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When It Rains...

Rainy day here in the NYC, girlies... Rain is honestly my favorite kind of weather. However, you know how sometimes you just have "one of those days" when it's gloomy outside? And especially one of those days where, as perfectly pulled together as you may be in normal life, you're suddenly the most unprepared person in the entire world? Yah, that was my morning this morning.

Tough time getting out of bed to get ready for an 11am meeting on the other side of town, all I wanted to do was catch up on your blogs! I finally started to leave at the last possible minute, and then realized while packing my bag that I didn't have a current resume with me. The smallest detail, having my most recent work timeline changed from " 6/08 - Present" to "6/08 - 11/08" is apparently a big deal in resume world. I RAN back to the room, restarted the slowest computer on earth (aka my laptop) and tried to print the revised copies.

I was out of black ink.

Naturally, we didn't have any replacement cartridges. And of course, I had no time to run 20 blocks to the closest Kinkos to print out new copies. So, I decided to just do my best and try to print with the darkest non-black ink I could think of. Result? A professionally formatted resume printed in olive green. Bleh.

Ugly, unprofessional green resume in hand, I took the stairs to the lobby 2 by 2 to catch the train on time. Oh! Looky there! It's all of a sudden pouring outside! Did I bring the umbrella? Of course not. Back up 3 flights of stairs, grab the umbrella, and back outside. I'd clearly passed the window where I could take the 2 subway trains needed, and still have a buffer in case the trains were delayed. Time to begrudgingly hail a cab, as I don't have any room in the monthly budget for such a "luxury".

It took me more than 5 minutes to find an available cab, which wasn't a big surprise considering the way things had already started to go. Once in the cab, I think the driver took me for a tourist and decided to take a little detour around the city. Note to all you girls visiting NYC anytime soon- I've found that a fair amount of cab drivers will work you for an extra bit of fare by taking you through slow, busy, traffic (ie Times Square during rush hour). I was so busy catching up on e-mail that I forgot to explicitly tell the driver which route I wanted to take- and suddenly found myself close to Times Square in morning rush hour. After telling him that I needed to be on the other side of the island VERY quickly, he detoured... To the far left side of Manhattan. And I needed to be all the way across town in about 10 minutes. STRESS!

I made it to my appointment with 10 minutes to spare, which was 5 minutes later that I'd like to have been. (A little Lulu 101 - I'm at least 15 minutes early to ANY place I need to be, always. I'm terrified of ever being late to an appointment).

Happily, the rest of my day has turned out a bit better. They're currently filming the TV pilot "Cupid" the next block over from me, and I can see the film crew hard at work from my window. Maybe they'll see me hard at work on the laptop, and want to hire me as part of the film crew? Ha.

I have some VERY exciting Wedding Wednesday news for you, more to come soon!

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Miss E said...

You are the funniest thing ever...I absolutely L-O-V-E your blog! I've read all your entries now since you sent me the link. Miss you! xoxo Erin

Dugout Daisy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dugout Daisy said...

ok, so I don't know why it said I deleted my post... hmmm... but here it is again!

What an adventure you had today?!
I'm glad your day is a little less stressful now. The good thing about "one of those days" is that it's just that, it's just one day.

Dugout Daisy said...

I meant cooment, tee hee. ;)

Mojito Maven said...

man what a crazy day you've had so far!!!!!! BUT at least you had great wedding wednesday news!! woo hoo

High-heel gal said...

Ugh, I had a similar stressful day. And, my laptop is also the slowest thing on the planet :(

Jennifer said...

We have all been there! It is so stressful at the time, but funny when you look back. Sometimes life is like a movie.

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