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Martha, Martha, Martha!

Sorry for the delay, ladies! Here's the long-overdue breakdown of the fabulous visit Nina and I had to the Martha Stewart Show!

Wednesday morning's weather brought us a *terrible* rainstorm, but we still managed to have an amazing time. After huddling in line to be admitted (go figure we BOTH forgot umbrellas, and were forced to wear our scarves over our heads like little Ukrainian grannies), we finally made it in. After grabbing the tickets, going through a metal detector (no weapons for Martha! haha), we were ushered to a waiting area. We signed release forms and watched clips of Martha on HUGE big screen TVs.

Waiting to be admitted into the studio

They had their warm-up guy tell us all the different segments Martha would be taping today (Steamed fish! Garden tours! Scones!), and then he taught us all the different cue signals he'd be giving us throughout the taping - clapping, standing ovation, "oooooh!" , and "mmmmm!". So funny! He also told us that our taping would be live, which we didn't realize! It was funny to see everyone frantically pull out their cell phones and start calling people to tell them to tape the episode. After going through the whole speech, it was finally time to go to the actual studio.

It. Was. Breathtaking.

I don't think words can describe how much I fell in love with Martha's set. It was like a preppy girl's dream come true! It was bright, cheery, neat, perfectly staged! Gorgeous dove grey cabinets, shelving with gorgeous dishware (and plenty of Martha's signature robin's egg blue cooking appliances and serve ware). I won't lie to you- after an hour in that studio, I wanted to redo my entire wedding registry color scheme. (I hope that, by admitting that, I'm not the only one out there that color-schemed her entire registry? hmmm...)

Even that greenhouse in the photo above? All live plants! (Like we're so surprised there. I mean, it's Martha.) I guess they even have a full-time horticulturalist on staff to tend to them! Unreal. Nina and I ooohed and ahhhed the set, as well as the fabulous outfits some of the MS staffers were wearing. I've never seen leggings and wellies look so chic!

Check out all the lights and flatscreens hanging from the ceiling!

After pumping up the crowd with some seriously loud dance music, The Mistress of Domesticity herself came out. She looked impeccable, and put on a great show. We were even lucky enough to win some serious giveaways! A $60 gift certificate to GameStop, 2 trivia books, and a Martha Stewart crafting knife. Such loot!

Adorable Miss Nina after the show... Always impeccably dressed!

After the show finished taping, we were allowed to pull out our cameras again and snap away at Miss Martha. She did Q & A time with the audience for about 5 minutes, which I thought was cool. I even taped a little video on my camera for posterity! ha Sadly, my camera takes terrible photos when it's zoomed, so here's the best shot I have of MS herself:

All in all, it was a fabulous experience! I highly recommend that you apply for tickets (a month or so in advance) if you ever plan on coming to NYC. Maybe you can visit Martha too!



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Mojito Maven said...

if i come to NYC with Mr. Mojito will you take me to Martha?? I know how big of a fan Mr. Mojito so we may have to battle it out for tickets but i usually win ;)

Elle said...

There is no shame into color coordination! Rock on with your bad self!

Thanks for sharing, I would love to see Oprah or Rachel Ray - ahhh I know as women we fight for equality between the sexes and fight gender stigmas - but you just made me want to watch Food Network and HGTV all day and build a home!

Love the blog!

SouthernAccent said...

So jealous - looks like you had such a wonderful time! I would have LOVED to have experienced that!! And they way you described everything made it sound even more fabulous!

Preppy 101 said...

Awwww that is so great that y'all got to see her!! So glad you loved it!! Check that off the Bucket List :-) xoxo

Maria said...

Yeah, Martha!!! Don't worry, you're not the only one with a color-coordinated registry; I would totally have one if I could, but The Aussie is A Groom That Cares so he would have NONE of it, especially when it came to the de riguer Kitchen Aid Stand mixer. Not only did he want the professional one, he picked out the color (blah Nickel gray. I want me some color). To wit, when we were at Williams-Sonoma and registered for the hand mixer from Kitchen Aid, I INSISTED it be Kelly green. I'd day our registry is more "themed" than color coordinated.

50sgal said...

Were I to get married over I think my registry would have to be very hard on my guests, vintage vintage. As it is I am slowly replacing all my appliances with wonderful old vintage ones that have worked this long and will continue to. If I EVER make it back from 1955, I would LOVE to see martha. I really want to see grey gardens, I hope it's still playing next year when my time machine works and I can return to 2010, or maybe I will just continue on into 1956, one never knows. I like your blog and thanks for stopping by.
MARIA: A husband who cares about mixers, that is clever. I don't think my husband even knows what a kitchen aide means. He knows pipes old typewriters 12 yr old scotch. He definitely had no trouble traveling back to 1955 with me!

High-heel gal said...

Wow, how fun!! If I met her I'd probably ask her to come remodel my apartment ;)

Jennifer said...

I will definately color coordinate when I get married. I hate to walk into a home and see everything mixed up. I guess I am OCD in this way. Haha!

ASC said...

Take me to Martha too! I am seriously SO jealous but very glad you had a good time. Hope ya'll have a great weekend! Write a wedding update soon! XOXO

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

What a fun day!

Dugout Daisy said...

Oh my goodness! It sounds like so much fun!!! :D

Callie said...

Ooh, that's lovely! I'm quite jealous. :)

stacy said...

so wonderful!

i love me some martha.

Anonymous said...

This experience with you is already marked on my HIGHLIGHT LIST of things I've done in my life! It was truly a terrific day - rain or shine!!! ;-) Remembering us with our scaves over our heads just makes me laugh out loud!!! Love that we live on the same page. Miss you!! I'm getting ready to post the pics I have and then will send you the files when I finally get home. xx, N

Abbie said...

You are definitely NOT the only one to color coordinate your registry. I went nuts on the MS products at Macy's... I couldn't get enough!!

Muffy said...


Life at the White House said...

Ahhhhh....check out that blue (just the right, robin egg blue) mixer!

Love her and her line!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like the 2 of you had a great time! I'm so jealous :)

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! What an incredible experience! I hope to visit sometime myself. Martha is such a talented lady.

Enjoy your week!

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