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Wedding Wednesday (and John McCain!)

Happy Wedding Wednesday, everyone! Thanks to Mojito Maven at Make Mine A Mojito for reminding me to post the latest wedding goodies. I'd like to try actually having Wedding Wednesdays ON a Wednesday, thankyouverymuch.

Today I'm going to backtrack a little bit to the first decision Mr. Wonderful and I made post-engagement: the ceremony location.

One of the topics that came up on the first date Mr. Wonderful and I had was the fact that he was in the process of going through Confirmation. Imagine my surprise and delight when he told me he was soon to be confirmed an Episcopalian... the same religion as me! The Episcopal Church is a fairly big, but not extremely common in the West like Catholicism or Mormonism, so it was a big shock to meet a fellow "soon-to-be" Episcopalian. Mr. W and I decided (over cocktails, haha) to go to church together that coming Sunday. I was never able to find an Episcopal church I particularly enjoyed attending in college, so I hadn't attended on a regular basis for the previous 4 years. You can imagine that it felt a little bit strange to be going to one on a second date.

I fell in love with the church instantly- it was traditional, had a wonderful choir, a great pastor, and just so happened to be located in my favorite neighborhood in all of Phoenix! I'd spent hours aimlessly driving through the area admiring houses, but somehow never saw the church there. I've daydreamed about living in that neighborhood more times than I can count, so having a church located there was just too good to be true.

Lastly, here's an interesing fact for you- Did you know that most of the weddings on TV and in Hollywood movies are based on the Episcopal marriage ceremony? Mr. W and I are all about the classic and traditional, so Hollywood, here we come!

Sidebar- This story has a little bit of political relevance (something you'll soon find to be a common thread in many of our wedding details)- John McCain and his family actually live just a few blocks north of the church, on the same street. That's right- The house Big Mac himself (or JSM as Mr. Wonderful refers to him) is currently selling, one of my favorite homes in the *entire* neighborhood, is just stroll away from the place I'll say "I Do!". Here's a video on CNN today about the compound, which the McCains have finally decided to sell. Tragedy! (CNN must have remembered it was Wedding Wednesdays over here at DMD and wanted to give me a relevant embed... haha):

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Anonymous said...

I loved this story... church for a second date... I've mos def heard crazier! And, well, I think Mr. W should put in a bid on the JSM Compound... it would really bring a great ending to the story ;-) Haha! Have a great evening! xoxo

Mrs. Forever said...

I agree - how romantic to move into a house on the street you got married.... maybe someday!

Kappa Prep said...

I grew up Episcopalian too! Your story is so sweet and I am so glad you and the Mr. are on the same page!

Legallyblondemel said...

I don't normally talk religion online, but I'm also Episcopalian & loved this story. In true Anglican fashion, I raise my imaginary G&T in salute to you & the wedding planning!

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