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Update from LuluLand...

I've had a very productive week thus far, meeting with various headhunters and prepping for a big interview tomorrow morning (fingers crossed!) I must say, for being unemployed, I've had a very productive 2 months! I don't watch midday TV, I don't sleep in (too) late, and I try to stay in a perpetual state of job application/wedding planning motion.

But today? Just. Not. Feeling. It. The 3-part master list that has been ruling my life for the last month - Wedding/Job Search/Mr. Wonderful's Grad School Apps- is tucked in my bag, and I'm lounged on the couch. In my pjs. At noon. I feel guilty, ladies... I really do. But I just can't get my little backside off of the couch (aside from refilling my coffee, that is). I really just feel like catching up on the blog, and polishing off my Google Reader queue (730 unread posts yesterday, kids! Why do we do this to ourselves!?) Much like my dear friend Nina's What's In My Inbox Tuesdays, I guess today will be What's In My Head Thursdays. Que the Update from LuluLand.

I'm watching a makeover show on HGTV right now, and they were pulling off a really amazing bathroom reno... Until they put in a combination toilet paper/iPod station. It's like an iHome with a TP roll attachment. Really? I mean come on. Really.


Since we decided to do do pink shoes for the bridesmaids, I've been on the hunt. My original inspiration was this cover of Brides Magazine, which I'm sure many of you are familiar and equally obsessed with:

I mean come ON. Total, unequivocal hotness. Though I'm slowly teaching Mr. W the virtues of all things Louboutin, the probability I'll be rocking those lovelies on my wedding day is obvi slim-to-none. I'm currently scouting acceptable replacements (kate spade has a cute pair I've been eyeing this morning), but nothing has made my heart go pitter-pat quite the way those Loubis did.


Speaking of Loubi, are these not the perfect "something blue"? If these came in shades of pink, I think I'd consider selling a kidney on the black market in order to bankroll them.


Oooh! I almost forgot to tell you- do you remember that bedding I blogged about after Halloween here? Mama Martini decided to buy it for us as an early Christmas gift. Hooray! It was a whopping $90, including shipping, so she doesn't feel so guilty about breaking our No Christmas Present rule this year. I will be more than happy to retire Mr. W's bachelor bedding, and give our room a more pulled-together look.

Well lovelies, I think it's about time for me to get off my behind and get moving on my day. I'm plotting to make a MAJOR batch of chili tonight, so I need to get out my little granny grocery cart and wheel over to the store. I'll post the recipe soon- it's vegetarian, SUPER easy, and very WW friendly. Mr Wonderful thinks it's one of the best chilis he's had as well, so it's still man friendly minus the meat.

Hope you have a happy Thursday!



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Preppy 101 said...

Obviously we are having similar days since I am reading your posts almost as you publish them :) I am in black sweatpants, green/black/yellow argyle socks, and a white long-sleeved t-shirt. Rainy day in Tennessee....haven't even gone out to the mailbox. I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago! We could've had a NYC/visitor meet-up!! My AS and BDiL live there!

Mandy Rose said...

Girl, you are cracking me up! I am wishing I was sitting my backside on the couch, sipping coffee, and watching tv. It beats sitting in an office!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink shoes! You must find something similar! I actually went outside the box on my wedding day and wore a PINK dress! But, right now I am picturing those pink shoes with a gorgeous white die for!! Sell a kidney if you have to! haha!

Mrs. Cup said...

Beautiful shoes!!!

NINA said...

Next month when I'm NYC I'll go with you to visit the Black Market. Duo-donation and then we'll hit up the Louboutin dept at Barneys on the way home with our earnings! Love this plan!! Love ya!

Jake & Mary said...

our bridesmaids had lighter pink shoes - the same one as mine but mine were white, obvi! - so, I dig your idea! but...I don't know what color their dresses are....
Good luck in the AM! I'm taking notes from you on that front ;)
I did meet w/someone yesterday though...just an info...

Kappa Prep said...

I wish I were eating with you tonight, I LOVE chili! Ha- I love Nina's comment on visiting the black market! I am starting to think I might need to fly into the city for the weekend so we can take on this fun together. Thoughts?!

Dugout Daisy said...

Best wishes for the interview! You're going to do great!!!


Good Gals Inc said...

I love those shoes! I got them to wear to my boyfriends movie premier! They are classic! (All of his fabulous shoes are, aren't they?)

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