) along the N/W line in Astoria)...dunno if I can give you any recommendations per se, but I can do a bit of digging for ya if you're interested.

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