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Lipstick. Mavrick. Lipstick.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Halloween! Here's what I was up to yesterday evening...

Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to Gov. Lulu Palin:

Fun, right!? I think this was one of the favorite Halloween costumes I've pulled off thus far. I received a lot of compliments, and overheard more than a few "She really looks like Sarah Palin!" comments. Sadly, this is the ONLY photo I have of the costume from the entire night. For some reason, I feel strange asking random people to take pictures of me... Since Mr. W was in Philly, I was without my trusty cameraman, and thus no more Palin pics to be found.

This was a photo I took with one of my old coworkers, K, but I cropped her out since I'm not sure if she'd want to be on the blog or not...? She had a great Cleopatra costume, with a wig, headband, the whole 9 yards. K threw a Halloween party in her fab new apartment, which I totally drooled over. From her bedroom window alone, you can see both the Empire State AND Chrystler Buildings at once! Breathtaking. I should have taken a picture. She also has the most amazing bedspread, very Resto Hardware:

The photo does it NO justice either, it looks 5 times nicer in person than it does in the photo. Can I just tell you that it is from Linens 'n' Things, of all places!? It's one of their Bed-In-A-Bag sets, and comes with EVERYTHING shown. Pillows, comforter, the whole 9 yards. For under $100! I died of amazement. You can find it here (before they go out of business).

So before the party, I spent the entire afternoon causing some serious hair havoc. I attempted to get the signature Palin 'do about 4 times, but to no avail. Hairspray, teasing, volumizing mousse... I think my hiar hates me by now. I just couldn't seem to tease my hair correctly for pouf in the right places, and looked more like a bad version of Amy Winehouse than our dear SP.

Suddenly, as I was untangling a rubberband from the birdsnest on my head for the 5th time, I had a beehive revelation... Socks. Yes, you read that correctly. Socks. I remember reading somewhere that in the '40s and '50s, women would use these things called hair rats (such an unfortunate name!) to give their hair extra volume (bigger buns, victory rolls, etc.). The original rats were made of real hair, saved up from your hairbrush (G-A-G!). Women also used balled up nylon stockings to do the trick (much less gag-worthy), so I figured I'd give that route a try.

I decided to stuff a few of Mr. W's (clean!) dress socks into another sock, and attempt to use that as the volume base for my Palin bouffant. Ladies, it worked like a dream! I didn't have to worry about my teased hair shifting or flattening out, because the whole base of the hairstyle was just socks. I simply smoothed the hair over the sock, and voila. Insta-Palin. Shame that you can't actually see the "Palin Pouf" in the photo, but it looked pretty great. Just between you and me, Dear Reader, I loved the look of the "Palin Pouf" so much that it may be revisited (socks and all!) again soon... ;)

K's party was a real hit. Great cocktails, yummy appetizers, and even a rockin' Halloween mixed CD. It was neat to finally meet K's sisters and friends, and see a little bit more of where she came from. Another one of my fave old coworkers, L, was there as well, totally rocking a Ghotsbusters outfit. Pure awesomeness. I think my favorite costume of the night was a girl that came in sporting a pink tee shirt, pink shorts from American Apparel, pink cowboy boots, and a lower-case i on the front of her shirt - she was Pink Eye! Pure genius.

After a few hours at K's apartment, we decided to rally the troops and hit the town. The streets of Manhattan were total chaos, people in costumes everywhere! It was really fun. We hit a few different bars, but there just seemed to be something lacking in the scene (think we were all tired by this point in the night). I decided to break from the group and head home around 1:30am... BAD IDEA. Girls, it was absolutely impossible to get home last night! All the subway trains weren't working at the stops I tried to get on at, and FORGET about getting a cab in the city on a night like this. I ended up walking (in 4" knee-high Burberry boots, mind you) for over 2 hours!

See that little red line towards the bottom of the map? That is how far I walked over the course of the evening, first bar-hopping and then frantically trying to get home. I walked. And walked. And walked. I'm pretty sure I logged multiple miles last night. And didn't even make it home until around 3:30 or 4 this morning. If I hadn't stopped to be comforted by a falafel pita around 2:30 or so, I think my soul would have been officially crushed. 2 hours, upteen blocks, 2 trains, and a taxi ride later, I was finally safe and sound in my bed. Traumatized, but safe and sound :)

All in all, I'm really happy that I went out... This was the first time I've hit the town since I lost my job, so it was great to get out of the house and be with some girls I absolutely adore. I think last night was enough to last me for a few months to come, that's for sure ;)

Hope you all had as memorable a Halloween as I did (with a lot less foot pain!)



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Anonymous said...

Lulu, you looked adorable!!! I feel terrible about the walk... the worst... that happened to me once on New Years in Chi. My feet are aching for your right now!! Happy Sat xoxo

Mojito Maven said...

You look AMAZING!!!! And I totally hear you on the aching feet...can we say hello chicago?

Lonnie said...

Speaking of Wino... I had a 4 year old at the gym go as Amy Winehouse. Coolest parents ever.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

You look sooo cute!!! I'm so sorry that you had to walk so much! I was worried just reading it! Glad you got home safe and had a great time!

Kappa Prep said...

You look so, so cute Lulu! I wouldnever have thought of the sock idea, you are too smart! Also, coworkers bedding is just lovely!

Jake & Mary said...

two hours?!! you're a trooper. Talk soon! Miss you. -Mary

Legallyblondemel said...

You look adorable & very much like Palin, actually!

Sorry about the late night walk - my husband and I were too lazy to get dressed up with the traveling, but had such fun sitting in a Midtown bar just watching the incredible costumes and fun.

Hope you have fun with your election party!

Pramster said...

Your Palin is better than my Palin, I must admit...apparently no one in my office thought it was funny/adorable/ironic to dress up as her. Alas...

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