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Playing Dress Up!

First of all, can I just say how DARLING Taylor Swift is? I'm taking a much-needed daytime TV break (I do NOT watch daytime TV, but this was a special occasion) to watch her CD release party on Ellen, and think she is just cute as a button. If I could pick anyone on earth I'd like to look like, I think she would be it! She is just precious.

Anywhoo, just thought I'd share my big plans for the afternoon- playing dress up! I'm going to try on all my big-kid clothes (aka my work wardrobe) this afternoon, in search of the perfect interview outfit. Do I have an interview to wear it to yet? Negative. But, I figure I'd bring some positive energy (you know, thought forms matter and all that, tres 'The Secret') into this chilly little room (note to Landlord- Really? You're not going to run the hot water through the radiators of the building at ALL today, even if it's like 5 degrees in my room and I'm wearing 2 layers of sweat pants? Really?)

For a little Tuesday afternoon closet inspiration, I'd like to take you through the tour of the "girlie" books I've amassed in my little pink 'n' green corner of the room. Lulu here is currently in pursuit of the perfect "capsule wardrobe"- a collection if items that a) can mix and match artfully together b)make me deleriously happy and c)don't take up too much real estate in the ol' closet, for Mr. Wonderful's sake. Think the capsule wardrobe as the ultimate fashion weapon for feeling both stylish, (moderately) practical, and eliminating the whole "I have nothing to wear!!!!" emergency we ALL go through time and time again. These are books I refer to again and again for closet ideas and inspiration, in the hopes of creating a truly masterful wardrobe.

First on deck:

What Would Jackie Do? I know most of you probably have this on your bookshelf already... It's a great read to bring yourself into the correct mindset- that of a true lady.

Next up:

Nothing To Wear? This book takes you through the ruthless exercise of identifying your "true" style, helping you go through the dreaded closet inventory (Does it fit? Is it fabulous? etc.) in order to edit down pieces you currently own. Cannot underscore how much of a must-read this baby is for whipping your closet into shape, and then focusing your shopping efforts as you move forward. Think of this as the battle plan for conquering your closet, if you will.

The principles of NTW? go hand-in-hand with the next book... They have many overlapping themes, but I highly recommend owning both. Introducing...

Tim Gunn's Guide to Quality, Taste, and Style. We all love the TG, this much is obvi. Guru Gunn takes you through a painful closet inventory as well... However, I think his recommendations on items every girl should own should be written into the Women's Code of Closets (if such a thing existed). I love how he uses catchy phrases such as "soul-stirring", and combines his trademark snark to realm of a woman's wardrobe. Let's just say his candid talk on the subject of ditching clothes, particularly the ones that may not fit you anymore was a bit of an eye-opener for me... (I think you ALL know what I'm talking about, ladies.. Those Sevens from senior year of college that you only fit into because your entire diet consisted of jugs of iced vanilla coffee during your cram weeks before graduation? Oh, wait... was that just me? Hmm.) No matter- this book should be on every well-dressed bookshelf, in my humble opinion.

Effortless Style is a sassier version of TG's beloved book, but I think it deserves credit on its own. I especially love her tips on travel wardrobe. There are some things that are a little out of my realm here, but overall it's a great read and something I refer to often.

I'm sure you'll all agree that the kate spade trilogy- Occasions, Style, and Manners - should own permanent real estate on your bookshelf, no questions asked. Style is a fantastic reference to basic pieces, as well as the art of color combinations. I don't know how else to describe it aside from truly inspirational (drool-worthy also comes to mind, but the 'i' word just sounds classier.)
My final installment for today is A Guide To Elegance. This book was originally written in 1964, but I believe SO much of it transcends era and can be used today. It's the ultimate guide to the proper ladylike ensemble. If you're not into the traditional rules of dress ('alligator should only be worn with a casual ensemble'... ha!) it's at least a very fun read to take you back to the Art of Dressing in the Mad Men era... my favorite!

I hope you've enjoyed the tour through some of Lulu's Personal Library. I ask you, dear readers, what amazing books are currently missing from my shelf? Tell my your favorites!



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Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I can't believe I missed What Would Jackie Do...ordering it now.

I'm Just Beachy said...

I love Taylor Swift too. So pretty!

Prepster said...

There is a book by the Etiquette Grrls called "Things you need to be told", it's got a great little section on wardrobe from what to wear to a soiree, to how to manufacture the perfect "See you in Hell Look" the purpose of which is also artfully explained in the book.

Miss Monogram said...

I have Jackie and Elegance-LOVE THEM!


hGb said...

I have the What Would Jackie Do. So cute. I have a book you need to add to your collection "The One Hundred" by Nina Garcia (from Project Runway) I love it even more than What Would Jackie Do. The illustrations make it so much fun to read!

Kappa Prep said...

Great collection Lulu! How to Be a Lady is another great book which you might enjoy.

Legallyblondemel said...

However did I miss that TG had put a book out??? Definitely ordering it now.

My most recent style buy that I'd recommend is "A Privileged Life: Celebrating WASP Style". It isn't half as snooty as that sounds; a very entertaining, nostalgic look at prep life and style.

Legallyblondemel said...

Oh, and I forgot to add - the books from the British version of "What Not to Wear", by Trinny and Susannah, are both absolutely hilarious AND really good at the nuts-and-bolts of what styles and colors suit a person.

Bama Belle... said...

thanks for the book ideas! how did i miss the jackie one? going to amazon immediately!

Milltini said...

I definitely need to purchase all of those books! Thanks for recommending.

Prepster said...

Lulu, I'm dying to hear if A was able to help you find something.... please update ASAP! ~danimjo

Prep-E Girl said...

Does "A Guide To Elegance" say anything about what to wear to afternoon/high tea???


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