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Oooh! I Totally Forgot...

There is one small detail that has been eclipsed by 'the hair incident' on this blog. One minor one.

Mr. Wonderful is going to the White House this week. Twice.

Minor detail, right? (!!!)

Can I EVEN tell you how excited I am for him?! He'll hopefully be touring the West Wing tomorrow afternoon/evening, and then has breakfast with a colleague Thursday morning. In the White House Mess Hall. Can you EVEN imagine eating breakfast at the White House!? Even if it is just in the Mess Hall, I mean come on. It's the White House!

I can't really get into much more of what he's doing there, because a) anything having to do with non-election information is an 'offline' topic in this house (his words, but I agree), b) I can say that Mr. W works in Political Risk Consulting, that's about as far as I'm willing to get into the topic for privacy's' sake. However, I can say that he will be there, and that's so super exciting!

Please keep your fingers crossed that his meetings are productive ones!

I'll have a blog-approved update for you as soon as I get any information! In the meantime, I'll be here- figuring out how to pack 2 days' worth of clothes into his computer bag, since I'm pretty sure it's not appropriate to roll up to the security gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a rolling suitcase. You know, National Security and all.

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Nicole said...

How exciting!! Loved your comment on my blog and if the noise doesn't stop I am going to have to resort to something other than banging a broom against the ceiling because at this point that only seems to egg them on! Have a good week!

Gwen said...

Yay for the Mr.!!! I would love to be able to just walk in the door of the White House someday and he gets to eat breakfast there. How wonderful. :)

Kappa Prep said...

How thrilling! I am so excited for you and of course Mr. W too. What a fun experience this will be Lulu!

Miss Monogram said...

Wow! How exciting. Can't wait to here all about it (well the blog-approved version anyway!)


Rebecca Taylor said...

YAY!!! How exciting. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Lauren said...

What an exciting job! I hope your husband has a great time!

Princess Freckles said...

That is too cool!!!! I hope he has a wonderful and productive adventure there! I love how both out boys are in GOP politics!

Sarah said...

I gave you awards!!! : )

And that's so exciting, I know you are so proud!!!

Mrs.B said...

For privacy reasons, I plan to go private soon. I would love to add your blog. I set up a temporary email address so that you can be added to mine when it is private :). The address is Let me know on my new site when you email me :) Sorry for all of the trouble but you can never be tooo safe :)

New Girl on Post said...

Oh wow! The White House! That's going to be such an awesome experience for him!

Jake & Mary said...

I hope your ferret is okay?? poor little thing.
And as for Ryan, this hair thing sounds Hil-ar-ious!
Going to a JLP Rummage mtg tonight! Miss you. xoxo -Mary

Seaside Prep said...

congrats on the swap!!! :) Just found your blog, looking forward to reading more!

The Mrs said...

I answered your question in a post! Hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to ask... My e-mail is

The Lavender Lily said...

Hi! I passed along a blog award to you today...check it out!

Anonymous said...

That is TOO exciting!

Thank you for the sweet comment :)

Preppy 101 said...

That is super exciting :) Something fun to tell share with friends and family!!

Princess Freckles said...

Hey, I also gave you an award on my blog!

Anonymous said...

I just tagged you!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Oh my goodness how exciting! I would be dying right now if I were him. Wish him luck for us! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

just started reading your blog & love it already! good luck with all the haircuts!

Tova Darling said...

Wow, that's exciting! Let us know how it goes! (Well, the parts you're allowed to share).

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh gosh...I can't wait to hear.

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