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Confession Time...

I'm surprisingly embarrassed to admit this one, but here goes...

I am an eBay virgin.

There. I said it.

I have neither bought nor sold anything on eBay, and will admit that I'm a bit nervous to do so. I haven't the slightest idea WHY I've felt this way, but for some reason the eBay machine has just intimidated me.

No longer, ladies, no longer. I've decided to jump in with both feet, and am going to start selling things on eBay this weekend. Well, make that I'm going to go through all the sappy little tutorials on HOW to sell things on eBay this weekend. And take copious notes, hoping I'll learn it all the first time around and can therefore make the big bucks.

I'm calling out an SOS to all you savvy eBay mavens- any tips for the eBay novice? I'll be starting out slow, mostly clothing from my closet, etc. (There will be J. Crew in the mix, just an FYI!) Other than that, I'm wondering if you have any tried-and-true sales tips? Any and all eBay advice is welcome, as I'm starting with little knowledge on how to post items for sale.

Happy almost Friday, my lovelies!

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Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Posting is easier than selling. Make sure you set a reserve if you do not want the item to go for less than x. I would just copy pages of people who had similar completed items that sold for over value and copy what they did-they did something right! Also, terms and conditions are important too--but you can copy others who have lots of experience. In terms of purchasing, I always wait to the last moment to bid. No need to drive the price up.

Gwen said...

Party Girl has it right!!! Also, don't agree to selling outside of the US. I did that once and got hit with a surprise $57 charge for duty fees that I didn't know about and in turn didn't charge the buyer for. Oh and answer questions as quickly as possible. When I sell handbags if I answer questions fast they always sell for quite a bit more than I expected. :) Good Luck!!! Let us know how it goes.

Preppy 101 said...

And you can post on here when you list something and some of your blogger friends might be interested!! I have never sold, but do purchase things. I like the sellers who accept PayPal, have reasonable shipping rates, offer insurance. I always bid in the last minute - just like Party Girl said. . . Good Luck!!!

suburban prep said...

I have to tell you that you are not the only one. I have been on the site maybe two or three times. I haven't bought or sold things on the site before either.

Kappa Prep said...

Do not sell outside the US as Gwen said. Also, I try and make my write-ups super interesting, but short. I think this sucks peole in. Make it sound good, but be 100% honest at the same time! I am also all about Paypal. I would not buy an item any other way so make sure you have account ready to go and I would suggest only taking that form of payment. Best of luck and send any questions you might have my way. I am now an expert by any means, but will try and help you!

Miss Anne said...

I always look for someone else's good descriptions or I go online and search the product to find good descripts!

make sure to be direct about shipping and "as is" conditions... there are picky people out there!

i've listed for others, but never for myself.. however i've bought my fair share and have 100% positive feedback...

and lemme know when you list something! i wanna chance at bidding! :)

Saskia said...

Thanks for your comment... I'd love to see Spanish Aristocats!! How funny!

I'm not on my holidays just yet - I'm working until 1pm on Christmas Eve, but then I'm off until 2nd January :)

Ebay-wise I've not sold anything but I have bought... I only use sellers who have good, clear descriptions of the items and who accept paypal.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Saskia x

Mrs. Stilettos said...

Bet you feel better now that you have come out of the closet huh?! haha...

I can't say that I'm an ebay pro...more like a craigslist pro! So, if you ever need help in that department let me know!

Sarah said...

I've never sold on Ebay just bought and the only piece of advice I can give you is make sure you tell people how much the shipping will be I've gotten hit with ridiculous shipping charges before because they didn't post them. So definitely be up front and you'll get good feedback! Good Luck!!! : )

Not Your Average Belle said...

I am too!! I've looked a lot, but I can never muster the courage to bid on anything.

Abbie said...

I've used eBay a lot. A LOT. I have definitely ended up with duds before because I was afraid to complain to the seller when they could give you negative feedback. Now, they can't do that, so it's made things a lot easier. I never bid on an item from someone with less than 98% positive feedback and always read the feedback before bidding. When selling, I bought a scale to weigh all of my items and check the cost on the USPS website before listing shipping prices. I got burned on my first two sales because I underestimated the cost. Search for the item you're wanting to list... if there are several listings for that item, wait until those listings are over before listing yours. Someone that missed out on those might snag yours up. Also, don't list the items for too long of a period, as people will forget about the item or find one somewhere else that ends first. Use the Buy It Now option if you want to get rid of the item quickly.

Sorry for the book of a post!!

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