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I'm A Bad Girlfriend...

This morning, still in a half-coma under the covers and listening to the background sounds of Mr. Wonderful getting ready for work, I suddenly had a revelation. One that popped my eyes wide open in shock, remeniscent of the moment the mom in Home Alone realizes they've left Kevin at home.

We'd both forgotten our anniversary.

The 3 year milestone of the start to our relationship had come and gone without so much as the bat of an eyelash.

In the grand scheme of things, forgetting an anniversary isn't on par with say, leaving your 8 year old to fend for himself for an entire week while you're stuck in Paris. And I am aware of the fact that we successfully celebrated many of our other pseudo-anniversaries this year- the surprise dinner at The Central Park Boathouse on our 'negative 1 anniversary' (aka the 1 year mark before our wedding day). There were also the surprise Crumbs cupcakes Mr. W came home with, in honor of the date we first officially met each other:

We also have our one year 'engage-aversary' coming up on New Years Eve (aren't you loving all my anniversary titles?), which we plan on celebrating with a nice dinner out on the town.

As you can see, there has been no lack of celebration this year between the Mr. and I. But, to be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to paying special attention to our official 3 year anniversary. You see, Dear Reader, while celebrating my birthday this year, my sweet, proper, chic grandmother said something that really struck me - "You had better savor this birthday, young lady! It's the last year you'll ever celebrate your birthday as an (insert maiden name here)!" Of course, this was right before I opened her sweet, proper, chic birthday card and found a check that I was directed to use for 'buying yourself some nice lingerie'... I digress.

My last birthday as a (insert maiden name here)?!? EVER?!? Commence waterworks.

It finally hit me that I would be getting MARRIED soon. While many things would clearly be no different after the wedding then they were before - I know my gal pals would still call me the same nickname, even though it's a derivative of the last name I no would no longer have - symbolically, life would be a lot different.

I know that as soon as we get married, all of those other symbolic anniversaries will probably be swept under the rug, or just acknowledged with something very small - "Look Lulu, I cleaned the toilet for you today so you didn't have to, since it's officially 6 years after we met for the first time in that class!" - I kind of feel like this was the last time we could officially celebrate our 'dating' anniversary, and I blew it.

Le sigh...

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Dugout Daisy said...

I would feel the same way you are if I were in your shoes... I'm so sentimental when it comes to things like that.
Did the Mr. have anything to say when you told him???
I know couples that still celebrate their old "dating" anniversaries long after they got married... so don't fear!

Kate said...

we celebrated our "Negative One Year Anniversary" too! I thought I was the only nerdal out there ;)

My parents still celebrate their "dating anniversary" - its really cute! And I think we will too... as its super easy to remember (May 1 - we made it up b/c we couldn't remember exactly when we became "official" and that one is easy!) and always a great reason to celebrate!

happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Wow. My 26th birthday is on the 27th of May, we marry on the 12th of June. Wow. My last birthday as a (maiden name) and there are no males in the family to carry on our last name!!

Sweet Bea said...

tee hee, I never thought about having to give you a new nickname to accompany the new last name! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, Lulu! I don't have any advise or stories in regards to anniversaries BUT I loved all of your names and I think it super sweet that you remembered... better late than never ;-) I'm really looking forward to Jan! xoxo

Saskia said...

We also celebrated our -1 anniversary, at the hotel where we had our reception. I'm glad we're not the only ones!

Mr B and I forgot the day of our 6 month married anniversary... my boss congratulated me and I had no idea why... she explained... I was embarassed... she must think I'm a very bad wife for Mr B!

Saskia x

Kappa Prep said...

Ohhh, you are perfect Lulu! You are so so sweet to think about this and it is so funny to think you celebrated your last birthday as an L! I never even thought about that. Goodness getting married is so exciting, but a bit sad in a weird kind of way too.

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