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Let It Snow!

Happy Friday! I can't tell you how excited I am that it's the weekend (despite basically every day being a weekend day for me now...), maybe I just love having Mr. Wonderful home for 2 solid days to entertain me. Unemployment can be lonely, you know?! haha

As I type, it is SNOWING like crazy here in Manhattan. I love it!!! It's coming down in soft, fluffy flakes, and almost looks like powdered sugar being sprinkled from the sky... All this powdered sugar talk is making me want to go out and buy cupcake baking supplies.

(I'm going to go on a little rant now to get some things off my chest, apologies in advance. I promise I'll have more fun posts today since this snow has me feeling quite festive)

I had a not-so-productive meeting this morning at the Department of Labor; it was so bizarre to sit in a room full of people that are all going through the same situation I am right now. I kept wondering what they used to do for work, and if their job search was any more productive than mine is currently. We had a ton of forms to fill out, stating previous work experience, desired salary, etc. I may or may not have peeked around me to see what other people's answers were to the questions...The girl sitting next to me was my age, and had a desired *minimum* salary of $120,000. The gal across from me wrote her minimum as $150,000(also my age). I about had to pick my jaw off the floor. Only in Manhattan.

After we went through their little info session, I was one of the randomly selected people who had to meet with a "career counselor" to discuss my resume, etc. Productive, right? Ummm.... notsomuch. The lady spent the entire hour raving about how politicians are so corrupt, how she hates how everything is outsourced overseas because she can't understand the call center employees... I don't think I've ever been witness to a more politically incorrect and inappropriate conversation! I felt like a deer in headlights; all I could do was just stare at her and not when she asked me questions (which she didn't really even do). I'm not much of a letter writer, but I'm thinking her supervisor needs to be informed (not like the supervisor's not already, as the crazy lady mentioned to me that someone complained about her to her super earlier that very day.) I just prayed for an end to the madness, and was finally dismissed. Sweet relief.

Okay, rant over. I just needed to get that off my chest.

On a brighter note, Mama and Papa Martini will be in town in just 4 days! I haven't seen them since August, so I'm more than excited for the 23rd to get here. We don't have many big plans, aside from watching movies and cooking yummy food. Our big highlight of the week (besides Christmas!) will be going to an evening showing of Spamalot. My family and I are big Monty Python fans, so it should be a real hoot.

The rest of this weekend will be spent babysitting (tonight), and then lots of cleaning and preparing for our guests to arrive. I'll also be making a big pot of chili to have ready for them, so will finally get that recipe out to you ladies today! Hooray for winter comfort food!

I hope you're having a warm and wonderful Friday afternoon!
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Sweet Bea said...

I bet it's so pretty! It's just yucky and cold and rainy here...and it's going to be the SAME in Ca too :( Take pics of the snow for me! :)

zentmrs said...

We saw Spamalot in 2005 (with the original cast) and LOVED it! As we live in San Diego, we are unlikely to go to too many Broadway shows... but being huge Python fans, we couldn't pass it up... and it was totally worth the trip!

Princess Freckles said...

It has snowed non stop here in MI all day. Maybe its moving on to you now? It is very pretty. Have s great weekend and hang in there with the job hunt! Something will come along soon.

Mrs. Nurse said...

I can't help but wonder what these girls did previously b/c that is a high salary :)

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

Lots of snow here in MA as well, the city must be so pretty in all that white!

MMM said...

You babysit? Hmmmm...=) Have a great time at Spamalot. I still want to see that one, but it is closing soon.

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