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"I clap my hands every morning and say, '*This* is gonna be a great day!'"

Ohhhh, Jerry Maguire... How I adore thee.

Today's going to be a big day, Dear Reader. Today I shall pull myself up by those proverbial Burberry bootstraps, and get back into the game. The wedding game.

I've spent exactly 2 weeks on the job hunt now (more on that later), and have all but neglected the planning of our wedding. No more, my friends, no more. Today, our little shoebox will be Wedding Command Central. I will e-mail, call, build inspiration boards, write funny quips about my girlfriends for our wedding website... Basically, I'm going to show this wedding who's boss.

The first step on the agenda (after I run to the store for more coffee) is to finally pull all my wedding papers in order, and update my master budget spreadsheet. You heard me right gals, I need this wedding to Show. Me. The. Monaaaaaaaay!

Liene from Blue Orchid Designs has a poll on her website here to see how the state of the economy has affected your grand wedding plans (if at all). won't you stop by for a quick vote? I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Needless to say, being sans employment has definitely made us think about this wedding in a different light. The money I saved up for the honeymoon? Now a cost of living cushion in case the job search takes a few months. We may change up our bar strategy at the reception (something to the effect of signature cocktails plus beer and wine up until lunch is finished, THEN open bar for the remainder of the day?) I mean, I know a scotch on the rocks IS tempting compliment to your 2pm lunch salad and all, but maybe you could just wait until the dancing begins?

(These are my uncles, at the last family wedding. Proof that a) people do drink scotch on the rocks at an afternoon wedding, and that b)I'm thankful for blog anonymity, so they'll never see that I made this baby public)

We've also decided to cut down on he guest list, which is an exercise I am NOT looking forward to. I guess that I should be relieved that I have STILL yet to send out those *gorgeous* Save The Dates (so sorry, Laura Hooper!)... We're in Save The Date stall mode because we put our wedding website URL on the back of the Save the Dates... And I have still yet to fill out the website! Sheesh.

Have any of you brides-to-be had to make changes to your event, due to the change in the economy?

For a little accountability, I'm going to post today's wedding to-do list:

1) Coffee (utmost importance)

2) Budget spreadsheet update

3)Finish the wedding website

4)Finish choosing the invitations (oooh, I haven't shared that with y'all, another exciting post!)

5)Organize and send the lovely Liene all my inspiration photos

6)Figure out bridesmaids dresses once and for all (with HUGE help from Miss Nina at Nina Knows Best)

7)Phone stalk the DJ company that took 2 weeks to call me back, followed up with a "we'll e-mail you pricing info now!" and then I never heard from them again. Hmmmm...

That's about all I can muster for one day, I think... Wish me luck!



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Mojito Maven said...

oh LuLu i know you can do it!!!!! AND if people don't understand that weddings are expensive and are upset that they can't have their scotch then they shouldn't be at your wedding anyway!!! Coming from someone who had to pay for our wedding and honeymoon (and buy a house!)completely on our what is best for you!!!!! Let us know if you need help! We're all here for you :) Seriously!

Monogramchick said...

sounds like a seriously busy day! here's to hoping you get ALL of that done in true Jerry McGuire fashion!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Wow, sounds like a super busy day! I love the Maguire references, very funny! It is true, the day is all for you! Whatever you need to do, your guests, friends, and family, will understand and love!! We had to pay almost everything ourselves too, we didn't end up having any alcohol except the toast and we had tons of people say later, that was the most fun wedding I've ever been too...and they didn't even have alcohol, haha!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Love the photo of your uncles! That looked like many of my guests towards the end of our wedding!!!

Miss Monogram said...

I hope you were able to cross all these off your list today :)

Kappa Prep said...

You can do it my dear! Also getting together in two weeks needs to happen!

An Atlanta Bride said...

I so regret sending our save-the-dates to EVERY guest...seemingly 85% of our guests are from out of state. Lucky you that you waited! I wish I could chop our guest list, but at this point, it's not an option considering those pretty little things are already in the hands of 154 people!

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