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Honeymoon Help!

These wedding plans sure have been on the fast track this week, ladies! Mama Martini is mere *hours* away from putting her finishing touches on the invitation calligraphy (previews to come!), and sending them out to greet our wonderful wedding guests. In less than 7 days, the Mr. and I will be heading out to sunny Phoenix (YAY!) to taste our menu, design our custom wedding bands, perform our premarital counseling, *and*... secure our marriage license! HOORAY!

However, there is one *gaping* hole in our wedding plans thus far... The honeymoon! We have less than 80 days left, and no honeymoon booked! We have gone back and forth on the final destination countless times, before we finally solidified on a destination... Or so we thought.

I've spent the morning doing recon on our "finalized" wedding destination, until I came past these little nuggets of information (thanks to the reviews at TripAdvisor):

" The beach is in bad shape. The beach erosion has effected most of the hotels in Riviera Maya. The government plans to repair the beaches in March."

"The hotel's beach was small (maybe 150 yards long total) and had little sand, probably due to the strong currents. The small beach meant that the beach chairs were placed inches away from each other so the beach lacked privacy. I felt like I was in Miami or Boca. (See photos attached)"

This was a photo taken of the beach last month. I must say, I'm pretty disappointed. Nothing says romantic beach side honeymoon like elbow-to-elbow beach chair formation and a huge barrier of sand bags, right? Ummmm, notsomuch. My only requirements for said honeymoon were warm weather (no ski vaycays for me, thanks) and a great beach, since I'm not much of a hotel pool person. Looks like we may have a strike out here.

My question for you is this- If married or engaged, were did/will you go for your honeymoon? And for all my fabulous single friends, where would you want to go? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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Lis said...

Oh good luck with this!!

The hubby and I stayed at the Fairmont Princess resort in Acapulco, we had an amazing time!!

A good friend of mine went to Sandals St. Lucia and theirs looked amazing!!

I'm sure you will find something fabulous - keep us posted!

Lou Lou said...

I've recently travelled to Turks and Caicos and it was beautiful. Maybe you should check that out as a possibility... Regardless, wherever you go, at least you'll be tan! xo

Mrs. Jetplane said...

we went to excellence resort in the DR, it wasn't that expensive and our resort was far away from all the other resorts. it does take 40 minutes - 1 hour to get from the airport. the beach was lovely and the staff was great. i've heard good things about all the excellence resorts.

Ms. Nonsense said...

We went to Jamaica- it was a total disappointment! Stay faaaar away.

Chasity M said...

We went to St. Lucia and absolutely loved it! We split time between two resorts - Rendezvous and Jalousie. Both were very nice. Rendezvous was couples only and the beach was amazing, and our bathrrom was all marble! Jalousie allowed children but the views were fabulous and the food was better.

I would stay away from all Sandals and other type chain resorts - they are like being on a cruise ship.

Anonymous said...

We went to Royal Plantation in Jamaica. It is listed on Leading Small Hotels of the World and was amazing. Beautiful beach.

*Kimmie* said...

St. Lucia is always gorgeous - I went multiple times when younger and was never disappointed. What I've seen as far as honeymoon accommodations are just gorgeous.

Liana said...

i would love to go to the greek isles, or the amalfi coast in Italy. the bahamas are nice, i keep seeing ads for super deals at Atlantis. When i went it was SO nice with lots to do

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

it was a hard decision for us, too. ultimately we chose our destination for the impeccable service at the resort and for the other things available for us to do away from the resort.

we went to maui and stayed at the grande wailea. it was wonderful, but so expensive. we'll never be able to go back! :) if we take kids back it will cost twice as much! we could go back to maui, but we'd stay somewhere else.

anyway... the beach there at our resort wasn't huge but there were so many pools and adults only pools that it was worth it.

good luck. we also looked at costa rica and the greek isles, but chose our destination because we wanted the staff to speak English so we could have an easy trip. i don't know why that was even a consideration for us.

Miss Type-A said...

If money was not a concern, my man and I would like to someday go to the Maldives on our honeymoon. But since we probably won't be able to afford that, maybe somewhere like St. Lucia (a few of my sorority sisters went there and stayed in INCREDIBLE resorts!) or St. Thomas. Anywhere that is not too crowded--I feel you on that!

yosis said...

OO Honeymoon planning is the best part! We went to Aruba and stayed at the Bucuti which is a GORGEOUS botique resort/hotel. It is not all inclusive, but that's not needed in Aruba because it is so small/safe. Please check out its reviews on tripadvisor! It was FABULOUS!

Maria said...

The Aussie and I are thinking about France in July 2010 - I know, its waaaaay after the wedding but a) I will be in school in October and b) The Aussie just got a brand new job so that means little to no vacay time. And another reason, which is by far the most important: Le Tour de France is in July! We are big cycle nuts and fell in love with the French countryside when we saw the Tour on tv last summer so we are thinking of making pit-stops in the towns on the certain days that the Tour goes through for about two weeks. He just mentioned that he wants to go to Greece too - mayyyyybe since that will also involve me having to see relatives, BUT if I can argue that we just spend one day in Athens and then skiv off to the islands (which I have STILL not gone too, boo!) then we have a deal.

Jennifer said...

The Sandals resorts are really nice and have all sorts of packages! You could have your pick of destinations and you can see the different resorts and what they have to offer on their website. I believe they are also an all-inclusive resort also. That's always nice because you don't feel like you are constantly handing out money if it is all already paid for!

Shorty said...

We went to Negril, Jamaica and stayed at Sandals...absolutely loved it! They totally cater to couples! It was beautiful, relaxing, scuba diving was awesome, food was amazing...we only stayed five days but wished we would've planned at least a full week!

Saskia said...

We went to Bali and it was absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend it enough!! Blissful hotel (the Oberoi in Seminyak), wonderful food, beautiful scenery & people, gorgeous beaches...

Aaaahhh, I want to go back!

Good luck with your choice x

Lauren said...

My husband and I stayed at the Excellence in Punta Cana, DR. We had a great time! The resort was secluded and the staff was so nice.

No matter where you go, you will have a great time!!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Mr. Newlywed and I spent TWO glorious weeks on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i. We stayed at the Hyatt on the South side of the island.

It is the most fabulous place I have ever been. I would recommend it to anyone. Email me if you want more info :)

Life at the White House said...

i think picking your honeymoon destination is the HARDEST many awesome places and you want to pick the *perfect* one.

we were married at azul hotel and beach resort in puerto morelos (right next to playa del carmen) and honeymooned at secrets capri in playa. i wasn't a huge fan of secrect capri to be completely honesty - it gets rave reviews and was the #2 resort on trip advisor when we went. however, it was fairly expensive and was just too formal/structured if that makes any sense.

the photos you posted look kind of similar to royal hideaway. my brother and sister in law wen there for their honeymoon and LOVED it. they are very well traveled and still rant and rave about that place.

we went to costa rica last year for a week (just the hubby and i) and stayed at issimo suites in the presidential suite. it was out of this world....very adventurous and fun. i would have loved to honeymoon there! if money weren't an issue at all, i would go to bora bora and stay in an over water bungalow (someday i will do this....i pray)! i think cabo san lucas would be awesome too....the one and only palmilla looks fabulous, but very pricey!

good luck finding the perfect place and sorry for the novel! :)

Mrs. Smith said...

We had the most amazing honeymoon at Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica. It is one of the Leading Small Hotels of the World - and it was absolutely incredible. The food, rooms, staff were all amazing! Our room had gorgeous rain forest and Pacific Ocean views, complete with monkeys frolicking in the wild. Costa Rica is still cheap enough that you can enjoy a very luxurious vacation/hotel without completely breaking the bank - and the plane tickets were pretty cheap, too! You can check out the hotel at You won't regret it!

Stephanie said...

Hello! I just started to read your blog but I am getting married in April and am so excited about our honeymoon destination, we wanted something tropical but also out of the ordinary... so we choose Curacao. It is in the Netherland Antilles and apart of the ABC island. The A being Aruba and B being Bonaire. It seems to have everything we want, relaxing, great resturants, shopping, culture, and a little night life. I will say we considered Turks and Caicos heavily but Curacao won out because it seemed to have a little more to do. However my dream destination is the Greek Islands... happy planning and let us know what you choose!

Kate said...

We're going to Turks & Caicos - Grace Bay Club on Providenciales - I can't wait!

We also heavily considered: St. Barth's and St. Lucia.

Good Luck!

Jake & Mary said...

Riviera Maya was in beautiful shape 4+ years ago...we had the absolutely BEST honeymoon! Xpu-Ha Palace - it is an all inclusive resort placed in a wildlife refuge. Think swimming w/dolphins, beaching, kayaking, nature paths, yoga, champy&fruit anytime!, huge jacuzzi in the private "hut". But I did hear there were mega storms since we visited.... -Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just stumbled on your blog...and was just married in Jan. We went to the Riviera Maya for our honeymoon (after much back and forth as well) and it was honestly REALLY nice. I read the same reviews and was also worried, but the beaches were gorg. Here is a pic of the sand outside our hotel.

It really was nice - and we live in Florida, so we are picky beach people.

The Ross Family said...

New to your blog (love it, btw), so I'm not sure if you've picked a place. We went to Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda. It was heaven on Earth. Google it! Or, better yet, check out my blog for detailed posts on the resort (honeymoon posts are basically the start of my blog in 2007).

Anonymous said...


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