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Oh NO You Didn't...

I'd like to take a blogging opportunity this morning to do some serious tattling. On Mr. Wonderful. You gals have become a serious bargaining chip in the household of the Wonderful-to-be's... Admittedly, the phrase "I'm telling my blogger girls on you!" may or may not come out of my mouth on a semi-regular basis. I don't usually go through with it, as the thought of Mr. W calling me a 'dobber' all day (the Aussie word for 'tattletale') isn't very appealing. But we had a serious case of insert-foot-in-mouth last night, ladies, which I'd like to call to your attention:

Scene: Last night on the Wonderful's couch, after a late dinner in front of the television.

Mr. Wonderful: "I need to start eating better. All I ever eat is junk."

Lulu: "I beg your pardon?"

Mr. W: "I said all I ever eat is junk, unhealthy food. I need to start eating healthier."

Insert the sound of Mr. W's foot landing swiftly in his mouth.

Lulu: "Ahem... I cook every meal we eat in this house. And every meal comes from Cooking Light or Vegetarian Times, and is made with healthy ingredients and love. Are you trying to tell me that my food is junk?"

Now there are many things I can take with a grain of salt, but comments about my cooking? No siree. Needless to say, I'm getting a little bloggy vengeance on Mr. W. Thank you for letting me tattle to you girls ;)



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Good Gals Inc said...

You're blog is so cute! I just came upon it. Can't wait to keep reading!

Saskia said...

hahaha, your story about your husband made me laugh!

Saskia x

Mrs. Nurse said...


Sweet Bea said...

DOH! (sound of hand smacking forehead)

Miss Anne said...


Way to "tie the shoe" in his mouth!


and Way to make healthy meals too!

this post made me laugh~

Erica said...

Oh boy! That's a serious no-no! Glad you told him what's what!

Mrs. Stilettos said...

Ohhh men....the dumb things will most likely spend half of their life with the foot in their mouth! They just don't think...why don't you see what he can whip up for dinner tonight?? Ahem!

Mojito Maven said...

LuLu!!!! this is such a typical man comment..they never think before they speak!!

NINA said...

Ohhhh Mr. M, I hope all is treating you well in the DOG HOUSE!!

Lulu, this made me fall out of my chair. You are such a talented (and funny non-the-less) writer... I think we found your calling!


Jennifer said...

Typical man! He will think before he speaks about your cooking tonight!

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