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Happy 2009!

First things first, Happy New Year girlies! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and are having a great start to 2009. We had a wonderful New Years Eve, as my Maid of Honor Roey and her fiance came to stay with us. We had a great time catching up, and she had a wonderful belated Christmas present for me - she asked me to be her Matron of Honor! She's getting married in October of this year, so I'll officially be Matron status by then. My impending matron-ness is a good segue into the most important thing of this new year...


Ok, this is obvi old news around here, but it is *so* exciting to finally say "I'm getting married this year"! When all is said and done, we will have had a 16 month engagement. As you can imagine, 2009 seemed pretty far off at the time. Now here we are, rushing to make bachelorette party plans (*beyond* excited for that) and tie up loose ends from a wedding perspective (shamefully, too many to count at this point).

While the focus in the new year will be on the wedding and the job hunt, I've decided to go ahead and create a few New Years resolutions. Here they are, for all of you to see (and keep me in line with!):

1) Start a Gratitude Journal
I first heard of a gratitude journal from our wedding guru Liene at Blue Orchid. The basic premise is to write down 5 things each day that you are thankful for, no matter how small they may be (you can read more about it here and here). These past few months have obviously been a bit rocky for me, but have really taught me to be thankful for the little things in life- a roof over my head, a bunch of great friends (and bloggers!) in my life, and a man I can call the love of my life. I think it is *so* hard to focus on all the negatives right now with what's happening in our economy and the world abroad; taking just a few minutes each day to write what you're grateful for should be a must for everybody.

2)Read One Book Per Month
Again, this idea comes from Liene, who I think is the most savvy person I know. She also runs a blog called The Smart Planner, which caters to professional wedding consultants. I obviously don't fall into that category, but I think the information she imparts on that site should be read by everyone. She recently did some blogging and Twittering on reading business books, and it really made me think about how much I love to read (and how little I do it). I've decided to conquer one book a month, no matter the genre. Any reading done at all is probably good reading, right?

3) Manage My Papers
Ladies, I am drowning in paperwork. I'm going to fully admit here that I can be the type to let the mail pile up, however neatly it may be piled, until it takes over my desk (and our TV stand, and our couch... You get the idea). I've decided to implement a 1-touch rule on any papers that come into the house. I'm only allowed to touch it once before it goes in its designated spot- filing cabinet, bills paid and put in the mailbox, or recycle. No more paper disorganization.

4) Stay In Touch
I've been behind on correspondence these days, be it e-mails, letters, or just quick Facebook messages. I hate being "That Girl" that's always delayed on the response, so I'm stopping it post haste. There shall be no room for bad manners in this household any longer.

5) Become an eBay Guru
I'd love to *finally* get that eBay store off the ground, in order to unload unneeded items for a little extra cash.

Not much more explanation needed. I'm in love, I'm getting married, I'm healthy, I have awesome family and friends, and I live in a great city. Time to live it up!

I can't wait to see what 2009 brings for you!

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Lis said...

Happy 2009!! Your resolutions look fab! :)

Kate said...

I totally get you on the long engagement - we will have been engaged 15 mo. when we get married in late March - AHHHHHHH less than 3 mo. away now - where does the time go??

Happy New Year!

Preppy 101 said...

Good resolutions! You will be successful for sure!! I do that with paper - it either goes in the bill basket, trash, shredded immediately, or "look at" (i.e. magazines, catalogues) I never have piles on my counter anymore!!

Sweet Bea said...

Happy 2009, and good luck with everything!! You deserve nothing but the best! :)

Saskia said...

Happy New Year!! I hope 2009 is everything you're dreaming of! 2009 will be so special for you :)

The gratitude journal is such a lovely idea. I think I will add it to my resolutions, thank you.

Saskia x

brown eyed girl said...

2009 shall be THE wedding year! I hope the last bit of time before the wedding goes smoothly!

Happy New Years!

Callie said...

Happy 2009! I'm completely *in love* with your resolutions - I may adapt one or two to fit my life (yes, I'm the girl that still doesn't have resolutions made, lol). :)

Miss Anne said...

Yay for your 2009 plans!!!

I, too, am getting married THIS YEAR! (74 days to be exact!) eeeek! :) so much fun!

love your resolutions list too! great ones!

:) xo

Muffy said...


Jake & Mary said...

I am a BIG fan of all of your resolutions!! xoxo, Mary

Jake & Mary said...

PS - I'm going to the JLP in-home mtg tomorrow night - topic: Ebay!! :) -Mary

High-heel gal said...

Thanks for your comment :) I actually have an ING account (started it in Nov.) and I have $50 taken out each paycheck. And you're right...I don't even miss it! I seriously need to save up though - I want to move to NYC and as I'm sure you know, it ain't cheap!

I love your "Read one book/month" goal. I'm great about this in the summer months, but it just becomes so hard once work begins!

Milltini said...

oh my gosh...I am drowning in papers too! I just did a major toss out run and there is still SO much more to do. And I love the idea of a grattitude journal!

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