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A Day In The Life Of... Scene 2

Last night, continued...

(one hour and one giggle-infested blogging session after 'the hair incident', a photo op strategy was initiated)

Lulu, stifling the giggles: "Hey honey, come here, can I... um... Can we take a picture of your hair?"

Mr. Wonderful abruptly stops walking towards Lulu and stares at her. Just stares.

Lulu: "What? I just want to take a picture of you, because you're so cute and handso..."

Mr. W: "WAAAAIIIIIIT a minute... I know what you're trying to do here... You- YOU'RE BLOGGING ABOUT MY HAIR AREN'T YOU!?"

Sorry ladies. Busted. BIG time.
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Rebecca Taylor said...


Lonnie said...

Come on lady--- Holy One is smarter than that... but then again, I thought he was smart enough not to cut his own hair.

Erica said...

So no picture?! Come on now, where's his sense of humor? Too funny. I did that once...when I was 3! Besides, what does a men's cut cost, $8?

Kappa Prep said...

Darn it! I was so hoping we would get to see! Ha!

The Mrs said...

when ever I am taking photos anymore my huband asks "is this for your blog?" He even started taking photos for me!!

Prepster said...

I think this calls for some extra sneaky photo taking! :-)

Thank you so much for the C.H.A.R.M. suggestion I love the site!

Sarah said...


Follow @georgialoustudios